11 Breathable Masks (That Are Also Cute)

Whether you want to admit it or not, masks have become an everyday staple. You literally can’t leave your house without one, because you won’t be allowed in anywhere and will get scorned by the public. Of course, like most other things in life, not all masks are created equal. And with everyone and their mom selling masks right now, it can be hard to figure out which ones are actually worth the money. As a retail store manager, I’m lucky to currently be allowed back in my store every day doing what I love. However, major precautions have been set in place in order for the store to even be open, which means I’m wearing a mask for eight hours a day. So I definitely know a thing or two about which masks are actually breathable and what makes them that way. Here are my top picks for masks that are both cute and breathable.

1. Blush Mark Face Mask

Blush Mark Cotton Reusable Face Mask Blushing Pink, $2

The first thing that I quickly learned while trying out different masks is that the design makes the difference. This design that’s contoured to the shape of the face prevents the fabric from getting pressed against your mouth, which is what makes it hard to breathe in. And, as someone whose job not only requires them to wear a mask for eight hours a day but also to be able to communicate with customers simultaneously, I know the impact this difference in design makes.

2. DIOP Face Mask

DIOP Face Mask in Akira, $15

A major downfall of most masks is that the elastic that goes around the ears is either too small or too tight, so the mask pulls on the back of your ears and hurts after a while. Fortunately, DIOP’s masks solve that problem with straps that go around the head rather than around the ears. The mask is durable and lightweight with a design that’s contoured to the face, making it an all-around great option. Not to mention, DIOP is a Black-owned business inspired by founder Mapate Diop’s Nigerian heritage. His designs honor his heritage through utilization of Ankara, a boldly colored and patterned fabric used throughout West Africa. These masks are breathable and comfortable to wear, and they come in unique bright patterns, making them the all-around perfect masks.

3. South Moon Under Face Mask

South Moon Under Palm Print Face Mask, $7.95

What separates this mask from others that I’ve tried is that it has a moldable piece at the bridge of the nose that allows you to fit the top of your mask tightly to your face. Especially if you’re someone who has had the annoying and awkward experience of fogging up your own glasses while wearing your mask, you know that this moldable nose piece is a total game changer.

4. Montce Face Mask

Montce Leopard Texture Adjustable Face Mask, $22

I’m sure most of you are familiar with Montce, a super cute swimwear brand known for their fashionable and well-fitting swimsuits. But what you may not be aware of is that they’re now in the mask-making game, and doing a hell of a good job at it. Their masks are extremely well-structured so that they protect your nose and mouth without having the fabric pressed up against your face. This mask also has adjustable ear elastics, an underrated feature that many masks don’t have. Not to mention, their masks come in all of the same cute prints as their signature swimwear, so you can match!

5. Shop Betches Face Mask

Shop Betches Pink Tie Dye Face Mask, $20

You might be rolling your eyes right now at the blatant self-promo, but like, since we sell masks I couldn’t not include them. But mind you, I’m also not willing to risk my journalistic integrity over promoting our own masks if they’re sh*tty. So you can believe me when I tell you that our Shop Betches masks are great—they’re breathable, cute, and *BONUS* for every mask purchased, we donate a mask to a frontline worker.

6. Socialite Bandanna Mask

Socialite Bandanna Mask, $24

Another great option for a face mask that’s also breathable is the bandanna style mask. This one from Socialite is amazing and way better than just an ordinary bandanna because the fabric is super soft and, since this one is actually designed to be a mask, it actually stays around your head. It’s also trendy and stylish enough to be worn around your neck for when you’re in a scenario where you don’t need it pulled over your face.

7. Rad + Refined Face Mask

Rad + Refined Lemon Lime Remix Mask, $18

This brand, Rad + Refined, is a celebrity fave for its cool and unique accessories that are so special they can’t be found anywhere else, and their masks are no exception. They have fashionable masks in tie-dye prints and rhinestone details that are stylish and still super comfortable. They’re also v breathable with their lightweight face-fitting fabrics and designs.

8. CR Clothing Co. Face Mask

CRCCo. Homemade Face Mask, $15

Another Black-owned company with phenomenally comfortable masks is CR Clothing Co., a company founded by fashion designer Charla Ruschelle. Charla’s brand is rooted in made-to-order designs that actually fit realistic body measurements. Charla carries this same brand mission in the creation of her masks, which are also homemade and designed with the perfect comfortable fit.

9. Shore Face Mask

Shore Adjustable Masks – Set of 3, $36

Made from upcycled swimsuit fabric, the material of these masks is buttery soft on your face and so unbelievably comfortable. Especially during the summer, a mask that’s made of the same moisture-wicking material used for swimsuits is definitely ideal. These masks from swim brand Shore are also easily adjustable, so you can ensure that it’s not pressed against your mouth, forcing you to inhale it every time you take a breath.

10. PQ Mask-Scarf

PQ Bay Stripe MasQuini Yamia Scarf Face Mask, $24

When I first saw this mask, I thought there was no way I’d like it considering the abundance of fabric. However, once I put it on I was actually in love. This mask-meets-scarf design is not only super breathable, but also very wearable with its lightweight fabric and adjustable ear straps. Of course, there’s definitely a lot going on with this mask, so I wouldn’t want to wear it on a day I’m trying to flaunt my outfit. I would definitely have to save this for a more basic T-shirt kind of day.

11. Brave New Look

Brave New Look Floral Breast Cancer Ribbons Printed Mask, $20

These masks are made from 100% cotton, have pockets for filters (each mask comes with one filter, but you can buy refills), and feature adjustable ear straps. That’s basically all the ingredients you need for a comfortable, breathable mask. They also come in about a million patterns, so you’re bound to find something you like. Really no excuses.

PSA: Masks are no longer optional, so it’s time to get on board. I guarantee you’ll be a lot less resistant to wear a mask in public if you have ones that are cute and breathable. There are now tons of cute options out there to keep ourselves and the people around us safe. At the end of the day, not wanting to put a piece of cloth on your face to help others stay healthy is the definition of first world problems, so I say it’s time we all just stop complaining and read the room already.

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Images: @natedumlao / Unsplash; Shop Betches; Azazie; DIOP; South Moon Under; Montce; Socialite; Rad + Refined; CR Clothing Co.; Shore; PilyQ

10 Face Coverings That Are Actually Cute

Depending on where you live, stay-at-home orders may be beginning to let up a little bit. This means we have more places to go besides our government-approved mandated daily walk. Seriously, what dystopian teen novel are we living in? Where is the part where I find out I’m secretly gorgeous and two perfect yet very similar guys are fighting over me? Anyway, even though some regulations are lightening up, we’re still going to be avoiding other people and wearing masks for quite some time. We really need to leave the disposable masks to our healthcare professionals, so it’s time you invest in a cloth mask if you haven’t already. As things start to open up, you will probably be wearing these masks with real clothes again instead of the same sweatpants for five days in a row. Okay, nine, but who’s counting? Since these masks are basically our new lipstick (seriously, no one is going to see your mouth anyway), you should definitely consider getting some cute/trendy ones to match your outfit. I found some of the best ones that you can buy right now.

The Mighty Company Pink Glitter Face Mask

This is definitely the face mask that Elle Woods would be wearing right now. It’s pink, it’s glittery, it even comes in other colors! This is definitely for you if you usually like to do a bold lip. You can center your outfit around this statement piece. Plus, it’s very summery, and who knows how long we’ll be wearing masks? You might as well coordinate via season too. Can’t wait for mask colors to come in pumpkin spice. (But actually though, we better be free by then!) As a bonus, The Mighty Company is donating one mask for every mask they sell to The Midnight Mission homeless shelter in Downtown Los Angeles, so you can feel good about this purchase.

Hot Topic Galaxy Print Fashion Face Mask


If you want to do a fun print without it being too over the top, this galaxy mask is perfect. It will match basically everything but is still super cool. You can wear it with your all black everything and still be on trend. If you’re feeling really adventurous, match your eye makeup to the colors. We’ve got to try to have fun where we can, guys.

Steve Madden Natural Snake Mask

Snakeskin is having a moment and lucky for you, there’s a mask for that. This print is way more luxe and reminds me of something the Kardashians would wear. Plus, it’s neutral colors so it’ll go with most of your outfits. Just don’t accidentally Photoshop yourself a third hand and you’re good.

Daniel Patrick White Acid Face Mask

Another mask in a fairly neutral pattern is this Daniel Patrick one, that kind of looks like acid wash jeans. (Remember jeans? Me either.) If that’s not really your thing, they have just about every color mask under the sun, including a fun neon green and a bright orange.

Z Supply Tie-Dye Reusable Face Mask

Tie-dye, so hot right now. Why not combine this season’s two biggest trends into one with this mask? As a bonus, the $12 masks come in a pack of two, with the second being a neutral gray to match all of your outfits. These are made from a french terry knit fabric with a 100% cotton lining, antimicrobial interior, and elastic straps, so they are probably more comfortable to wear than whatever old bandana you’ve been tying around your face.

Bravado The Rolling Stones Lick Face Mask

If you’re not into the Rolling Stones, first of all, who are you? Second of all, Bravado is also selling masks dedicated to a bunch of musical artists, like The Weekend, Billie Eilish, Bob Marley, Ariana Grande, and more. And even better, they’re only $15 and 100% of net proceeds go to MusiCares, which, according to their website, “provides a safety net of critical assistance for music people in times of need.”

Dippin’ Daisy Face Mask

If you want your face mask to depict all the places you won’t be going this summer (unless you live in LA), look no further. The swimsuit brand Dippin’ Daisy has repurposed their factories to make non-medical face masks for first responders, and for each mask sold, they will give one mask to a first responder. Plus, they come in just about every pattern you could conceive of. And they’re only $10. Basically, you have no reason not to get one.

UO Printed Face Mask

If you’re looking for something fun but less aggressive, try this floral print mask from Urban Outfitters. It’s soooo pretty. The colors are soft so you can wear it with just about anything. This mask is for sure the most Instagrammable for your quarantine selfies. I mean, if you’re going to bother putting on makeup, you might as well take a pic, right?

Shop Betches Black Face Mask (3-Pack)

If your wardrobe is as black as your soul (like mine!), you probably need some basic black masks to match. Really, we should all have some black masks on hand to go with whatever we’re wearing. This set from Shop Betches comes with three masks, which is awesome because you can wash them the second they start to smell like mouth (you know exactly what I mean) and still have one to wear!

Sarah Liller Organic Cotton/Bamboo Striped Face Masks

A little more on the subtle side, these super soft masks come in four striped patterns. Solid navy, olive green, and black are also available. The masks are made by hand from fabric scraps, so they’re eco-friendly, plus 5% of proceeds go towards La Casa De Las Madres, a women’s domestic abuse shelter in San Francisco.

Hope these masks help you guys stay safe and contain your disgusting germs! Thank you for practicing social distancing and staying at home.

Betches may receive a portion of revenue if you click a link and purchase a product or service. The links are independently placed and do not influence editorial content.