Photoshop Fail Of The Week: Sashay Away

I recently learned that I really love drag queens. I went to Hamburger Mary’s a few months ago for Drag Brunch and found myself low-key wanting to be a drag queen even though I am a woman. It was just so fun! All the costumes and makeup and performances—amazing. I’ve been meaning to watch RuPaul’s Drag Race for ages, I just need to get on it at this point. That said, given that I’ve yet to actually watch it, I have no idea who The Vivienne is. But judging from her Instagram, she is fabulous. Her makeup and just overall look is insanely over-the-top, fun, and awesome.

Like, here she is pre-drag:

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Hope you all had a lovely Christmas!!!! Time to hit the Sales!!!! X

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And in full drag:

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New Promo shots by @benmaklondon Gown by @benmaklondon Hair by @brendalabeau Jewels by @blingblingblinguk_drag_jewels Wig brand @giveheadwigs #drag lip colour is @HUD’s beauty

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I mean, incredible, right? She is soooooo fabulous, I’m kind of jealous that I can’t walk around like this all the time. I mean, I guess I could. But I’m really lazy when it comes to getting dressed, especially with makeup. I’m more like, “Wow, I’m really broken out, I should probs use foundation today”, and then I just draw a cat eye and go out pimples a-blazin’ because it seems like too much effort. And let’s be real: all my effort in the world would not get my makeup as on point as The Vivienne’s. It’s seriously a work of art.

With this level of costuming and perfection, one would assume there is no reason to edit your photos. But alas, this article is Photoshop Fail, so you probably saw this coming.

The Vivienne posted this amazing photo of herself at the Birds of Prey premiere:

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Last pic from last night I promise haha. I was feeling every fantasy. @benmaklondon @leevenner @birdsofprey @warnerbrosuk #birdsofprey #makeup @snapperjeff

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Like, how fun is the Harley Quinn-inspired makeup? Answer: very fun. However. Do you notice anything wrong with this pic? Like how a standard-issue watermark is a completely warped, perhaps?

But here’s what I REALLY don’t understand about people that take publicly accessible photos from places like Getty Images: Why do they Facetune their pics when it is SO easy to find receipts?

Because we found the original pic in like, two seconds:


This looks like a super quick edit of squashing in her face to give her a brand new head shape and cinching in her waist so that both her figure and the Getty Images watermark is snatched. When you put that level of artistry into your look, all I have to ask is why? I’m also very over people giving themselves entirely new head shapes (looking at you, Tana Mongeau). You can’t just pick a different head. That is not how it works. You are not Mr. Potato Head, where it’s reasonable to just pick all different body parts. And actually, even Mr. Potato Head keeps his original head shape!

And if you’re going to Facetune, come on guys, don’t use a photo that has an original I can find online in one easy search! And if you’re going to leave a watermark on a picture, make sure it isn’t also warped. That is all.

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7 Bachelorette Party Ideas That Aren’t Overdone

When it comes to planning a bachelorette party, sometimes it can feel like you’re trying to reinvent the wheel. Like, there are only so many options, and chances are, you’ve already been to Vegas for a Bachelorette party, whether you wanted to or not. But by the time your wedding comes around, you might be sick of Vegas or Nashville (epitome of first world problems, we know). But that doesn’t mean you have to sit around drinking wine coolers in your friend’s basement. There are still plenty of options out there that aren’t super overdone. For your own bachelorette party, mix it up with one of these unique but just as fun bachelorette party ideas that are not something you and your group have done a million times already. Jenna Miller, Creative Director at Here Comes the Guide, and the blogger girls at Inspired by This outline their fave picks below.

1. Festival Fun

There is no shower quite like the one you take after a 3-day festival. That is THE shower.

— Betches (@betchesluvthis) April 15, 2019

If you are one of those people who has to post Instagram Stories of every concert, hit up a music festival for your bachelorette party. Just like Vegas isn’t your only option for a good bachelorette party, Coachella is NOT your only option for music festivals. There are plenty of local festivals going on year-round, featuring all different styles of music.

Some options include:

There are music festivals in pretty much every big city, so if you’re looking to roll a ‘gram-worthy destination in with a live music festival, just Google ” festivals in ” and we promise you, you will get a bunch of options.

2. Foodie Heaven

But if you’re into festivals but less so for music and more so for food, hit up a food festival instead. Events like Feast in Portland or LA Food Fest allow you to wine and dine your way to bachelorette bliss. Again, every city will likely have a million festivals, and these events are so common, but not all of them are good. So make sure you do your research beforehand. You actually want to have a good experience and not end up at the Fyre Festival of pizza festivals.

3. Bespoke Theater

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” so we’ve had a difficult time procuring enough data for a proper comparative analysis. But we’ve learned the bachelorette party options out there are Chippendales and Thunder from Down Under. We’re not sure which one came first, but they’re pretty much the same concept: You watch guys dancing on a stage. If you’ve ever seen the movie Magic Mike, which is a semi-autobiographical film about Channing Tatum growing up in the 90s, you’ll know this was a popular concept back then… in the 90s. Obviously, it still exists to some degree but probably in its twilight years.

Fondudes is the 3.0 version of bachelorette party ideas. It was created for the modern bride. Bachelorette parties in Vegas only happen in large, general groups, which inherently make the experiences non-unique. Your wedding is the seed of your marriage, and your bachelorette party is the seed of your wedding, so make it special! Fondudes is different because they customize each show individually for each group. They invented the crazy concept and call it Bespoke Theater. It allows them to produce bachelorette parties that are exceptionally targeted and downright wild. Trust us.

4. Party Bike

You’ve probably seen, and envied, a caravan of drunk bridesmaids pedaling down a busy city street. Companies like Nashville Pedal Tavern and Denver Patio Ride allow you to sightsee, blast music, and pedal down the street while enjoying some tasty libations. 

5. Drag It Out

Bottomless mimosa brunches are delightful. But when you can enjoy your boozy brunch with great music and fab female impersonators? You have yourself an epic bachelorette party. Unleash your inner diva at the world famous Drag Brunch in New York and Miami.

6. Mix It Up

Grab your bridal party and take a group mixology class, because it will definitely come in handy later in life to know how to mix more than a vodka soda. Companies like Urban Matter in Chicago and EatWell DC invite you to stir, shake, and sip as you learn how to make some creative cocktails.

7. Booze Cruise

Who doesn’t love a booze cruise?! If you visit a location with a nearby body of water, this is such a fun way to spend an afternoon—or all day! Kill a couple of hours enjoying the fresh salty air with a drink in hand. If you’re in L.A. book with a company like Pacific Ocean Charters and watch your worries wash away with the waves.

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A Definitive Ranking Of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Season 9 Queens

RuPaul’s Drag Race premiered season 9 this week, marking the show’s move from the niche LGBTQ-focused Logo channel, to VH1, a technically bigger channel that none of us have really thought about since Flavor of Love ended. For anyone who has been following RuPaul’s Drag Race for the previous 8 seasons, you know that the queens on this show are basically a treasure trove of betchiness. For example, Shangela’s “You Will Never Have A Sugar Daddy” speech from Season 3 is basically a primer in how to completely tear another woman apart in 30 seconds or less. It’s basically The Bible. And let’s not forget the term “throwing shade” literally comes from drag queens, as does the concept of “reading” someone. Plus, the RPDR contestants are basically walking advertisements for aggressive contouring and highlighter use. So, naturally, with a show so clearly betchy and with with the stakes (and the stilettos) so high, it’s only appropriate for us to determine which of the season 9 queens are sickening, and which need to go back to Party City where they belong.

14. Charlie Hides

Charlie Hides is some kind of YouTube celebrity impression person who clearly thinks that she is the shit despite the fact that she made 0 impression in the first week’s episode. Idk. Something about this queen just rubs me the wrong way. Like the way she kept name-dropping her YouTube channel, and claiming that Lana Del Ray called her an “asshole.” Plus her hometown look was literally just a pilgrim costume from Amazon. An annoying YouTube star in Halloween store clearance? Oh hunty, no thank you.

13. Jaymes Mansfield

Okay, so first of all, I don’t like drag queens with male names. But that’s just a personal preference thing. Jaymes Mansfield’s entrance is what puts this queen at the bottom of our ranking. It was just far too awkward. The puppet? Girl, please. Aren’t you supposed to like, plan the entrance out? She looked like she had no f’ing clue what was going on, and that continued throughout the episode when her “hometown” look had absolutely 0 relevance to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Like, I was expecting her to serve us some full-on dairy realness ensemble and instead we got…black and white checkers? Not. Good. Enough. Girl. 

12. Aja

According to Sasha, Aja is the “number one name in Brooklyn that people are talking about right now,” and like vinyl records and other things that Brooklynites love, IDGI. Her personality was fine, and she looks good enough, but, as several people pointed out, her makeup was totally fucked. Like, she looked like maybe she’d done her face on the L Train on her way to drag race. Which like, no shade to doing your makeup on the L, I’ve definitely been there, but just make sure you have a LuMee case or something so you know wtf you’re going to look like when you finally get out onto the runway. Also, I have a strict “no septum piercings” policy, and drag queens are no exception. 

11. Trinity Taylor

Trinity Taylor’s whole “thing” is that she got plastic surgery and doesn’t have to pad her ass which, to me, is less impressive than the girls who literally mold their bodies out of pillows and foam and shit. IMHO, Trinity was too catty without the the humor to back it up. Like, she talked a lot of shit, but wasn’t ultimately that good at reading people. Her ass does look amazing, though, so I guess that’s money well spent.

10. Alexis Michelle

Alexis Michelle is our Broadway queen. While she didn’t really stand out this episode, she did do an amazing Gaga at the Emmys, so you gotta give it to her for that. All this queen really needs is one live singing challenge to move her up to the top, but until that happens, Alexis is pretty thoroughly middle of the pack.

9. Sasha Velour

Sasha Velour is our bald, artsy queen. She takes herself too seriously, and that was p obvious during her hometown look, where she came out with like, a thousand props to make some clumsy statement about art and culture in New York. It just didn’t make sense. Also, I like my queens to be wigged. The bigger the better when it comes to wigs, honestly. That’s why, despite Sasha being one of the judges’ top 3 picks, I just don’t think Sasha is going to make it. The whole “bald artist” thing gets old pretty fast—like, within the span of one episode I was already over it. Her eyebrows are fucking on point though. 

8. Farrah Moan

Farrah Moan is gorgeous and skinny but she also seems like an idiot, and not in a cute way. Like why was she having such a hard time finding a work station? Didn’t you watch like every episode of this show in preparation for this day? Also her runway looks were meh. I want to like Farrah, just based on the strength of her pun game alone, but I don’t think she really impressed anybody this week. 

7. Peppermint

I put Peppermint exactly in the middle of this list because she performed exactly in the middle of this episode. Her looks weren’t stunning, but they weren’t bad either. She seems to have a nice personality. All in all I could see her sticking around for a while, or maybe she’ll really blow up next episode. Either way, Peppermint def has the potential to become a fan favorite along the way.

6. Kimora Blac

Kimora Blac earned her spot solely based on the strength of her body. Like, hooooly shit that’s some amazing padding work. Even if she doesn’t win, I may call her up and just see if I can make use of her padding services for myself. Her body is probably the best of the season.

5. Valentina

Valentina has only been doing drag 10 months, and she is straight-up amazing. Every season has its signature “Latin Queen” and Valentina might be the best one yet. She absolutely slayed her hometown look, and anybody who thinks she casually brought up how young in drag she is for no reason in particular knows nothing about Drag Race. Valentina obvs brought up her drag infancy to either intimidate her opponents or to lull them into a false sense of security regarding her drag abilities. Either way, I think Valentina will be with us through the end of the season.

4. Nina Bo’Nina Banana Fofana Osama Bin Laden Brown

Nina Bo’nNna not only found a way to incorporate Osama Bin Laden into her drag name (a hard sell) but she won the Miss Charisma Uniqueness Nerve and Talent title, making her the first challenge winner. Normally that would make someone the frontrunner, but IDK. Nina is obviously a very talented and fishy queen, but something about the animal/peach face motif just freaked me out. She looked like if a Snapchat filter came to life. It was unsettling.

3. Eureka

Eureka was in the top three this week and for good reason. She seems to have everything you want in a queen: tons of personality, genuinely funny, fierce on the runway. Eureka is the whole package. However, she did totally lose her cool when Lady Gaga showed up in the runway, and while it was def a very sweet moment, it was also a little extra and shows that Eureka def has some emotional weaknesses that could hurt her later on in the competition. Keep it together sister, and maybe you’ll win the whole damn thing!

2. Shea Couleé

Sure, she didn’t win the challenge. She didn’t even place in the top three. But something about Shea Couleé tells me she’s in it for the long hall. Like Eureka, Shae has tons of personality and appears to be genuinely funny. She made that giant hotdog hat, and it somehow looked very chic? In my humble opinion, Shea Couleé is this season’s queen to beat. There’s just something about her—a certain drag ne sais quoi—that says “winner” to me. 

1. THE 14TH QUEEN!!!

The mysterious 14th queen gets the #1 slot just because she’s a mystery, and nothing is more glamorous than a mystery. We won’t know who she is until next week, but I think it’s safe to say she’s a returning queen from a previous season, based on the others’ reactions. Why else would they bring her on so late in the game? She must be fierce AF to be used as an end of episode cliffhanger. Either that, or she’s so boring they had to come up with some kind of giant stunt to introduce her. We’ll have to wait until next episode to find out. 

Honorable Mention: Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is literally such a drag queen in her day-to-day life that when she came workroom everyone thought she was just another one of the contestents. She then went on to talk a lot about what drag meant to her, while the queens literally broke down into tears over her presence. So like, is what Lady Gaga does considered drag? Can Lady Gaga be a drag queen even if she is technically a cis-woman all the time? I will defer to the queens on this one and say that even if Gaga isn’t technically a drag queen, she is an honorary drag queen in all of our hearts, meaning that this year’s Super Bowl was essentially a drag show. Love it.

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