7 Moves For A Full-Body Workout You Can Do In Your Dorm Room

The first semester of your freshman year can be pretty overwhelming. Like, between making those orientation week friends you’ll never talk to again, blacking out five times twice a week without your RA finding out, and trying to understand why the fuck you registered for a Monday 8am, your plate is pretty full. But while you’re still trying to figure out where the dining hall is, or when your roommate will break up with her high school boyfriend, you may also realize you HAVE THE TIME to work out. College isn’t as busy as you think, and squeezing in a workout only gets harder after graduation (trust us, we’re old). No one wants to pack on the freshman 15 before Thanksgiving, so we suggest getting started ASAP. In case you don’t feel like venturing to the campus gym yet (be honest, you don’t even know where it is), here’s a full body workout that you can do in your dorm room.

1. Jumping Jacks: 30 Seconds

Jumping jacks are pretty self-explanatory, but we’re starting with them because they do the trick when it comes to getting your heart rate up and warming up your body. Like, if you’ve been sitting in class all day, you’ll probably need to jump around to get your body ready for a workout. If you find you’re hitting your roommate’s IKEA lamp with your arms, just jog in place instead. The goal here is to just get your body warmed up without injuring anyone in your shoebox-sized room.

Jumping Jacks

2. Mountain Climbers: 30 Seconds

If you’re engaging the right muscles when doing mountain climbers, you really don’t need more than 30 seconds to start burning a ton of calories. Mountain climbers target your abs, shoulders, and legs, so make sure to keep your core engaged the whole time. Place your hands on the floor with your shoulders over your wrists and your legs straight back in a plank position. Then, climb your knees into your chest one at a time while engaging your core. The faster you go, the higher you’ll get your heart rate and the more calories you’ll burn, meaning the more shots you can take later without feeling guilty.

Mountain Climber Exercise

3. Plank Jacks: 45 Seconds 

Plank jacks basically combine the first two exercises we did, so the point is to keep your core activated while jumping your legs in and out, working your abs while doing cardio. In your high plank, keep your shoulders over your wrist while jumping your legs in and out, keeping your body in one straight line. If you find your butt is rising up, remember to pull your belly button in toward your spine so you’re using your abs in the movement and not just your legs.

Plank Jacks

4. Squat To Lunge: 1 Minute

This move is meant to be done a bit slower, so make sure you’re not rushing through it and fucking up your form. Squats and lunges both work your lower body, so keep this up and your butt and legs will look amazing by the time you need to wear six Halloween costumes in one slutty weekend. Start standing up with your feet shoulder width apart and your hands behind your head. Then, flex your knees and hips while sitting back with your hips. Squat down low and make sure your knees aren’t reaching over your toes, then stand up. After the squat, lunge one leg behind you into a 90 degree angle, then stand back up and alternate between the two.


5. Jump Squats: 30 Seconds

Jump squats sound pretty innocent, but you’ll find that 30 seconds are pretty hard to get through without collapsing on the floor. But like, don’t do that because your floor is probably v dirty. Squat jumps are just like the squats you were just doing, but with a jump in between each one. Duh. So basically, squat down until your elbows touch your knees, and then jump back up, extending your legs straight and landing in your squat again. Use your hands to push upwards. The momentum will help you jump without relying solely on your legs, but either way, your legs will be burning by the end of the interval.

Squat Jump

6. Tricep Dips: 1 Minute

It wouldn’t be college without mastering the skinny arm pose in every picture, and tricep dips really help make that less of a problem. Your triceps are the muscles that add any sort of shape to your arm, so if you’re looking to look toned (or just not 30+ pounds extra) in every group pic, we suggest you get to dippin’. This is a good move to do in a dorm room because you can use a bed or a chair. Facing backwards, place your hands on the bed or chair behind you. Slide your butt off the bed/chair with your legs extended out in front of you, and straighten your arms, keeping a little bend in your elbows. Then, slowly bend your elbows to lower your butt toward the floor and don’t stop until your elbows are at a 90 degree angle. Then, press down with your hands to straighten out your elbows into the starting position. Dip up and down for the full minute.

Tricep Dips

7. Shoulder Tap To Plank: 30 Seconds Each

This last move is really two exercises in one, but your arms and abs are both super important so stop whining about it. Start in a plank position and then lift one hand off the ground, tapping your opposite shoulder. The, switch hands and alternate for 30 seconds, keeping your hips and shoulders square to the ground. DO NOT lift your hips, or else you’re totally taking the pressure off your abs, which is wasting everyone’s time. Once you finish your shoulder taps, hold a basic plank for 30 seconds, engaging your core and squeezing your butt the entire time.

Shoulder Tap Plank

Once you finish all seven moves, repeat the circuit anywhere from 1-3 times, depending on how much time you have. Like, if you NEED to rush to some welcome week karaoke night we get it, but maybe reconsider your priorities when you’re eating mozzarella sticks at a diner with your suitemates at 3am. Basically, try to squeeze in those extra rounds. 

What Your Dorm Room Decor Says About You

It’s that time of year again: a new army of skanks 18-year-old betches are spreading their wings and heading to our nation’s best party schools universities. For the next four years, they will drink, sporadically attend class, and meet the man who they will affectionately remember as “the worst fucking person I’ve ever met in my life,” and they’ll do it all while living in a tiny cinder block box commonly referred to as a dorm room. Once you’ve killed made friends with your roommate, it is time to figure out your room’s aesthetic. Decorating a dorm room is one of the most stressful things about being in college. Some people will tell you it’s “the coursework,” but those people are narcs. Have fun in the library, narcs! For the rest of us, college is 90% social, 10% academics (with 5% of that 10% being staring at the hot guy in your bio lecture) so we’re here to tell you what kind of message your decorating style is sending. You know, in case you ever actually get said hot guy in your bio lecture’s attention and end up fucking studying together. Pay attention, because you don’t want to be the weird girl on your floor.

The Free People Groupie

If you have a dreamcatcher hanging anywhere in the room, you’re probably try a little too hard to convince people that you’re chill. That doesn’t mean you’re not chill, it just means you need to shut up sometimes. You’re the girl who has a tapestry from Urban Outfitters hanging on the wall and a couple of deliberately placed bongs elephant statues and you can’t shut up about how you’re going to backpack around Asia after graduation. You’ll start smoking a lot of weed and your floor will be covered in dirty clothes by October. At your 10 year reunion, you’ll discover your “weed dealer” was selling you stems the whole time which is so crazy because you’re sure you were high.

The Classy Minimalist

You are dorm goals. How are you 19 but your half of the room somehow looks like a literal West Elm catalog? Where did you get those succulents? You have an aesthetic that most can only aspire to, and you’re probably an architecture major. Is that a gallery wall? Where the fuck did you get so many frames? You’ll get a bid from the top sorority despite the fact that you didn’t even sign up for rush and will disappoint everyone by going into charity work instead of becoming the social media stylist we all knew you could be.


The Poster Whore

Posters are a cheap and easy way to add some personal flair and immediately tell people way too much about yourself. We like Justin Bieber as much as the next girl, but not everyone needs to know that the second you invite them over. You’re the type of freshman who will make out with a guy on the dance floor of a frat basement during the first week of school and spend the rest of your four years upset that he never texted you. And no, Marilyn Monroe did not say that, that Polonius guy did.

The Monogram Addict

As a general rule of thumb, your room should not have any Lilly Pulitzer that you didn’t receive as a gift. The Monogram Addict tells everyone that her laundry hamper is monogrammed so no one would steal it, but we know you’re really just bougie like that. Your life won’t start for real until you’re in a sorority and then you’ll have a whole new set of letters to plaster all over everything. Next Step: Bully some poor frat bro into giving you an MRS degree. You wear pearls and pink lipstick non-ironically. You’ve probably only tried weed once, and it made your stomach hurt. Welcome to college, girlie!

Scream Queens

The Bare Wall Girl

You’re either a serial killer or you’re that girl who literally didn’t care enough to put one decoration on the walls. Tbh we identify with this. Looking back on it, why did we care so much about putting shit on the walls when we were usually blackout by the time we got back to our room anyway?

The Homesick Decorator

Your only decorations are three million photos from home and a fugly frame that all your high school field hockey teammates signed. Your group text from your high school friends is the most important thing in your life, and you probably have a boyfriend who’s in school back home. Tbh nobody will even know who you are since you spend most of your time in your room Skyping people from your hometown. Good luck, we’ll miss you when you transfer!

Good Riddance

The Classic Betch

Obviously the best kind of style. Your room is cute and decorated without looking like you spent nine hours at Bed Bath & Beyond. You have candles even though they’re against the rules because you’re about that life. Do we spot a Shop Betches pillowcase? Good girl. You can sit with us.

Shop Betches Left Lash Pillow Case

Buy your own Shop Betches Left Lash Signature Pillow Case here!

UCLA Freshman Wins Batshit Crazy Roommate Of The Year Award

You probably thought the rando you got paired up with freshman year was a psycho. Well, think again. A freshman at UCLA definitely takes the cake this year for craziest roommate ever, thanks to an email she wrote that got leaked by her own roommates.

Let’s just take a little look at what she wrote here.

“Okay so I’m not sure why neither of you responded back to my emails…”

Bitch, this ain’t the first email you sent?! Homegirl definitely double-texts dudes and then cant figure out why they don’t like her. Is there something she should be taking that she’s taken none of, or something she shouldn’t be taking that she’s taken a lot of? Pro tip: one Xanax should do, hun.

“I’ll take the top bunk bed that has a bottom and top bunk bed. I DO NOT want the single bunk where it has a desk underneath the top bunk so don’t try to leave me that.”


Flag on the play for flagrant misuse of caps lock with people she doesn’t know. I don’t know about you all, but my first interactions with my roommate made me seem like Mother Teresa so they wouldn’t hate me and fart on my pillow and give me pink eye. This girl gives absolutely no shits about a proper first or second impression.

“I’m also taking one of the white closets. There should be two white closets and I’m taking one of them. I don’t care for which one it is, just know I’m taking one of them. I want the desk near the window. Plain and simple.

waka flocka ok

“I won’t be in the mood for any arguing or other nonsense because one of you two decided to deliberately disregard this email. If needed be I’ll turn it into a bigger situation so don’t try me.”

This is the point where I show my dad the email so when he moves me in he can disassemble the loft kit for that coveted top bunk and put it in the hallway along with the desk next to the window. This girl definitely needs to be removed from the situation, and not just like, moved to a different room. She literally needs to be put in the back of a van and taken to a mental institution.

One of the roommates clapped back with a pretty sane response for how much crazy was delivered in that email.

UCLA Crazy Roommate

And apparently the girls tried to vote this little psycho off the island like it was Survivor and the year was 2002.

The roommate, of course, responded again admitting she has anger issues. Hey, the first step is always admitting it.

Crazy UCLA Roommate

These roommates should just find some off-campus housing or they’re going to wake up to all their hair being cut off in their sleep. I can’t even. I do not miss roommates like this.

Best of luck, girls, and the entire UCLA campus. Yikes.

The Must-Have Dorm Room Decor Items That Will Save You From Looking Basic

I look forward to Back to School season for one reason, and one reason only: the shopping, obvi. IDC if it’s because I’m buying markers, pens, colored pencils, and other boring shit that just collects dust. It still means I have to spend money and buy things for myself that I (debatably) need. It’s the time of year where I buy another overpriced planner, simply because the design is cute and I like feeling as though I have my shit together. Oh, how a planner makes for a perfect disguise. *writes in it for syllabus week only* I then go out and buy an entire new bed set because my side of the room has to look the fucking best. You know, just in case MTV Cribs decides to come back and have a dorm special or something. Although I’m now ancient af a college alum, if there’s one thing I learned, it’s where to buy the hottest shit for your dorm room to make everyone 1) jealous and 2) come to you for all the pregames. Listen up, betches. Class is session.

1. Lilly Pulitzer 2017-2018 Large Agenda – Beach Loot

Nothing screams basic bitch or sorority girl more than owning a Lilly Pulitzer planner. The large size comes with more than enough pages and space to write down all of your parties important dates. Plus, it comes with stickers that resemble Lisa Frank but like, for adults in a festive print that’s on your fave Lilly dress for this year’s track season.

2. Ban.do Agenda Starter Pack – Rose Gold

If you didn’t already, you’re probs getting a new big af bag to carry all your shit in to and from class. Although you’d like to look like you know wtf you’re doing, all of your things def get thrown in like pocket change after the first day of school. Well, this little pouch kind of makes your life easier. According to its description, it comes with things you just “neeeed,” like a marker stamp and gel pen—sounds about right. Since you lose pens like you lose bobby pins, you’ll need this rose gold pouch to keep at least one aspect of your life organized.

3. Anthology Aster Medallion Comforter Set

Too much of a colorful floral comforter makes me think you’re still a 5-year-old. You want one that’s simple, yet classy (whatever that means) in a neutral color so your one night stands don’t feel like they’re sleeping in their little sister’s room. For whatever reason, a white comforter says you’re a sophisticated betch with a fuck ton of power because you are taking a huge risk to keep a white comforter clean. This white one has a gray floral design you can mix and match with other bed décor and still feel like a queen.

4. Shop Betches Do Less Sleep More Pillow Case Set

While we’re on the topic of bed sets that mix and match, you’ll also need pillow cases that inspire you to have sweet dreams, help you go to sleep faster, blah blah blah. It’s not like these are like, therapeutic or anything, but at the end of the day you’ll feel really good about rewarding yourself with a nap you don’t need after barely lifting a finger. Same thing.

5. Urban Outfitters Folklorica Medallion Tapestry

If you don’t have a $50 UO tapestry hanging in your dorm room, do you even smoke weed dorm? This one comes in either navy or white with rose gold detailing so it’ll easily go with any bedroom theme you have going on. Its artsy design will make for the perfect Insta background so all of your followers will think you’re somewhere way cooler than your dorm room. Pro tip for those who aren’t ready to give up the tapestry life after college: You can actually get your tapestries framed, and it will instantly take your décor from “college stoner” to “cultured intellectual who probably studied abroad in India or some shit.” You’re welcome. 

6. Francesca’s White Hang It Photo Display

You’ve seen this all over Pinterest and even though it’s probs easy af to make yourself, ain’t nobody got the time, patience, or attention span for that shit. So naturally we’re going to buy it instead. This cute photo holder can showcase all the photos you look good in cherish in a v crafty way—one you can totally get away with telling people you made yourself.

7. Urban Outfitters Bluetooth Speaker String Lights

Naturally, you’re going to get white Christmas lights like every other student and their mother. But these are different and like, literally the best thing I’ve ever seen. These come with Bluetooth enabled speakers you can pair with your iPhone so you can host the best pregames on campus, make all of your friends jealous, and have your room still looking lit. How fucking cool.