Alexander Wang Is Facing Numerous Sexual Assault Allegations

TRIGGER WARNING: This article includes descriptions of sexual assault

If you began this week thinking that we could all take it easy and just ride the Hilaria Baldwin scandal until the end of 2020, you were sadly mistaken. While Hilaria is still attempting to clear her name, and more and more cringeworthy old interview clips are being uncovered, a new scandal has exploded in the fashion world, and sadly, it’s a really disturbing one. In the past few days, influential fashion designer Alexander Wang has been accused of sexually assaulting numerous people, including male and trans models.

The wave of allegations against Wang was spurred by a TikTok video from graphic designer Owen Mooney, who responded to a prompt to share your “weirdest seeing a celebrity in public experience.” In his video from earlier this month, he describes being at a packed club for a concert in 2017, when an unnamed “really famous fashion designer” groped him without his consent.

@owenamooney##stitch with @katiefornia oh yeh the time a celeb was groping my dick in the club 🥴 ##fyp ##foryoupage♬ original sound – Owen Mooney

Mooney didn’t name the fashion designer in the original video, but he liked a comment guessing that it was Alexander Wang, which seemed like confirmation. Later, after others’ stories about their experiences with Wang began to surface, Mooney made another video, directly addressing the situation. He confirmed that the commenter “got it right,” and said that seeing numerous others with similar stories made him realize that “he needs to be exposed.”

At one point, Mooney’s second video was removed from TikTok, and he shared in an Instagram story that TikTok claimed the video violated their policy on “Harassment and Bullying.” After an understandable backlash, TikTok later reinstated the video, clarifying that the video was “removed in error.”

In the weeks since Mooney’s videos about Wang, things have taken a turn for the worse. Instagram accounts Diet Prada and Sh*t Model Management have followed the developing story, and shared many people’s anonymous allegations that are even more unsettling. Most say they were drugged or sexually assaulted by Alexander Wang, and describe his aggressive behavior. While the exact stories differ, there are certain common threads that reappear over and over. These include pressuring men to have sex with him, even though they have made it clear they are straight or otherwise uninterested.

Another reoccurring theme in the stories is “molly water,” or water laced with MDMA. Allegedly, Wang would give an unwitting person a bottle of drugged water and encourage them to finish it, and within minutes, they would feel the effects of the drugs. One person said that due to their bipolar disorder, the drugs caused a manic episode, followed by psychosis. They write that ” smug ‘prank’ literally put me in the hospital for weeks and ruined my career.”


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But it turns out the stories of Alexander Wang giving people substances they didn’t ask for aren’t limited to anonymous Instagram DMs. Diet Prada posted a clip from a video where Florence Welch and Derek Blasberg are reminiscing about the Met Gala. Welch recounts how one time, Alexander Wang said “you’re drunk, drink this water!” and handed her a glass of “straight vodka.” Welch and Blasberg both laugh about the memory, and Blasberg adds, “yeah, that’s his party trick.” Safe to say that has not aged well.


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While it’s taken until the end of 2020 for these allegations to gain momentum, videos like this one show that some of Wang’s behavior hasn’t really been a secret. In fact, in a resurfaced tweet thread from 2017, a man named Nick Ward tells another story very similar to Mooney’s. According to Ward, who didn’t even know who Alexander Wang was at the time, he was also grabbed inappropriately at a club.

Basically, while many of the new allegations have been anonymous, stories of Alexander Wang’s behavior have been floating around for years, and they’re finally getting the attention of a wider audience. So far, Alexander Wang has not responded to the allegations, though Instagram comments have been disabled on both his personal and brand accounts. The scandal surrounding Wang’s alleged actions is the latest in a long line of toxic stories from the fashion world, which is why accounts like Diet Prada and SMM exist in the first place. As with every industry, there’s clearly a lot of work still to be done in creating a healthier, safer, more positive culture, but with every toxic man who gets exposed, we get a little closer.

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UPDATED: Kim Kardashian’s Photographer Got Exposed As A Sexual Predator

Warning: This article contains descriptions of sexual assault and harassment, and may be triggering for some readers.

Over the past couple of years, we’ve gotten more and more evidence that almost all men are trash, but there are still more skeezy dudes who haven’t been exposed yet. While it usually makes bigger headlines when a famous actor or politician gets accused of sexual misconduct, this stuff happens in literally every industry. And honestly, I feel like it happens in the fashion industry a lot. Famous photographers like Mario Testino, Patrick Demarchelier, Terry Richardson, and Bruce Weber have all been accused of sexual harassment and assault by numerous people, and now we can add Marcus Hyde, who’s commonly known as Kim Kardashian’s photographer, to the list.

The Instagram account Diet Prada is known for calling out questionable behavior in the fashion industry, whether it’s an influencer copying a designer, or a brand guilty of cultural appropriation. This week they’re at it again, this time exposing celebrity photographer Marcus Hyde and his history of predatory behavior. Marcus is known for his provocative (often partially or fully nude) photos, and has worked with major stars like Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande.

On Sunday night, Marcus Hyde posted the photo below to his Instagram story, asking for models to respond if they wanted to shoot with him. A woman named Sunnaya, who has over 19,000 followers on Instagram, responded, and the resulting messages immediately raised some major red flags. Marcus told Sunnaya that he would shoot her nude for free, but only if she sent him nude photos of herself first, so he could see if she was “worth it.” If she wouldn’t send nude photos, he would charge her $2,000 to shoot her.

Swipe to see all the screenshots of the initial DM conversation that Diet Prada posted:

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Gross @marcushyde . @kimkardashian @arianagrande , come get your boy and teach him some decency. Last night, Los Angeles model and interior design student @sunnnaya replied to the celebrity photographer’s Instagram story seeking models for a shoot. What transpired in their DM was nothing short of the typical predatory douchebaggery you’d expect via shady Instagram “castings” by slimy dudes. With her followers backing her up and sharing her post, Hyde had a simple reply: “suck a fat big dick”. That’s sure to get you points with the ladies, Marcus. • #marcushyde #kimkardashian #kendalljenner #khloekardashian #arianagrande #photographer #celebrity #casting #model #shady #gross #kuwtk #wiwt #ootd #film #digital #camera #celeb #behindthescenes #dietprada

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Okay, so just from this, it’s clear that Marcus Hyde is not a great dude. It’s frankly just gross to try to use your influence as a well-known photographer to solicit nudes from women under the guise of doing it for work. And if he’s acting like this in the DM, it definitely doesn’t seem like a good idea to actually go shoot with him, nude or not.

And where there’s smoke, there’s fire. DMs and stories started to flood in from others who allege to have had similar or much worse encounters with Marcus Hyde. Diet Prada posted numerous people’s DM conversations with Marcus on their story, and if these allegations are true, it’s clear he has a pattern of behavior that’s predatory and disgusting.

First of all, Marcus Hyde has no problem insulting women, from his previous comment about Sunnaya being “worth it” (vom) to this DM where says he needs nude pictures to “check your body” and make sure a woman is the weight she claims to be. Again, this isn’t the worst of his behavior, but it’s enough proof that he’s a scumbag.

From there, the DMs shift into territory that crosses the line from harassment into full-blown sexual assault allegations. In this story, a woman recalls how Marcus encouraged her to masturbate during a shoot so that he could get a more “real reaction.” That’s disgusting, but then Marcus started touching the model without getting her consent first. Her description of how he made it seem like an accident at first is really chilling.

Speaking of gross behavior, another person wrote to Sunnaya about how Marcus Hyde asked her to come to his hotel room at 3am to shoot. No professional photographer should ever be shooting a stranger in his hotel room, and certainly not at 3am.

Another pattern that emerges within these DMs about Marcus Hyde is that most of the women who shot with him never even saw their photos. Though Marcus is an established photographer with a large body of work, these random “test shoots” seemed to be nothing more than a front to get women into his hotel room. He knew they wanted to work with him to further their careers, and he took advantage of this opportunity.

Here’s another DM about an extremely similar scenario, where a woman felt “honored” just to shoot with Marcus Hyde, and then had her world turned upside down by this man. She says that “the sex was definitely not consensual,” which, for the people in the back, is rape.

In the wake of all these stories about women being harassed and assaulted by Marcus Hyde, he quickly changed his Instagram account to private before deleting it entirely. Ariana Grande, who has worked with Marcus in the past, responded to the situation on her Instagram Story.

Ariana may not have had the same negative experiences with Marcus Hyde as others did, but she’s also not an aspiring model with a few thousand followers. Ariana did a good job of being diplomatic but direct, but Kim Kardashian’s response felt a little lacking by comparison.


Kim, like Ariana, doesn’t name Marcus Hyde in her story, but we obviously know that’s what it’s about. The thing is, Kim purposely acts like Marcus is some random photographer she “worked with in the past.” This is an interesting characterization of their relationship, considering that they’ve worked together many times, and obviously have more than just a professional relationship. In fact, less than a year ago, Kim posted this tweet in which she calls Marcus a “friend,” asking for prayers after he was injured.

Please pray for my friend @MarcusHyde

— Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) October 30, 2018

I’m not mad at Kim for being friends with this guy in the past, especially if we assume she had no idea about all of his problematic behavior, but it feels like a total cop out to make it sound like he could be any random guy she met once or twice. I’m glad she said something, but this definitely wasn’t what I was hoping for. Of course no one thinks sexual assault is good, but you can’t act like you don’t really know someone just because you don’t want to be linked to them.

I don’t know why I still expect things from Kim, but this situation is pretty high stakes. Sexual predators are still hiding in plain sight everywhere, so spreading the awareness is important, and so is empowering the survivors of harassment and assault. While it’s a positive thing that these allegations are coming to light so hopefully Marcus Hyde won’t hurt any women in the future, for the ones he’s already victimized, the damage is done.

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Kim Kardashian Dragged A Lookalike Who Tried To Use Her For Publicity

In today’s edition of random thots of Instagram causing petty drama, we’re talking about Kami Osman. If that name doesn’t sound familiar, it’s because she literally doesn’t matter. She has 700,000 Instagram followers, and her bio says she’s a singer and songwriter (she doesn’t have a Spotify page), but the only important thing about her is that she looks like Kim Kardashian. In fact, she looks so much like Kim K that she literally appeared on an episode of KUWTK as a Kim lookalike. But this week, instead of getting more surgeries to look like Kim, Kami decided to start some drama with Kim on Instagram. This is the sh*t I live for.

Earlier this week, Kami reposted a picture of this dress, which she wore in March 2018 for her birthday, on her Instagram story:

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coming for the throne.

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Along with the picture, she wrote “Got a lot of DM’s in regards to the MET look that was painfully similar to my last years bday dress. Never get confused with who ‘inspires’ who. They wont give you credit but they will copy. I designed this dress for my birthday last year. Nobody had a dress like this was an original design.” Sorry for the spelling and grammar issues, but I really wanted Kami to speak for herself.

She is, of course, referring to Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala afterparty look from this year, which was designer for her by Thierry Mugler:

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Camp Crystal Girl!!! ??? Moiré printed latex with the crystal drip ?Another new creation [email protected] Manfred Thierry Mugler for Kim Kardashian West / MET BALL 2019 with Mugler Fashion House. Revisited archive pieces for Mugler Fashion House @muglerofficial

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Hmm. Do the two dresses look similar? Sure! They both have an unusually low neckline that casually exposes the belly button, they’re both sparkly, and they’re both v short. Other than the fact that Kami’s looks like FashionNova and Kim’s is couture, I definitely see the resemblance. The problem with Kami’s argument is that Kim’s dress is literally a replica of something Cher wore decades ago.

Luckily, Diet Prada (one of the best accounts on Instagram), helped us out by posting the exact Cher look that was used as inspiration. Sorry Kami, but you seriously should’ve stayed in your lane here.

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Yesterday on Instagram stories, @kimkardashian doppelgänger @kamiosman (yes, she was featured on KUWTK as a lookalike) seemed to be suggesting that Kim copied a dress she had made for her birthday last year, but wasn’t Kim’s @manfredthierrymugler Met Gala after party lewk inspired by Cher? • #kuwtk #kimkardashian #kardashian #kamiosman #kamillaosman #lookalike #doppleganger #mugler #thierrymugler #metgala #cher #afterparty #bling #sparkle #fringe #wig #beads #latex #moire #embellishment #bodycon #yeezy #calvinklein #mycalvins #animalprint #leopard #snakeskin #wiwt #ootd #dietprada

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But this story gets even better, because both Kim and Kami responded to the drama via their Instagram stories. First, Kim came for Kami by posting a series of photos of Cher and past Mugler looks that were used as inspiration for her Met Gala dress, solidly proving that Kami’s birthday dress had absolutely nothing to do with the design process. Then, in classic Kim style, she finished things off with one of the best clap backs I’ve ever seen:

NOT. ON. MY. MOOD. BOARD. From now on, this is going to be my response whenever I don’t have time for someone’s bullsh*t. My friend wants to bring her weird new boyfriend to happy hour? Sorry, that’s #NotOnMyMoodBoard. You’re not drinking for six weeks because your “doctor” told you to “take a break”? Nope, #NotOnMyMoodBoard. It works in basically any situation, and I’m so glad petty queen Kim commented on this situation.

Of course, Kami had to attempt some damage control on her Instagram story, and she took the route of pretending that she cooked up this whole scandal just to get publicity for herself.

Okay, so this actually wouldn’t have been a terrible plan, except for the fact that Kami now looks like a thirsty clown who was just desperate for 10 seconds in the spotlight. It’s definitely gotten her a lot of publicity, but she hasn’t seen an unusually large spike in followers in the couple of days since she first posted her Instagram story about Kim ripping off her dress.

While Kim has been rightfully called out for copying designs in the past, this was definitely an instance of a thirst monster just trying to use her for a little bit of press. Honestly, I’ve basically already forgotten who Kami Osman is, but good for her for putting herself out there. Too bad she’s #NotOnMyMoodBoard.

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A White Woman Is Getting Dragged For Opening A ‘Clean’ Chinese Restaurant

Today’s tea is piping hot and honestly probably too flavorful for the likes of Arielle Haspel, a self-proclaimed nutritionist who has opened what she calls a “clean” Chinese restaurant in New York’s West Village. The restaurant is called… wait for it… Lucky Lee’s. Look, we don’t have to tell you that she’s white, but we will because how else will you know the food at her restaurant is “clean”? In her words, her food won’t make you feel “bloated and icky the next day”.

This tells us a few things. One, she clearly has not been privileged enough to have Chinese friends invite her over for good home cooked Chinese food, and honestly, we feel for her. Like, she probably has only ever eaten Chinese food when she gets it from a takeout Chinese restaurant when she’s hungover or wants to feel like she’s “cultured.” Two, this woman has not studied abroad, and if she has, then she probably got trashed in public and only hung out with Americans the whole time. Honestly, she probably still wears a sombrero on Cinco de Mayo and we’re embarrassed just thinking about it.

Like, let’s get one thing straight. Takeout is fast food. Saying Chinese food makes you feel sick because you’ve only ever eaten sh*tty Chinese food is like visiting America and only eating McDonald’s and then thinking that all American food is greasy and comes with an action figure. Like, has this poor woman ever heard of Din Tai Fung? Honey, if you can’t afford a nice Chinese restaurant, I’m sure someone will donate to your GoFundMe. Truly we cannot stop laughing at the idea of this entire thing, because while wanting to eat healthier is totally valid, she missed the mark so hard in this marketing that she must not have enough cool friends who could have told her to definitely not do this.


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The other day we received some negative comments on an Instagram post. Some of your reactions made it clear to us that there are cultural sensitivities related to our Lucky Lee’s concept. We promise you to always listen and reflect accordingly. A number of comments have stated that by saying our Chinese food is made with ‘clean’ cooking techniques and it makes you feel great that we are commenting negatively on all Chinese food. When we talk about our food, we are not talking about other restaurants, we are only talking about Lucky Lee’s. Chinese cuisine is incredibly diverse and comes in many different flavors (usually delicious in our opinion) and health benefits. Every restaurant has the right to tout the positives of its food. We plan to continue communicating that our food is made with high quality ingredients and techniques that are intended to make you feel great. Chef/owner, Arielle’s husband’s name is Lee and his life-long love of Chinese food was inspiration for the restaurant. The name Lucky Lee’s reflects the story of how the recipes were conceived. We also received negative comments related to being owners of a Chinese restaurant but not being Chinese. Owners Arielle and Lee are both Jewish-American New Yorkers, born and raised. Similar to many other Jewish New Yorkers’ diets, bagels, pastrami sandwiches and yes, American Chinese food, were big and very happy parts of their childhoods. New York is the ultimate melting pot and Lucky Lee’s is another example of two cultures coming together. To us, this is a good thing. We love American Chinese food and at Lucky Lee’s it is our intention to celebrate it everyday and serve great food. #luckyleesnyc

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She’s since removed the controversial language in her IG post, but when it was up, she called her restaurant a healthy alternative to “oily” and “salty” typical Chinese cuisine, claiming her restaurant was for “people who love to eat Chinese food” and “and love the benefit that it will actually make them feel good.” In other words, girls who will do a line off a bar bathroom toilet but can’t handle a little bit of garlic. I’m not speaking for all Chinese people, but yawn, call me when a white person will admit that cheese gives everyone diarrhea before complaining that Chinese food makes them sick.

Furthermore, calling the restaurant Lucky Lee’s is just like, so cringeworthy. Apparently her husband’s name is Lee, but somehow we don’t think she would have called it like, Lucky Connor’s if that was his name. It would be like if a Chinese person opened a diner called Becky With the Good Flavor and promised American food with actual seasoning.


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Lucky You! You’re invited to the opening week of LUCKY LEE’S located at 67 University Place between 10th/11th Street. Get your chopsticks skills ready for Baked General Tso’s Chicken, Orange Cauliflower and Kung Pao Mushrooms. As luck would have it, we cook with fresh local veggies, pasture-raised chicken and grass-fed meat. Our recipes are made with less oil, non-GMO oil and no wheat, gluten, peanuts or refined sugar because we care about how you feel and we want you to feel great (and lucky!!) Can’t wait to see you starting Monday, April 8th ??? #bewell #luckyleesnyc #luckylees #newrestaurant #newyorkcity #feelgreatchinese ? @mark_roskams

A post shared by Lucky Lee’s (@luckyleesnyc) on

If a Chinese person wants to befriend Arielle Haspel so she doesn’t do this kind of thing again, they could probably write it off as philanthropy because this woman needs help. Because, honestly, gluten free Chinese food isn’t a bad idea—it’s the implication that every single Chinese restaurant is unhealthy and bad for you that makes us want to cancel Lucky Lee. Hit us up when you figure out gluten free hot dogs too, thanks babe.

Images: Frank Zhang / Unsplash; luckyleesnyc (2) / Instagram