The Best Steals Nordstrom Rack Has To Offer

If you’re like me, the virus has put a hold on many things, but online shopping is certainly not one of them. In fact, every time boredom strikes, I can’t help but browse all of the sales currently happening. Like, Tom Ford is literally 60% off Nordstrom Rack right now… how does one resist such an opportunity?

The answer: we don’t. 

I’m justifying this spending by telling myself I would have spent this money going out to dinner on single meals, but instead now I’m investing in pieces that will last me a lifetime. Cost per wear, if you may. 

So, I’m going to give you a breakdown of my favorite sales at a little store called Nordstrom Rack, where designer items go when all else fails. Here are a few must haves so you can feel ~cool for the summer~ ….or whichever season we’re finally allowed back in public again.


As a little black dress is a staple in all wardrobes, a little (medium/large) tote should be as well. Black is on trend every day of every season, and that will never change. Marc Jacobs is having a super sale (50% sitewide), but Nordstrom is one-upping their sale with 60% or more off their Marc Jacobs inventory. 

There are a few choices for black totes, but The Tag 27 Leather Tote is my personal favorite. It differs from the basic tote (which is good, because you can also get that at Zara for $20) and still adds some zest to a classic look. It also comes in pink, which is less practical than the black, but do you. Both colors are currently retailing for $149.47 (originally $395) at a 62% discount. 

Marc Jacobs the tag 27 tote

Marc Jacobs The Tag 27 Leather Tote

Neon had a moment last summer, and tie-dye is having its moment this summer. But, given the fact that 2020 has been put on hold thus far, a neon bag will hold its power for a second season and can still be considered a staple statement piece when paired with the correct outfit. 

I am loving the Atlas Neon Leather Shoulder Bag from Rag & Bone, which is currently retailing for $299.97, at a 52% discount. Brands like Gucci have released their color collections for summer, which retail around 2k, so this piece is a steal. The braided strap gives it an edgy touch, and can be paired with a leather jacket to complete the vibe or a classic monochromatic blazer/bike short outfit to add some spice and contrast. Either way, it’s a worthy purchase in my book.  

Rag & Bone Atlas Neon Leather Bag

Rag & Bone Atlas Neon Leather Shoulder Bag

I used to not give a sh*t about sunglasses, but then I moved to NYC and realized that $10 sunglasses from Forever 21 were social suicide. Of course, I’m not bashing anyone who doesn’t want to splurge on sunglasses, but if you do seek designer shades, Nordstrom Rack has you covered. I literally can’t narrow it down to a single recommendation, so I’ll share a few of my current favorites.

If you’ve been on Instagram, you’ve seen the rising trend in monochromatic pastel sunglasses. This pair from Prada sticks out to me, because it’s not the impractical tiny sunglasses we saw last summer, but it still brings the sunshine to your look. I’m drawn to the green, but if the pink brings out your inner Barbie, then so be it. Originally retailing for $258, you can now get this pair for $119.97, at 54% off, which is a rarity for Prada, so take advantage. 

Prada 56mm Cat Eye Sunglasses

Tom Ford sunglasses are a hit or miss for me (some of the styles are TOO ugly-chic) but when they’re good, they’re great. The Anna style are my absolute favorite because they literally look good on everyone. They’re the perfect dose of subtle and sexy, and the gold accent makes everything better. Originally retailing at $430 (ouch), a 63% discount has allowed for us to purchase them at $159.97. If you know Tom Ford, you know this is a worthy STEAL.

Tom Ford Anna 49mm Modified Cat Eye Bar Sunglasses

Keeping the spirit of tie dye/pastels alive, these Gucci aviators are a chic seasonal way to take your look to the next level, and just looking at them makes me crave summer. I’m not even actually sure if we’ll be able to socialize this summer, but that won’t stop the sun from shining, and glasses are a long-term necessity. I like this pair because the style itself is simple, unlike some of Gucci’s more, shall we say, unconventional pairs, but still gives you a flash. OG price was $390, and these cuties are 67% off (best deal yet) so you can grab them for $129.97. Worth it. 

GUCCI 59mm Aviator Sunglasses


Shoes are hard because trends change with the wind, but there are a few styles that never expire. A strappy sandal, a white sneaker, and booties all have stood the test of time.

Unpopular opinion, but when it comes to sandals, I care less about the designer and more about the actual look. I’ve gotten more compliments on my Steve Madden basics than my Louboutins, and that sums it up in my book. The Sam Edelman Ariella Ankle Strap Sandal is the best kind of basic and comes in black and nude, the only two colors that ACTUALLY matter in a shoe. They’re currently on sale for $31.98, originally retailing at $100, and are well worth it. 

Sam Edelman Ariella Ankle Strap Sandal

Sneakers have taken the fashion world by storm over the last few years, and can now be paired with a suit or dress and still make sense. To this day, my go-to combo remains an all white sneaker with a white tube sock. It’s comfy, it’s chic, and it’s cool. I love the Arelle Exaggerated Sole Sneaker from Steve Madden (in white). They’re only 40% off (rude) but currently an extra 20% (nice) and retailing at $47.98 instead of $100. Cute.

Steve Madden Arelle Exaggerated Sole Sneaker

I know the thought of purchasing booties in May is rather nauseating, but I promise it’s worth it. Stuart Weitzman is 68% off at Nordstrom Rack, which I found rather shocking, but also thrilling. It’s a bit jarring how many businesses are hurting, but I will humbly take the discounted booties in the meantime. The Quinn Block Heel Bootie was my choice purchase this time around, because a classic black bootie is always a safe, chic bet. These are still typically more than I’d spend on a bootie at $189.97… but, they were originally $595, so if there was ever a time to splurge on a shoe, it’s now. 

Stuart Weitzman Quinn Block Heel Bootie


The bulk of Nordstrom Rack deals fall in the clothing department, which has just about everything you can think of. Narrowing down 40,000+ choices to my top favorites—no problem. It’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it, so please thank me in the form of DMing me with your favorite sales happening. I can shop more and you can save money, a win/win.

I’m starting with leggings, because that is the closest thing to a pant I’ve put on in two months. They’re debatably the most important piece of clothing in and out of quarantine, and therefore, brand/quality matters. 90 Degree By Reflex has their Interlink Side Pocket High Waist Leggings on super sale right now, and once again I’m shocked because these are a hot commodity. They’re a whopping 75% off and currently retailing for $19.97 (originally $78). These leggings have pockets, and I assume you’re sold by that statement alone, so I’ll move on. 

90 Degree By Reflex Interlink Side Pocket High Waist Leggings

All leggings need their partner-in-crime, a comfy sweatshirt. There are a million and one cute sweatshirts available, but my current favorite is the Champion Campus French Terry Cropped Crew Neck Pullover. I feel sort of like a hype kid for loving this (maybe I’ve been watching too much TikTok???) but IDC because it’s cute. It’s on sale for $36.97, which might crush your soul given that Champion used to be $5 at Walmart back in the day, but times are changing and it’s better than its $55 original price tag. 

Champion Campus French Terry Cropped Crew Neck Pullover

As mentioned earlier, summer is still up in the air, but warm weather is not. So, you might as well be prepared in the event that we are allowed outside in the coming months with some cute pieces! Let’s think positively. 

I have such a thing for modernized prairie dresses, and I think they bring sunshine to anyone’s look. This is a staple for me starting May 1, and I essentially wear different versions of the same dress daily until it snows again (half kidding). REFORMATION has a great sale going on at Nordstrom Rack, and the Napa Wrap Midi Dress is on sale for $79.97—that’s a 63% discount from the original $218 price tag. I firmly believe that all-purpose dresses are always worth the purchase because they work for work, happy hour, your best friend’s baby shower, and your next vacation. 

Reformation Napa Wrap Midi Dress

If there is ONE item that actually has never gone out of style, it’s the jean jacket. Like, there are photos of my 60-year-old parents rocking jean jackets throughout their lives, and it’s still a closet staple now all these years later. One would assume that 90% of us have the classic denim jacket in our closets, and it’s time to spruce things up. I am loving this Rag & Bone Snakeskin Print Crop Fray Denim Jacket because it’s keeping the animal print spirit alive, but in a new form. No, I don’t want to see your cheetah bodysuit or booties again this year, but YES, I do want to see your secretly snakeskin jean jacket. This one in particular is 68% off, previously $495, but now $157.48. A ssssssteal. 

Rag & Bone Snakeskin Print Crop Fray Denim Jacket

And there we have it. Wow. So many deals, so little time. Honestly, Nordstrom Rack is adding new cute stuff daily (I’m not being paid to say this, in fact I’m only losing money every time I am on their site) and helps me get the designer clothes I want at a price I can actually (almost) afford. So if and when you are ready to shop till you drop, you know where to find the best deals.

You know you love me, xoxo, quarantined girl.

Images: @socialcut / Unsplash; Nordstrom Rack

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3 Little-Known Ways To Get Designer Clothes For Cheap

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had an affinity for the finer things in life. And, ever since I can remember, I’ve never been able to afford them. It doesn’t help that no one else in my family has ever shared my intense passion for “errrythangg designer”. Even so, from a young age, I’ve been obsessed with finding designer clothes for cheap, at prices my measly babysitting gigs could support. I legit would come home from school and spend hours trolling Ebay for authentic Juicy Couture purses. (If only my young, naive self knew that my coveted Juicy Couture would be available at fucking Kohl’s a few years later, smh.) Anyway, I would visit TJ Maxx and Marshalls MULTIPLE times a week, and spend hours sifting through the racks in hopes of finding a designer piece at an unthinkable price. I would even go so far to hunt through the racks of Goodwill, where I once found a 100% cashmere Ralph Lauren sweater for $10. And I still have that sweater today.

I was addicted, and this far-from-mild obsession made me into the financially conservative label whore I am today. (Talk about an oxymoron.) There’s just something soooo inexplicably satisfying about owning something of value, quality, and reputation, and knowing that you got it for a fraction of the price. It gave me, and still gives me, a sense of pride and accomplishment in something that most of the world would view as simply superficial and materialistic. It’s an obsession I’ve never grown out of, and in today’s world of advanced technology and instant gratification, I’ve never had to. In fact, it’s easier than ever. Here’s how I now shop for all my designer pieces from the comfort of my couch. Go ahead, name your first born after me. You’ll still owe me. 

1. TJ Maxx Runway

I’m all about women supporting women, so instead of being selfish as I normally would choose to be, I’m going to share with you one of my best kept fashion secrets: TJ Maxx’s Runway section. If you’ve been to a TJ Maxx in a wealthier area (aka one without a Dollar General in a 20-mile radius), you’ve probs seen the Runway section somewhere in the store. There’s some great finds in there, but the real treasure is the Runway section online. How did I afford brand new Céline sunglasses or a YSL bag on a retail store manager’s salary? That’s how. They have tons of amazing designer finds—everything from bags to shoes to jackets to makeup, and they add new stuff every day. It’s a label-obsessed poor girl’s heaven! The only downside is that you cannot search the site for specific designer names, which is part of how TJ Maxx is able to sell these pieces for significantly less. Part of their agreements with the brands is that they’re not allowed to advertise the designer names that they carry. Fine by me. I’ll take my bag for a grand less in exchange for a little extra scrolling. That’s fair.

2. The RealReal

The RealReal is the best place online to get designer clothes for cheap. Of course, they have accessories and whatnot too, but the real advantage to this site over TJ Maxx Runway is the ABUNDANCE of designer clothes. This is due to the fact that The RealReal is a designer resale site. Now, before you go sticking your nose in the air over the word “consignment,” know that there is a HUGE selection of designer clothes that are brand new, with tags and all. Basically, it’s a collection of all the stuff that spoiled bitches have just had sitting in their closets for months and months, but never wore. I personally give zero fucks if the item I want has been worn before, as long as it is in good condition. I’ve even ended up buying Alexander Wang pieces that were new, with tags, for under $40. The other aspect I love about this site is their thorough and trustworthy authentification process. Look, I’m a Virgo (aka I’m anal) and I like to know that what I’m spending my hard earned money on is the real deal. The site is also always doing sales, markdowns, and promos, so whether you’re looking for a brand new or gently used designer item, you’re going to get an amazing deal.

3. Designer Consignment Shops’ Instagrams

In today’s world, where everyone and their grandma is on social media, you can bet designer consignment shops have their own social media pages. These days, most of them even have an accompanying online site so that you’re able to shop the pieces from their store, even if you can’t actually get to the store. They also use their social media accounts to give their customers exclusive updates about the latest pieces to come in, even before these pieces have the chance to hit the sales floor. And, if you follow your local designer consignment shops, you usually have the option to call the shop and put an item from their Instagram on hold. Or, if they don’t do holds, tell your coworkers you’re having “woman problems” and speed over there ASAP to purchase it. Trust me, getting that Fendi bag for $200 is worth the reprimand from your supervisor.

Even if you’re #poorAF, or your live-in boyfriend just won’t let you spend $2,000 on a bag (IDGI???) you now have some secret loopholes to still get the designer pieces you’re craving. I will warn you though, if I go on the TJ Maxx site today and there’s no good designer shit left I may have to fight you. Until then, happy shopping, my fellow bougie bitch.

Images: @mehhag / Unsplash; Giphy (3)

What To Buy During Net A Porter’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales

Thanks to the internet, our country’s obsession with consumer culture, and our ability to convince ourselves that buying a lot of things on sale is cheaper than buying less things not on sale, we now have online shopping deals that start before Thanksgiving and end like, after New Years. And there is truly no better way to wind down from Thanksgiving family small talk than to sit on your couch in your favorite sweats, grab your laptop, and buy everything you ever wanted without having to wait in any lines or talk to any humans.

This year, Net-a-Porter has jumped on the Black Friday month-long bandwagon with its half-yearly sale, offering up to 50% off designer shoes, clothing, and handbags. So if you are expecting a killer Christmas bonus (or not—because credit cards), head to Net-a-Porter’s sale page and snag some killer looks for the rest of the holiday season. Need inspiration? Check out some of our top picks.

For when you want to look fancy, successful, and fly at your family’s Christmas dinner…

Rixo London Alanna Printed Silk-Jacquard Mini Dress

Rixio London Alanna Printed Silk-Jacquard Dress

For when you opt out of a white Christmas and head Mexico…

Camilla Chinese Whispers Patch Me Up Reversible Embellished Triangle Bikini

Camilla Chinese Whispers Patch me Up

Cloe Cassandro Bailey Polka-Dot Silk Maxi Dress

CLOE CASSANDRO Bailey polka-dot silk-chiffon maxi dress

For when you bring that hot future-one-night stand from Bumble as your plus one to your company holiday party…

Roland Mouret Haxby Draped Velvet Midi Skirt

ROLAND MOURET Haxby draped velvet midi skirt

For when you get seated at the kids table…

Marc Jacobs Sequin-Embellished Cotton-Jersey Sweatshirt

Marc Jacobs Sequin-Embellished Cotton-Jersey Sweatshirt

For when it’s cold AF but you still want to wear a mini-skirt…

Laurence Dacade Parveen Coated-Suede Knee Boots

LAURENCE DACADE Parveen coated-suede knee boots

For when it’s New Years and you feelin’ yourself…

Hervé Léger Strapless Pointelle-Paneled Bandage Dress

HERVÉ LÉGER Strapless pointelle-paneled bandage dress

For when you roll into work like a boss post-holiday break…

Victoria Beckham Liberty Leather Tote

VICTORIA BECKHAM Liberty leather tote

For when you just really need a kick-ass bomber…

Alice + Olivia Felisa Embellished Silk-Chiffon Bomber Jacket

ALICE + OLIVIA Felisa embellished silk-chiffon bomber jacket

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