How To Copy Olivia Culpo’s Style On A Budget

Some people may say I have an obsession with Olivia Culpo, and they are absolutely right. I think Olivia has an amazing personal style that is quite easy to imitate. She knows how to dress up and dress down. I’m not just obsessed with her style, I’m also mildly obsessed with needing to know if she and Danny are ever going to get back together. If not, I really hope he sees this and calls me. But I’m a fashion writer, so the purpose of this article will focus on Olivia Culpo’s style and not her love life. The latter will be for another time.

Anyway, dressing for the heat and staying trendy is a hard task, but one that Olivia always pulls off flawlessly. So let me help you out by creating three killer Olivia Culpo-inspired looks for different occasions that I hope you’ll love and be able recreate yourself—for a lot less, as always.

Today ???? believe it or not it’s raining in this picture 🙂 @fwrd #fwrdtravels

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The first look is a ruffled black top and denim shorts. This look is perfect for a night out in heels, or sandals if you want to dress down. This look is dressy and trendy on top, but with the denim shorts in the bottom, it looks like, “Oh I just threw this together, but look how great I look!” I found this top from Boohoo. Now, be careful, because it is very low-cut, but if you like living on the edge wondering when you’re going to fall out of your top, then this is the shirt for you. And fabric tape could be your new best friend. My denim shorts are from Forever 21. Now I know this bag doesn’t look like it’s on a budget, but I stole it from my mom, so technically, it was free. I tried to copy Olivia the best I could, but of course you can wear your favorite crossbody to complete this look. The top I’m wearing was a gift and is sold out, but I found you guys an equally cool top from Boohoo with a very Olivia vibe.

From top: Boohoo rose ruffle blouse; Forever 21 distressed denim shorts

SCRUNCHIES are my new obsession ????

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My next look is a casual Saturday look. I have the same denim shorts on from the previous look, and my crop top is also from Forever 21. Now, I know this top looks a little like a picnic tablecloth, but sometimes that style is cute? Instead of a bow in my hair like Olivia, I put on a white scrunchy because a) I didn’t have a bow, and b) I thought it made me look less like a 14-year-old girl and I already get carded at the bar so I’m really not trying to add to that.

From top: Forever 21 smocked gingham crop top; Forever 21 distressed denim shorts

Tonight ????

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My last look is for a sexy night out—maybe to attend an event or to just lock in that summer crush who finally asked me out on a date. Blazer dresses have been on trend for a while; I’ve had this in the back of my closet for years and finally got the courage to wear it. This particular one is from Nasty Gal and is a romper with shorts in the back with a skort type situation in the front. A  pair of simple black pumps makes this look what I like to call “business sensual”. You can also always wear this with sneakers and be extra trendy. Either way, a blazer dress is perfect for a summer night out!

Nasty Gal Powers That Be blazer dress

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The 5 Denim Shorts That Will Convince Everyone You Actually Do Squats

I hate when someone asks me to name my best feature or say what I love most about myself. I guess I’m referring to those annoying AF ice breaker activities we used to do in fucking school that made us feel like we were still in like, kindergarten. This also applies to Lucas Yancey guys who literally don’t know how to have a normal conversation so they ask stupid questions like, “what’s something you love about yourself?”. In addition to loving my stone cold heart and chronic RBF, I’d say I am pretty proud of myself for surviving flat ass syndrome. But, for whatever reason why, I guess it’s fucking frowned upon to agree that you’re like, really pretty and have a nice ass.

I know many of you are not as lucky as me (obviously). Some of you probably do an overly intense squat routine everyday, or some of you simply settle with wearing saggy pants (which is not okay). If you’re fed up with exerting energy that can be used for taking shots at the gym, and you’re sick of your bodycon dresses looking like shift dresses, buy some of these fitted shorts for a J. Lo booty. You probably won’t break the internet by trying to balance a glass of Champagne on your ass, but you can change your Insta bio to Miss New Booty—which is clearly the better option.

1. L’AGENCE Zoe Perfect Fit Shorts

The lighter the color, the more flattering they are for emphasizing your butt size. These shorts are at a perfect high-rise to accentuate your waist and give you an hourglass shape. The uneven hem in the front and the back elongates your legs so people think your butt is held by more material, therefore looking bigger than it really is. Plus, they stretch so the more you can chug at the bar, the merrier.


2. By The Way Mesa Shorts

By The Way Mesa Shorts

Denim shorts that have a flexible hem look best when they’re folded. Fold at an angle, with the longest edge going towards your inner thigh. The cuffed hem on these shorts cup your butt a little tighter and push your butt up just enough so it looks perky and firm. Bubble butt, here you come.

3. Cleobella Magnolia Shorts

If you’ve seen girls at Coachella wearing those 70’s-style bell bottoms with a trippy design, you’d agree that their ass always looks ridiculously good. Like, if Kendall Jenner’s ass looks good in them, trust me. You stand a chance.

Even if they’re not denim, find a soft pair of shorts with a rayon blend that have an intricate design throughout. You don’t have to go to Coachella to wear these. Add them to your vacay wardrobe for a pop of color with a neutral flirty top. Guys will probably get lost in a trance staring at you as you strut your stuff. They can look, but they can’t touch.

4. Urban Renewal Recycled Wrangler Cheeky Denim Short

Pay attention to the washes and cuts of denim shorts to find a pair that best suits your booty. This style is created individually, each with a unique vintage wash that serves the same purpose as contouring your ass (without the glitter makeup) for a Kardashian-style belfie. Yes, that means butt selfie and no, I didn’t fucking make it up. Do you think I’m an idiot? If you really want to highlight your cheeks—not the ones on your face—go for a cheeky cut that angles just enough to give a sneak peak. Booty, booty, booty, booty rockin’ everywhere.

5. Good American Cut-Offs

I’m kind of convinced Khloé Kardashian has some sort of chemical in her bottoms that make your ass look like you just did 1,000 squats overnight. Hmm, what might that chemical compound be called? It’s fucking magical, I tell you. The length of these shorts shows off your long legs, while the material hugs your waist in just the right places to make your butt look fuller. White shorts are vital for summer to enhance your tan and add a sophisticated twist to any outfit. We’ll ignore the fact that the length is super close to becoming Bermuda shorts, which I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing anyway.