6 Drugstore Mascaras That Will Stay On All Day

When we have issues with mascara, we’re having general issues in life. Is your mascara running? Must be crying over too much Taco Bell. Is your mascara flaking? Too many hours spent ignoring work emails. Is your mascara becoming soft, sad rings around your eyes, making you look like a trash panda? Must have spent hours binging documentaries about gluten intolerance on Netflix. Whatever your mascara problem, we have the solution, and it isn’t spending $60 on a small tube full of black eyelash glue. Some of the best mascaras can be found right behind the magical doors of your local drug store, so thank us later when your lashes STILL look flawless.

1. L’Oréal Paris Telescopic Original Mascara

This isn’t SUPER volumizing, but it does make your lashes look significantly longer AND keeps your lashes curled (if you’re taking this extra step during makeup application … bravo).

L’Oréal Paris Telescopic Original Mascara

2. Maybelline Volum’Express The Falsies Mascara

Adds volume (as evidenced by its super creative name), fans out your lashes, and keeps em curled—this shit is great for thin lashes that need a little weight to them.

Maybelline Volum’Express The Falsies Mascara

3. L’Oréal Voluminous Carbon Black Volume Building Mascara

Wanna look like you’re sporting falsies without actually gluing them on? Grab a tube of this, which also will make your lashes look SUPER dark… like, more so than the majority of other mascaras. Black like our souls is a good thing in this case.

L’Oréal Voluminous Carbon Black Volume Building Mascara

4. Jordana Cosmetics Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara

It’s cheap, it doesn’t flake, and it gives your lashes a boost—all things you should be packing in your makeup bag. Plus, at like $4 per tube, it’s INSANELY affordable. Shit, even if you hate it, you didn’t waste $10 on it. That’s like, a cup of coffee.

Jordana Cosmetics Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara

5. CoverGirl LashBlast Plumpify BlastPro Mascara

Jesus Christ, can you just read the name of this mascara out loud for me? Who sits in these mascara naming meetings and comes up with this shit? Anyway, the thick brush lets you wrap every lash in mascara, leading to a stellar and fake-looking (in a good way) lashes.

CoverGirl Mascara

6. Almay One Coat Multi-Benefit Mascara

Almay is great for people who are allergic to everything, and this mascara is included. It has a totally normal-sized brush, plus just a good all-around mascara that’s good after two coats AND buildable for more drama.

Almay One Coat Multi-Benefit Mascara

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The 7 Best Drugstore Eyeliners That Cost Less Than Your Starbucks Order

I may or may not have talked a little bit about my ongoing battle with the woman who works the checkout counter at Sephora. Let’s call her Sheila for the sake of this article. The root of my vendetta against Sheila probably has something to do with the ridiculous amount of money I spend on eyeliner. Because let’s face it, I would be nothing without my eyeliner. Mostly because it enhances the Bitch in my Resting Bitch Face, but also because it serves as a sort of last defense against the psychopaths commuting from Brooklyn to the city. I sincerely believe my on-point eyeliner is the only reason why tourists do not ask me stupid questions like “will this train get me to Brooklyn” when they’re standing on the Manhattan-bound side and it fucking says it on the sign right in front of them, or when children don’t try and start some shit with me for stealing sitting in the open subway seat. So yeah let’s talk about eyeliners. Drugstores actually have some really good shit in there—and for a price that doesn’t make me want to question my priorities more than my mother already does. So here are seven eyeliners you can buy at any drugstore that won’t break the bank (take that, SHEILA):

The Best Eyeliner For Cat Eye

Trying to perfect the cat eye technique is a bigger mind fuck than listening to a fuckboy try and evade the question of “what are we?”

Chad The Bachelorette

And, like a fuckboy, my cat eye technique only does what I want it to do every day that is not Friday or Saturday. Like, some days I look like a very, very distant relative of the Hadids and other days I look like Jenny Humphrey after she became a drug dealer and it’s really a toss-up every morning. That being said, Physicians Formula Felt-Tip Eye Marker is going to be your go-to for all things cat eye. This fine-tipped marker goes on super soft instead of super pigmented, which makes it perfect for attaining those bedroom eye goals. 

Physicians Formula Eye Marker

The Best Eyeliner For Color Range

CoverGirl, aka a brand The CW is low-key keeping in business by shamelessly plugging the shit out of their products, has the best eyeliners for color range. We recommend using the CoverGirl Perfect Point Plus, which comes in more color selections than Kylie Jenner’s wig room. Our three top picks are charcoal (perfect for taking your look from office professional to happy hour hoe), and if you’re feeling more adventurous, hunter green and midnight. 

CoverGirl Perfect Point Plus

The Best Eyeliner For Smokey Eye

Like the cat eye, the smokey eye takes actual patience and work, which is the last fucking thing I want to do when I’m drinking alone in my room getting ready to go out. Like, I can barely drink wine while trying to take a decent filtered AF picture for my Snap story so my ex and the three fuckboys on my rotation will know exactly what they’re missing, and you expect me to also be good at making sultry eyes too?? That’s a hard no. But the Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Definer makes a smokey eye v v easy. Not only is it a retractable pen, but it also comes with its own smudging tool and sharpener so it’s like three things for the price of one. Praise Be. 

Rimmel Exaggerate

The Best Liquid Eyeliner

WARNING: do not attempt to use liquid eyeliner after half a bottle of wine a casual night in watching beauty YouTube videos. You will look like this, and I of course know nothing about this from personal experience:

Liquid Eyeliner

Using liquid eyeliner is an art form that I’m convinced should count as an accepted skill on your professional resume should you be one of the few that can pull this off. And Maybelline’s Line Stiletto liquid eyeliner is the best one in the game. It glides on easy and gives razor sharp lines with zero dragging. Plus it can stay on throughout a nuclear bomb night out with your friends.

Maybelline Line Stiletto

The Best Eyeliner Endorsed By Celebs

I had to include this category because celebs are doing this new thing where they pretend they’re peasants just like us and visit CVS’s for beauty products and not just for opportunities to be spotted by the paparazzi being “real” and “normal.” Lol, K. But I also love them for this because I will buy any and all beauty products that celebs pretend like their assistants don’t buy for them. That being said, Reese Witherspoon’s makeup artist revealed that Reese would be nothing without L’Oréal Infallible Lacquer Liner (my words, not hers) and I squealed like a Belieber because apparently I only need to spend less than $10 to look like Elle Woods and that is a dream come true right there.

L'Oreal Infallible Lacquer Liner

The Best Waterproof Eyeliner

Obviously I had to include this category because I’ve noticed this strange phenomenon where on any given weekend night after 2am, creatures start to prowl the streets of Manhattan looking for shitty pizza and their dignity. Ya know, the ones that look like this:

LC Mascara Tear

That’s where Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Liner comes in. Use this product if you don’t want to turn into an (iconic) internet meme. This eyeliner is the best of both worlds because it gives you a creamy formula while also staying on through a night of vodka sodas, shitty street pizza, and a search for your missing dignity.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Liner

The Best Pencil Eyeliner

I will never understand the type of person that uses pencil eyeliners. Is it just me or do they seem sort of archaic? Like some sort of medieval tool Cersei would use to torture one of her offspring with? I mean, we live in a world where people can literally order alcohol to be delivered to their homes without moving from the couch, we don’t need to be stabbing sharpened pieces of wood at our eyes anymore for the sake of beauty. But I guess some of you masochists like this sort of thing so I’m including it. YOU’RE WELCOME. If you’re into being tortured, L’Oréal Voluminous Smoldering Liner is going to be your weapon beauty product of choice. It’s perfect for smudgy “I woke up like this” vibes.

L'Oreal Voluminous Smoldering Eyeliner

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