Holy Sh*t It’s Almost Mother’s Day—These Are The Best Last-Minute Gifts To Buy

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Mother’s Day is literally the day after tomorrow, and if you’re scrambling to find the perfect last-minute gift for your mom, you’re not alone. Fortunately, Amazon Prime exists and there are plenty of thoughtful and unique gifts that you can still get in time to celebrate the special day. Whether your mom is into spa days, cozy nights in, or gourmet treats, there’s a gift out there that’s sure to make her smile. In this guide, we’ve rounded up some last-minute Mother’s Day gifts that are perfect for any mom, no matter her interests or personality. So without further ado, let’s dive in and find the perfect gift for your amazing mom that will arrive on time for Mother’s Day.

A personalized photo album

Moms love nothing more than cherished memories. A personalized photo album filled with pictures of you and your family is a heartfelt gift that she’ll treasure forever.

Shop It: Hongxing Photo Album, $32.99, Amazon

A Personalized Video

We all know moms love a gift from the heart, and a good DIY. Thankfully, VidDay makes it easy and fun to record a special celebratory video for moms on Mother’s Day with a ton of different video templates so you don’t have to edit something together last minute.

Shop it: Mother’s Day Video, $5+, VidDay

A cozy robe and slippers

Terry Cloth Robes For Women 100% Cotton 4 Pcs Set | Slippers | Shower Towel & Hand Towel, Woolen White Color Unisex Adult

Give your mom the gift of relaxation with a cozy robe and slippers. This is perfect for moms who love to lounge and unwind after a long day.

Shop It: Londra Homes Terry Cloth 4-Piece Set, $27.99, Amazon

Netflix Gift Card

Some would say that the best gift you could give is to finally stop stealing her username and password. Since that is likely not to happen anytime soon, you could at least pick up the tab for a couple of months.

Shop it: Netflix Gift Cards, Any Amount, Amazon

A bouquet

You can’t go wrong with a classic bouquet. Whether it’s a dozen roses or a colorful arrangement of wildflowers, this is a simple yet thoughtful way to show your appreciation.

Shop It: Benchmark Bouquets 8 Stem Stargazer Lily Bunch With Vase, $51.45, Amazon

Speaking Of Flowers…

A fresh floral subscription is also a great way to show mom you care beyond just Mother’s Day. Every month she’ll get an arrangement that counts as a little reminder of how much you care.

Shop it: Monthly Bloomsy Original Plan, $59.99, BloomsyBox

A DIY spa kit

Bring the spa to her with a DIY spa kit that includes items like bath bombs, a face mask, and a scented candle. It’s a luxurious gift that will help her relax and rejuvenate.

Shop It: Lovery Bath and Spa Gift Set, $59.99, Amazon

Personalized Jewelry

Give your mom a beautiful piece of jewelry that’s personalized with her name or initials. This is a special way to show her how much she means to you.

Shop It: Something2Share Engraved Bar Necklace, $16, Amazon

A chef-approved cookbook

If your mom loves to cook, get her a cookbook by her favorite chef. It’s a thoughtful way to inspire her culinary creativity and try new recipes. This one features dishes made by seven different Michelin-star chefs.

Shop It: 7 Michelin Starred and Celebrity Chefs Around the World, $45, Amazon

A gourmet food basket

Treat your mom to a gourmet food basket filled with her favorite snacks and treats. This is a delicious way to show your appreciation and feed mom’s foodie ways. This basket includes crackers, spreads, and desserts all inspired by America’s wine country.

Shop It: Wine Country Bon Appetit Gourmet Food Basket, $53.93, Amazon

A smartwatch

If your mom loves to stay active and connected, a smartwatch is a great gift idea. It can track her fitness goals, send and receive messages, and more.

Shop It: Garmin Lily Small GPS Smartwatch, $149.99, Amazon

Breakfast In Bed… Well, Kind Of

Wildgrain delivers a box of fresh, artisanal baked goods (and pasta!) once a month. Each item is so fresh, that it comes frozen so all your mom needs to do is throw it in the oven. The chocolate croissants are heavenly.

Shop it: 3 Box E-Gift Card, $249, Wildgrain

Personalized artwork

Sometimes the best gifts come from the heart. Take the time to build out a family tree and turn it into a work of art for mom’s living room or bedroom. It’ll remind her how you’re all connected and make her reflect on your fam’s unique history.

Shop It: Personalized Family Tree, $20, Amazon

Wine Subscription Box

We all know moms could use a moment to celebrate themselves. A monthly wine subscription box can be a great way to brighten her day with a toast to all she does for your fam.

Shop it: Bright Cellars Gift Card, Various Amounts, Bright Cellars

These last-minute Mother’s Day gifts are sure to make your mom feel loved and appreciated. Remember, it’s the thought that counts, so no matter what you choose, your mom is sure to appreciate the effort you put in to make her day special.

Feature Image Credit: Melike Benli on Pexels

5 Customizable Bridal Gifts For Every Type Of Bride

One of the hardest things about weddings (other than nosy guests, dress codes, and unexpected bridal party costs) is figuring out the perfect gift for the bride. You want your gift to stand out from everyone else’s (duh), but not in a “I spent $5,000 on this just because I can” kind of way. (Or in that way! If you’re attending my wedding, certainly in that way. I just can’t afford to return the favor.) Anyway, when it comes to bridal gifts, you don’t want to phone it in and get her something average that everyone else will get her (how many Instant Pots does one couple need?). Customizing gifts is an easy way to make it seem like you put in a ton of effort and prove to everyone what a good friend you are (without spending that much more money or time). If that sounds interesting to you, check out these five customizable bridal gift options below. You’ll find something even your fussiest friend will secretly covet, guaranteed.

Rae Of Light Clutches

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Rae Of Light is a brand offering small, customizable handbags, and they just rolled out a full bridal collection. Yes, that means clutches that say “Bride” (pictured above) “I DO,” “Mrs.” etc., each in a more hype shade of glitter than the last. And those are just their pre-made designs; you can (and should) also order custom bags with the bride’s new last name, wedding date, or bachelorette party hashtag. Because frankly, the only thing better than a clutch that reminds people you’re getting married is one that also reminds people of how f*cking epic your bachelorette weekend in Tulum was. These bags don’t only make a great gift for the bride, but also for the entire wedding party as well. And for a limited time, Betches readers can get their first bag for 10% off using the code BetchesBrides at checkout! So, really, you have no reason not to get one.

Wedding Favorites Sun Hats

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Does the bride’s bachelorette party take place at a beach locale, by any chance? Great, your work is done here. These sun hats can be customized with each person’s name (and are affordable enough that you can splurge on a set for the full bridesmaid crew). Have a few members of your crew who are terrible at putting on sunscreen, burn on day 1, and complain about it the whole time? Not anymore. Tie this hat on them and tell them the bride says they’re not allowed to take it off. Once they see how cute group pics are with these matching hats, I doubt they’ll be complaining.

CuteSayings Swim Suits

I’m giving you more than one option for a customizable beach bachelorette gift, both because I’m incredibly generous and because the beach-bound bachelorette trip is a classic, and you’ll definitely go on more than one. (Thank god! Isn’t going to the beach all anyone wants to do anyway?) These swim suits from CuteSayings have a bridal line with logos like “Team Bride,” “Bride Squad,” “Final Fiesta,” or whatever the f*ck you want. It’s fully customizable, so feel free to put some inside joke from 5th grade that you have with the bride, or go for more a more neutral theme if you’re shelling out for a group.

Shop Betches Jackets

Is the bride more of a city girl? Does she call bridal showers “too girly” and insist she doesn’t want any gifts (then freak out over the ones she really loves)? Yeah, you’ll want to get her a Shop Betches jacket, and customize it so well that she feels like she designed it herself. If that sounds impossible, just take a look at the customizing options. If you’re friends with someone whose personality doesn’t revolve around champagne, pizza, dogs, diamonds, and being rude to people, is she even really your friend?

Mark & Graham Wine Glasses

Finally, a gift that ~truly~ every bride will thank you for. I feel very strongly that stemless wine glasses are the way of the future—and if you’ve ever been in a room full of drunk women, I imagine you understand why. The customizing on these glasses means you can take them in pretty much any direction: if they’re functioning as a bachelorette party gift, spring for colored glass and raunchy slogans (or bridesmaid initials, if you’re feeling cute); if you’re hoping they’ll actually last the couple a while, you can do a sleek monogram on clear glass (pictured above). Either way, I’ve never heard someone say “sh*t, why do I have so many wine glasses?!” Have you?

There you have it, my friends. Easy (and shockingly affordable) customizable gifts that tell the bride in your life “I love you, I made this just for you, and I want you to remember how good at gifts I am when my own wedding comes around.” The best part? You can get them all without leaving your couch—as God and Jeff Bezos intended.

Images: @raeoflightcustom; @weddingfavorites / Instagram, @CuteSayings / Etsy, Shop Betches, Mark & Graham