I Found an Alternative to the Sold-Out Viral Platform Uggs, And They’re Under $100

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Name a brand that’s had a stronger comeback than UGG—we’ll wait. What once seemed like a uniform staple for basic girlies everywhere, has quickly morphed into one of fashion’s must-have staples, especially the Ugg Classic Ultra Mini Platform Boots. First, fashion’s lovechild Bella Hadid was spotted wearing the boots with crew socks and very cheeky shorts in the dead of summer, and then other “It girls” like Gigi Hadid, Elsa Hosk, and Keke Palmer quickly followed suit. But, with so much hype tied to these platform stompers, it’s no surprise that they’ve been sold out for months, and re-stocks are easy to miss. So, naturally, I had to find a lookalike for you, because who has the patience to stay on the waitlist for a ‘2000s shoe?

One quick scroll through Amazon’s endless amount of shopping pages led us to the Cushionaire Hippy Pull-On Platform Boots. These look nearly identical to the viral mini shoes and are nearly half the price. At just $79.99 you can have these iconic shoes at your doorstep in just two days (shoutout to Amazon Prime shipping).

ugg classic ultra mini platform boots

When it comes to appearance, these check off every box you might be looking for in platform Uggs. They’re thick, warm, have a sky-high bottom to add a few inches to your height, and are super comfy thanks to memory foam. And, unlike actual Uggs, however, these have a faux-fur lining on the inside, if sheepskin isn’t your thing. You can wear these for a hungover morning run to the bagel shop (bacon, egg, and cheese PLS!) or to go spend money on things you don’t need at Target—you know, the important things. Just pair them with your favorite leggings and you’re good to go, unless you’re channeling your inner Hadid sis and want to wear them with cheeky shorts—which is totally fine too.

And avid Amazon shoppers give these their stamp of approval too. These not-Uggs have a 4.6 rating on the site. Unsurprisingly, these are also a hit among TikTok fashion creators too.

So, the bottom line is that not only are these cheaper than a pair of Uggs that are nearly impossible to get your hands on, but they’re just as comfortable and high-quality as the real deal. There are good reasons as to why these have an average 4.6-star rating on Amazon, and the positive reviews speak for themselves. Sure, winter might almost be over, but if Bella Hadid can wear these in all-year-round, so can you. What are you waiting for? Snag these Ugg lookalikes for $79.99 and channel your most basic vibes today.

Cushionaire Hippy Pull-On Platform Boots, $79.99, Amazon

I’m Finally Throwing Out My Hunter Rain Boots From 8th Grade And Here’s What I’m Replacing Them With

You know the saying, “April showers bring May flowers?” I’m calling BS—because here on the east coast, it’s been raining literally all year long. And aside for the obvious reason as to why this sucks, I have a confession to make about why it’s giving me added anxiety.

All the way in the back of my closet—behind the pile of clothes that still have tags on them that I promise I’ll wear next year—are the pair of rain boots I’ve had since 8th grade. Yes, seriously.

You know exactly the ones I’m talking about: They have interchangeable sock-liners to match your Pinterest-perfect outfit, go up to your knee, and are so stiff it’s nearly impossible to bend your ankle. They’re terrible for walking, but then again, they could make a great dupe for an ankle cast (I kid… kind of). I can’t count the number of times I’ve tripped down the stairs because I refused to believe the Hunter rain boots I begged my mom to buy me for three years weren’t actually worth the money. You mean to tell me that taking off rainboots shouldn’t cause so much pain that you’ve considered permanently wearing them for the rest of your life?

But now that I’ve upgraded from a flip phone to an iPhone, I’ve come to the quite literal painful realization that it’s probably time to say goodbye to the Hunter boots. And since finding a good pair of rain boots can be harder than getting a reservation at Carbone (IYKYK), I’ve done the hard work for you and found the best ones. And because I’m super-low maintenance, my criteria was that they needed to be cute, comfortable, a neutral color, easy to get on (and off!), could be purchased online, hand-delivered to my front door, and can be exchanged for a full refund, no questions asked. Is that really too much to ask?

Betches may receive a portion of revenue if you click a link and purchase a product or service. The links are independently placed and do not influence editorial content.

Enter: The Steve Madden Women’s Sahara Rain Boot.

They literally hit every box—they’re comfy, cute, black (like the rest of my wardrobe, duh)—and I bought them on Amazon because you know I’m all about the free shipping and returns. They’re short enough that you can wear them during any season and comfy enough to wear on a marathon shopping spree. The best part: The price point is actually super affordable.

I was skeptical at first, but I figured that if I get the chance to buy a new pair of boots while remaining fully horizontal, I don’t really have much to lose. Granted, I don’t know if my husband will be too pleased that I have yet another Amazon shipment on its way, but it’s all in the name of self-care, right? And did I mention they come in three colors? Say no more.

Steve Madden Women’s Sahara Rain Boot

Steve Madden Women’s Sahara Rain Boot, $49.30, Amazon


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