5 Chic Scented Candles For Staying In This Winter 

Ah, scented candles, my go-to hack for so many things. Need to make your apartment seem like it has an “aesthetic,” but get a panic attack at the idea of actually hanging some art, or (shudder) buying new furniture? Candles can fix that. Trying to relax with a bath bomb, but struggling with your bathroom’s flickering prison lighting and the smell of your roommate’s takeout? Candles can fix that too! Chic candles are an essential (AKA effortless) hack for transforming the ambience of pretty much any situation. And since you’ll likely only leave your apartment three or four times until summer comes back to us, there’s no better time to stock up on your fave scented candles. Here are some chic scented candles guaranteed to elevate your hibernation den apartment this winter.


Paddywax makes my favorite scented candle in the world, which is the Salt + Sage candle from their Modern collection. (Close second is Verbena Lemongrass.) It smells like the ocean (without all the gross stuff), and burning anything with sage in it makes me feel spiritually cleansed. Their candles come in four different looks: modern, neutral, earthy, and traditional. So all aesthetic candle needs from old-timey apothecary to modern glam are covered.

Haus Interior

My biggest pet peeve with scented candles is when they smell fake AF and overly sweet (looking at you, Yankee Candle—each and every one of your products smells like it will give me diabetes). That’s not a problem you’ll ever have with Haus candles, where even the most floral or citrusy scents all smell 100% authentic. I’m a huge fan of the Dream Haus candle, which is scented with lavender and thyme, makes my living room smell like a chateau in the south of France, if you’re into that sort of thing. These also make  killer housewarming gifts.

Rue de Marli No. 27

This isn’t so much a candle brand as it is one candle, but it’s a f*cking great candle so I’m including it anyway. Scented with pine, cypress, and red sandalwood, this candle manages to be woodsy, heady, and clean all at once. Within five minutes of lighting one of these, I genuinely feel like my life is more together, and also a tiny bit like Serena Van der Woodsen. It doesn’t hurt that they’re cute AF in a way that can only be described as Parisian-chic. Consider it the classy alternative to that heinous “chat noir” poster you proudly hung in your freshman dorm.


Sadly, no list of chic scented candle brands would be complete without mentioning Diptyque, the Cadillac of scented candles. I say “unfortunately,” because these candles cost more than I care to spend on decorative items, particularly items that I literally take home and set on fire. But exorbitant price aside, they’re known as the best for a reason. These candles make you feel like you’re strolling through Bergdorf’s figuring out which diamond earrings go best with your new clutch. In other words, they scream luxury. That being said, they also scream “I spent $75 on a candle,” which—if your financial situation is anything like mine—is more or less a cry for help. Interpret as you wish!

Betches Get Lit

All right y’all, you knew this was coming. I am an unabashed fan of Betches merchandise (the tees are the perfect crop and the beanies make my knees weak, fight me). If you’re looking for a candle that both elevates the look of your apartment and lets people know that you’re f*cking hilarious, this is the only candle brand for you. If you’re into scented candles but wary of brands that smell like an herb garden exploded or otherwise overly perfume-y, these candles are a good pick for that too. These candles are grapefruit and apple pie-scented (one or the other, not both—ew), and they smell like the real thing: sweet, straightforward, and honestly kind of yummy. 

I hope your January is filled with long nights of Netflix, Seamless, and feeling like a f*cking queen as you bask in the glow of these candles. Working toward a luxurious lifestyle is hard; buying chic scented candles and faking it is not. Up to you!

Images: Shutterstock; Paddywax; Pinterest; Lily CharlestonDiptyque; Betches

7 Beauty Looks For Coachella That Aren’t Flower Crowns Or Those F*cking Dutch Braids

Festival season is upon us which means that every basic bitch in America is about to start announcing on social media how much of a music connoisseur she is while also Googling “where can I buy flower crowns.” Even though it’s only been, like, four months of 2017 I’ve already seen too much in terms of batshit beauty trends. For example, looking like you just gave head the “snogged lips” trend and using condoms to blend your face makeup. That being said, I’m already thinking about how I’ll need to psych myself up pop a Xanax before bitches start testing me with their Coachella life choices.

But because I am a generous human, and also because bottles of pinot were “buy one get one” at the store, I thought I’d take the time to enlighten you on how to be less basic this festival season. Here are 7 Coachella beauty trends that will take your Instagram story festival look to the next level:

1. Khaleesi Braids

I swear to god if I see one more long-ass Dutch braid pigtail combo I will lose my goddamn mind. Just because Kylie Jenner said so you pinned this look to your festival fashion inspo board doesn’t make you original. Instead try these Khaleesi-inspired braids. This style will make you feel like breeding dragons and destroying men, and if there’s a better way to dress while listening to mainstream music with rich people dressed like homeless hippies then I’d like to hear it. Seriously, I’ll wait…

2. Tiaras

This just in: Tiaras are the new flower crowns because Beyoncé said so. For real though, Bey started the trend by showing (everyone) up like a fucking queen at the Grammys. But if you’re feeling weird about showing up in a full-on golden headdress then try wearing a simple, delicate tiara. It has that “let them eat cake” vibe that’s V popular in the White House these days. And it still says everything you were hoping to convey on your Instagram story: that people should not stomp their last season Prada shoes at you, honey.

3. Blue Lips

Pinterest has spoken and dark blue lip color is the official color of spring. TBH this color is speaking to my soul right now. It’s V edgy and though there’s a 100% chance that this will end up all over your face by the end of the day this color will definitely set you apart from the basic AF crowd. Speaking from experience, just brace yourself for the inevitable “you just blew a Smurf” jokes.

4. Pink Eye Makeup

The bad news if you wear your makeup like this people are going to think you’ve been snorting Adderall for three days. The good news is, it’s Coachella so everyone’s snorting Adderall for days! You’ll fit right in, kid. 

5. Metallic Nails

Chic, edgy, and it doesn’t require your nails to take a trip to Claire’s to get pierced. You’re welcome.

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6. All Glitter Everything

Glitter at a music festival? Groundbreaking. TBH I could’ve written my entire senior thesis on Coachella’s toxic relationship with glitter but sadly my professor didn’t think there was enough “merit” to the subject matter. So rude. Regardless, glitter is the ultimate trend at music festivals and amongst casual drug users. #TheMoreYouKnow. There’s not enough time in my day to list all the ways you can embarrass your mother wear glitter so I’m just going to list the ones that are the least offensive to me, k?

At the roots of your hair:

Cover up your dandruff and/or oily roots with glitter and dry shampoo = festival logic.

As an under eye accent:

Same logic as above but replace “nasty-ass hair” with “ever-expanding under-eye bags”.

As a highlighter:

Honestly, no objections to this look.

7. Braid Chains

The best way to arm yourself from all the bullshit that’s bound to go down this festival season is with armor…for your hair. Seriously though, this hair accessory gives off some serious Bad Gal RiRi “don’t fuck with me” vibes, and I am about it. Plus it’ll make your Forever21 high-waisted shorts and crochet bikini top seem less slutty-on-a-budget and more slutty-with-money. Which is always my end goal when it comes to choosing outfit accessories. 

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