Regina George’s 10 Most Iconic Quotes In Honor Of Rachel McAdams’ Birthday

It’s been 13 years since Rachel McAdams blessed us with Regina George, and while she may have moved on to Oscar-winning movies and a season of True Detective that never should have happened, we are still upset that she isn’t married to Ryan Gosling IRL obsessed with her role as the most iconic member of Mean Girls.

So in honor of McAdams’ 38th birthday (she looks better at 39 than you ever will, get over it) let’s remember all the times that Regina George said exactly what she wanted to say when she wanted to say it and was literally us without a filter. One day I hope I am as brave as Regina—and that I’ll just order cheese fries if I want some fucking cheese fries.

1. When you remember that Donald Trump is President AND Peter isn’t Bachelor

Regina George

2. When your Grandma gives you clothes for Christmas

Regina George

3. When your Bumble date texts you the next day

Why Are You So Obsessed With Me

4. When you think you might have a gluten allergy

Is Butter A Carb

5. When your girl refuses to get blackout with you

Boo You Whore

6. When your Lyft is arriving in 1 minute and your friends go to the bathroom

You Can Walk Home Bitches

7. When you eat pizza for dinner

These Sweatpants Are All That Fits Me Right Now

8. When your mom gives you wise, thoughtful, and reasonable advice

Shut Up

9. When everyone at group dinner orders a salad

Whatever I'm Getting Cheese Fries

10. When your friend says she’s trying to save money

Get In Loser

Happy Birthday Rachel—you’re a true queen.

Regina George

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Tina Fey Is Handing Out Cheese Fries In Honor Of ‘Mean Girls’ Day

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If you didn’t know that today was Mean Girls day, two questions for you. 1) Why are you so dedicated to shoving your head up your ass and 2) what are you doing on this website??? Go watch Mean Girls 600 times and get back to me.

Anyway, even if you didn’t already know this, I can pretty much guarantee you’re going to be psyched about this news: Tina Fey, queen of amazing ideas, and the reason we’re all able to celebrate Mean Girls today, she’s decided to help you celebrate in a truly inspired fashion.

So Fetch

On a traveling Mean Girls food truck (hello? Did anyone even know this existed?), Tina Fey’s been rolling around Manhattan handing out cheese fries to people buying tickets for the upcoming Mean Girls musical.  Brilliant marketing ploy for what’s basically a dead art her musical? Check. Pettily fattening up her annoyingly skinny teenage fans? Probably not intentional, because Tina Fey genuinely seems better than that, but check. And most importantly, giving you the best possible mid-work drunchie (if you haven’t been drinking since 10am, you’re doing this holiday wrong) AND selfie opportunity you’ll see for weeks? Motherfucking check.

Mean Girls Happy Hour

Final note: please don’t even bring up your “diet” right now. It’s been a shitty week and a shitty year, and I think we all need to take a leaf out of Tina’s book (I’m honestly not sure that’s a saying but it sounds mostly right and I’m trying to get this out ASAP so you don’t miss your cheese fry opportunity) and just embrace the edible joy that is cheese. Regina George knew it, and you’re straight-up lying if you say you don’t want to be at least a little more like her. NYC Betches, haul ass to this truck’s next location immediately.

Cheese Fries

If you don’t live in New York but still want to celebrate Mean Girls Day (why wouldn’t you?) then you’re in luck. With Shop Betches’ two oversize T-shirt dresses, I’m A Mouse Duh and Boo You Whore, you can celebrate Mean Girls Day from wherever you are. These super comfy T-shirt dresses are here just in time for every Mean Girls fan’s favorite holiday: Halloween. Buy them now because last year they sold out super fast.

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