I Found Out Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Makeup So I Can Also Look Hot In The Pouring Rain

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If it feels like everyone and their mother’s are sharing their Era’s Tour outfit on your for you page, you’re definitely not alone. I’m honestly predicting that this is going to be Taylor’s year—not only has this tour been the only thing anyone can talk about, but people can’t seem to get Taylor out of their mouths. It’s gotten to a point where there’s so much gossip, that I’m not even sure that Taylor and Matty Healy even know they’re dating

Speaking (now) of gossip—a Deux Moi tipster dropped the entirety of Taylor’s tour makeup on Instagram this morning—including what she was wearing during that rainy (and highly meme-able) show. Because I don’t know if you noticed, but that shit didn’t budge in the rain. At first, I was half expecting her to announce the launch of her own beauty line (to which I would have dropped an entire paycheck on without batting an eye) but then realized I could probably get everything today at my local mall. 

Unsurprisingly, everything is Pat McGrath. If you’re a real Swiftie (and if you’re reading this I’m assuming you are) you know the legendary makeup artist starred in her Bejeweled music video. What can I say? I’m an armchair detective. Now, let’s get to the list so we can all run to Sephora on our lunch break before it sells out. 

It’s All About The Face

Let’s start with the literal foundation of it all—the face makeup. During Taylor’s most recent tour stop in Nashville, it rained essentially the entire night, and she still looked fucking incredible. IDK about you, but when I take a step outside in the summer, a single drop of sweat could be the demise of my ~perfectly blended~ concealer as if I was the wicked witch of the west. So, when I saw that her face didn’t even budge, I knew I would be filling an online shopping cart to the point I could ensure free shipping. Here’s the rundown:


Shop it: Sublime Perfection Hydrating Primer, $46, Sephora


Shop it: Sublime Perfection Foundation, $69, Sephora

Setting Powder

Shop it: Sublime Perfection Setting Powder, $42, Sephora


Shop it: Skin Fetish Highlighter & Balm Duo, $50, Sephora

Cat Eyes Sharp Enough To Kill A Man

Can someone please film a tutorial about how to get a cat eye liner as good as Taylors? Because if I’m investing in this eyeliner, your girl is going to need some help with both the liner and shadow. Plus, it’s about time to upgrade the old OG Naked Palette I’ve had for an entire decade (earth to anyone who still owns one too, that shit expires), and I really don’t think there’s a better reason for doing so than this.

Eyeshadow Palette

Shop it: Mothership VII Eyeshadow Palette – Divine Rose Collection, $128, Sephora

Liquid Eye Liner

Shop it: PERMA PRECISION Liquid Eyeliner, $35, Sephora

I Think This Is Going To Be My Red (Lip) Era

If there’s anything that we can depend on from Taylor it’s a breakup album and a red lip. For so long I was a gloss devotee but ever since Taylor started donning a red lip, I’ve become a convert. There are so many different types of red too, and I’ve never really realized that for me, what makes Taylor’s red lip color pop so much is the fact that there’s a blue undertone. We finally have the answer to which one it is—you’re welcome.

Matte Lipstick

Shop it: LiquiLUST™: Legendary Wear Matte Lipstick, $34, Sephora

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Bella Thorne Is Coming For Kylie Jenner’s Empire

Kylie Jenner? Overrated. Rihanna? I don’t know her. There’s a new makeup guru in town, and it’s one of the last people you’d ever expect. That’s right, our girl Bella Thorne is coming for Kylie Jenner’s empire. Details are still very scarce, but Bella said it herself on Instagram, so it has to be true. (Also, multiple outlets are confirming Bella Thorne’s makeup line is happening, so if you need me I’ll be huddled in a corner clutching my Colourpop for dear life.) It had never occurred to me that Bella Thorne would go down the beauty route, considering that she famously doesn’t shower like, ever, but I guess she can do anything she puts her mind to.

In the past few years, it’s become a growing trend for celebrities to come out with their own branded makeup lines. Product lines are nothing new, but makeup is an intense game. Kylie Jenner is the biggest name in celeb makeup obviously, but since she debuted her lip kits, stars like Rihanna and her half-sister Kim Kardashian have thrown their hats in the ring too. Now, Lindsay Lohan and Kourtney Kardashian are working on their own collections, and there are even rumors that Serena Williams could be moving in that direction. But none of that matters, because Bella Thorne will obviously take over the world with whatever she ends up doing.

Burning up

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Bella’s Instagram is one of our favorite things about the internet, and this whole Bella Thorne’s makeup line thing started when she posted a typical grainy selfie. She was wearing some dark pink lipstick in the photo, and tbh her lips look kind of chapped. But her thirsty fans still asked her about the lip color—which kind of looks like my lips’ natural color when I’m hungover, but whatever—and she responded saying it’s from her upcoming makeup line. And thus, the legend of Bella Thorne’s makeup line was born.

At this point, we have no actual details, but there’s no reason to think that Bella wouldn’t try this. She’s pretty busy right now, with her teen romance movie Midnight Sun coming out this month, and her music video for “Bitch I’m Bella Thorne” still supposedly dropping any day now, but no doubt she can make time for lipstick meetings. If Kylie can do it while taking 7,000 snap stories of herself in her Lamborghini, Bella can definitely make it work. To be honest, she could just put her name on a finger-painting kit and her fans probably wouldn’t even know the difference. The quality! The pigmentation! The price point! I can imagine the YouTube reviews already.

We cute today

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So stay tuned for all the tragic details of Bella Thorne’s makeup line, because obviously the release date will be treated like a national holiday, at least here at Betches. Now you can go back to using Maybelline or whatever the fuck basic brand until you can get your hands on Bella’s.

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