WTF Is This Gradient App Everyone’s Using?

The internet can be kind of a dark place these days, with constant depressing news about politics and how the planet is dying and whatnot. But sometimes, we manage to distract ourselves for a few days with viral memes and filters that are completely pointless, but are just fun. I mean, I’ve spent most of this week laughing at Rise and Shine memes, so the bar for entertainment is pretty low. You probably remember back in July, when FaceApp’s old-age filter was everywhere, before we promptly forgot about it. Well, there’s a new viral app filter in town, and it’s Gradient’s celebrity twin filter.

Now, before we dive in, let’s talk about privacy. When FaceApp got popular (remember? The app that made you look old?), it was all fun and games for a minute, until someone figured out that the app is owned by Russians, and that they could potentially be using your photos for literally anything. Personally, I always just assume everyone already has my information, but I get why some people were suspicious. Lucky for you, I took the time to go through the Terms of Use for the Gradient app, and I think it’s okay, even though I am like, extremely bad at trying to understand legal documents/not a lawyer, obviously. Though you have to let it access your camera roll to do the celebrity filter, at least the company isn’t Russian. The address for Gradient is in Las Vegas, whereas the address for FaceApp is in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Oof.

Okay, now that we have the legalese out of the way, let’s get to the fun part: looking like celebrities! Honestly, the app is very bad at its job, but that probably makes it more fun than if it gave you a disappointing result of someone who also has brown hair, but is definitely way prettier than you. When I started out with a selfie of myself, it told me that I look like…Audrey Hepburn. I mean, sure? Actually, I don’t not see it, even if it sounds totally ridiculous.

Turns out, my result was actually maybe one of the more accurate examples of the Gradient celebrity filter. While no one would ever mistake me for Audrey Hepburn, we’re both kinda pale, have thick eyebrows, and are making the same expression in the two photos. I’m not mad about it.

But when my lovely coworker Nicole tried it, the app turned her into Kim Namjoon, one of the members of BTS, a huge K-Pop group. The only thing they have in common is the angle of their photos and the fact that they are both smiling with their teeth closed. I quickly started to realize that this seems like the main criteria for what the app chooses to match you with.

Things got even more ridiculous when I decided to play around with putting photos of celebrities into the app. Everyone always talks about how Jessica Chastain and Bryce Dallas Howard look alike, so I started with them, to see if Gradient would get confused. When I put in a photo of Jessica Chastain, the app transformed her into… Jessica Chastain. Kind of anticlimactic, but at least it was not wrong.

But when I put in the photo of Bryce Dallas Howard, I was less impressed. It turned Bryce, a white woman with red hair and green eyes, into KERRY F*CKING WASHINGTON. I mean, how?? Clearly this app doesn’t really pay attention to race, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but anyone would say that this side-by-side looks completely ridiculous. Kerry and Bryce are two beautiful women, but they look absolutely nothing alike.

When playing around with a few more celebrities, Gradient gave me transformations like Paris Hilton into Demi Moore, Kylie Jenner into Priyanka Chopra (??), and Mila Kunis into Vanessa Hudgens, which is actually shockingly correct. I would never think to put these two next to each other, but it’s by far the most accurate result I’ve gotten from this dumb app.

Obviously, there isn’t really anything scientific going on here, and the app just happens to get it right sometimes. Basically, don’t take it too seriously if it gives you someone ugly, but if it gives you a really good match, you should definitely brag to your friends about how Gradient said you look like Margot Robbie. Gradient said so, and no one can take that away from you.

Lmk the most ridiculous combinations you’ve seen from the Gradient app, because now I’m kind of obsessed.

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8 Celebrity Lookalikes You Haven’t Noticed Before

A doppelgänger is defined as someone who looks like someone else, but is not related to them, and I am genuinely convinced that everyone has a doppelgänger somewhere in the world. For me, that happens to be my younger sister. I know, I know. “Not related to them” is a crucial aspect of the definition. But we are like, identical twins with a four-year age gap…it’s spooky. Like, when we do the face swap on Snapchat, you literally can’t tell the difference. But while we look the same because we are related, there are tons of celebrities who look freakishly similar, even though they have no relation to each other. Think Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel (or this random dude who got punched because he looked like Shia LaBeouf). They look freakishly alike, but come from different backgrounds, do different things, and are different people. Here are some of my personal favorite celebrity doppelgängers; try not to be weirded out.

Amy Adams & Isla Fisher

These two get mistaken v frequently. Like when Lady Gaga thanked Fisher for her performance in American Hustle at a Vanity Fair party, or a woman in Ikea asked her to sing a song from Enchanted. This confusion scored her a PSA on Jimmy Kimmel and tbh, I still get confused. These two even played alternate versions of the same character in Nocturnal Animals, and I’m still creeped out from seeing it like, three years ago.

Natalie Portman & Keira Knightley

To me, these two actresses look super similar, and Hollywood seems to think so too. When Knightley was 12, she played Portman’s double in Star Wars, so that’s probably when the confusion started. Knightley was once chased through an airport after being mistaken for Portman. Besides the height difference (Knightley is about two inches taller), this duo is one of the most similar-looking celebrity pairs.

Stephen Colbert & Bob Saget

This one cracks me up, and is honestly a little creepy. Although Reddit seems to believe they are just two old white men, I think their resemblance is a little more than that. While Colbert hosts The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Saget is our fav TV dad, Danny Tanner, on Full House. But if Colbert is ever too sick to go to work, I’m sure Bob Saget could step in, and would just need a slightly different pair of glasses.

Nina Dobrev & Victoria Justice

To be honest, when I first watched The Vampire Diaries, I genuinely thought, “Hey, it’s that girl from Victorious.” Whoops. Honestly, they should have used Victoria Justice as Katherine Pierce in The Vampire Diaries instead of Dobrev. But in all seriousness, these two celebs are probs the closest-looking doppelgängers on this list. It’s crazy. They have the same skin tone, hair color, and eerily similar facial features. I can’t look at these photos for too long, because I’m going to lose my mind.

Leighton Meester & Minka Kelly

The Gossip Girl and Friday Night Lights stars are extremely similar-looking. What makes these celebrity doppelgängers even harder to tell apart? They were in a movie together (The Roommate), which definitely forced the audience to ask if it was one actress playing both roles or not.

Austin Butler & Chord Overstreet

These two pretty blonde dudes look v similar. Butler starred in Switched at Birth, while Overstreet was a regular on Glee. Other than their looks, the only thing these guys have in common is that Austin Butler’s girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens (they’re still together, despite our predictions) starred in High School Musical, while Overstreet was on a TV show about high school musicals. I feel like there’s a conspiracy theory somewhere in there.

Jennifer Lawrence & Bella Hadid

Other than their hair colors, these two definitely could be celebrity doppelgängers, don’t @ me! I know this is a more controversial pick. Their facial features are pretty much where their similarities end, though, as they really couldn’t be more different. J-Law is definitely too awkward to be a runway model, and I really can’t imagine what Bella Hadid would be like as an actress.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan & Javier Bardem

Jeffrey Dean Morgan (aka Denny Duquette, RIP) and Javier Bardem are like the American and Spanish version of each other. Besides their looks, they are both actors who are married to stunning ladies. Morgan has been married to Hilarie Burton (yes, Peyton Sawyer from One Tree Hill) since 2014, and Bardem has been married to Penélope Cruz since 2010.

There are a ton more celebrity doppelgängers not on this list. Lmk which ones are your favorite in the comments, and tell me if any of these ones are lame, and I just need to get my eyes checked.

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