The Best Athleisure To Rock During “Princess Diana Weather”

If it feels like the Royal family has taken over your life for the past week, you’re not alone. I’ve been thinking a lot about the monarchy, too, but for an entirely different reason: because it’s Princess Diana weather.

What is that you might ask? It’s the time during September when the weather is the perfect mix of not too hot but not too cold, ideal to rock the late Princess’ favorite look of biker shorts and an oversized crewneck. The look has made its way to social media platforms as more and more people are opting to make a simple and comfy outfit look stylish just like Princess Diana did.

So if you’re looking to channel Lady Di this fall, here are the best crewnecks and biker shorts you can buy.

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If you want to look cute while trying to save democracy, then this Betches crewneck is perfect for you. It’s soft, it’s cozy, and it’s the perfect statement that, unlike the government, you actually care about people’s rights. To make things even better, 20% of proceeds from the sweatshirt are donated to EMILY’s List, an organization dedicated to electing pro-choice and Democratic women to office. 

In case you’re wondering how to pretend to care about football season, all you need to do is wear this crewneck. Fake it ’til you make it, right? I have no idea how football works or who the teams are, but at least I know how to dress. This is an Abercrombie favorite, since it’s a comfortable yet reasonably priced sweatshirt. Don’t worry, there is no need to break the bank to rep something you literally don’t care about—I mean, after all, I just hope both teams have fun, right?

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If you’re looking for a sporty look with a stylish twist, then this Anine Bing crewneck is perfect. Anine Bing has been a cool girl go-to lately with tons of celebrities including Meghan Markle and Chrissy Teigen seen wearing the brand’s signature sweatshirts. This crewneck says that you’re totally on top of trends while not being too over the top. I own one, and I absolutely love its distressed outside and lightweight yet soft inside. I never take it off and neither will you.

There has been a major resurgence of the preppy style in fashion recently, and no brand does it better than Polo Ralph Lauren, naturally. This vintage crewneck will pair perfectly with biker shorts and give the British royal’s favorite outfit an American look. Princess Di and Ralph Lauren were friends, though, it’s just chef’s kiss.

I’m convinced that everyone has owned a Champion sweatshirt at some point in their lives. Graphic sweatshirts aren’t for everyone, so Champion is the perfect alternative. They are soft, comfortable, and come in literally every color. If you want to recreate Princess Diana’s look in a more simple way without breaking the bank, Champion is your new best friend.

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I’ve owned a few pairs of these biker shorts and I absolutely love them. They are super lightweight and never itch, so they are the perfect pair of bikers for hot summer days. The front crossover is adorable and looks great on everyone. If wearing a more cropped sweatshirt or top is your vibe, then these are the perfect shorts for you. 

The Girlfriend Collective is a go-to if you’re trying to stay sustainable while looking stylish. The company uses 100% recyclable packing, makes its clothing from recycled materials, and guarantees safe and healthy conditions for all of its workers. They offer different styles of cute bike shorts in a wide range of sizes and lengths, too. We should all be more like the Girlfriend Collective. 

SET Active is all the rage right now. These shorts come in a variety of fabrics and colors, so you can rock the Barbiecore or coastal grandmother aesthetics all from the same site. All of the colors also come with a variety of corresponding sports bra styles to ensure that you are coordinated underneath a cute crewneck. 

Athleta just never fails. It’s my favorite activewear brand and I’ve loved every item I’ve owned. More so than any other athleisure brand I’ve owned, Athleta’s clothes are always long-lasting and of great quality. These shorts are designed for and suitable for everyone. That said, if you’re looking to dress like Princess Diana in a thicker and more compressing fabric, I would definitely choose these.

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Whenever I make my thirty-minute turned two-hour Target trips, I always make sure to stop and check out their workout wear. For a great price, Target makes cute and practical athleisure, so I have no doubt their bike shorts are a must-have. To make things even better, they have pockets—we love a pocket moment. When you’re on a hot girl walk and need somewhere to slip your phone, headphones, or keys, you will wish you were in these Target biker shorts.

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Becca’s Worst ‘Bachelorette’ Fashion Choices So Far

The Bachelorette season premiere is nearly upon us, and there’s a lot we can already expect from Monday night’s episode. For one, Becca will say the words “let’s do the damn thing” no less than 12 times in the span of 120 minutes. It’s my personal recommendation that you turn that entire phrase into a drinking game to make it bearable. Just be careful not to die! We should also expect Arie and Lauren to drop another irrelevant wedding-related announcement before the opening credits clear the screen, lest they give Becca one goddamn minute to shine. But mostly we can expect that Becca will be testing my fucking sanity with her outfit choice. I think we can all confidently say that Becca was not our first choice for the Bachelorette (SEINNE, YOU WERE ROBBED), but I’ve personally been questioning ABC’s decision-making skills after watching Becca dress herself these past few months. I don’t know if it’s something in the Minnesota air or if she’s just high off of Arie hate-tweets, but she’s definitely feeling some sort of confidence about her Bachelorette style that is 100 percent unwarranted. And who would I be if I didn’t shed some light on her v flawed style choices? So, follow me, as we journey through Becca’s most heinous fashion choices to date.

1. The ‘Bachelorette’ Premier Dress

Here we go! ???? #TheBachelorette ????: @chrisbharrison

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Let’s start with the least offensive garment she’s worn as of late: her Bachelorette premiere dress. Now, usually the Bachelorette wears red on night one, but Becca is making it clear here that OVER HER DEAD BODY WILL SHE BE LEAVING WITHOUT A GODDAMN FIANCE. At least, that’s what I’m assuming she was trying to say with this bedazzled wannabe bridal gown. I mean, is it smart to start off a first date with desperate marry-me vibes? Then again, Ashley I did teach us that acting like a psycho from the get-go might actually land you a man after he goes through literally every other woman first, so maybe it’ll work out for Becca? IDK. Though I don’t hate this dress with every fiber of my being, I’m definitely underwhelmed by it. It just doesn’t say “I’m ready to play with the hearts and emotions of 20 men” like I was hoping it would. That’s strike one, Becca!

2. The After The Final Rose Dress

Words can’t express everything I’m feeling tonight, but I’m so grateful for the love, support and well-wishes. I’m beyond excited for this next chapter of my journey and to have shared the start of that all with you tonight. Now we’re doing the damn thing ????

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So I know I’ll probably catch shit for this one in the comments section, well FINE. I’m still going to talk shit about this dress because principles. Becca wore this number during “After The Final Rose”. Not only was this the night she got to confront her ex, but also she met a few of her new suitors, and she chose to wear… this. The dress itself is fine. I mean, I make it a rule not to borrow outfits from my grandmother’s swing parties, but to each their own.

3. The ‘Bachelor’ Finale Dress

It's the moment of truth for Lauren B. and Becca K.! #TheBachelorFinale

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You have to think that the moment she walked down that hill wearing grandma’s gala dress, Arie took one look at her and knew he’d be sliding into Lauren’s DMs later. Tbh I don’t really blame him. First of all, wearing black lace over a cream overlay is a fucking crime against humanity and my eyeballs, and should be punished as such. Did she not know that the finale would be a live televised event in which I, and all of America, would be judging her from the comforts of our couch and sweatpants? Did she?? And if she thought I would take it easy on her just because I have queso stains on my PJ bottoms, am wearing a Buffy The Vampire Slayer shirt, and have literally no room to talk about style, she should have thought a-fucking-gain. Also, the goal here is to make the Bachelor want to marry you, to be so enraptured by your presence that he forgets he’s been banging another chick all week. Somehow I don’t think this prom dress she found in Deb’s clearance section makes the cut.

4. This Promo Outfit

3 MORE MONDAYS!! 3 MORE MONDAYS UNTIL BKOOF IS ON OUR SCREEN!! #thebachelorette #thebachelor #bachelorabc #bachelornation #bachelor

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I know, it’s like you want to look away but you just… can’t. When this abomination first graced my screen, I thought it was a practical joke. No way would ABC, a company that invests millions of dollars into the production of The Bachelorette, would allow the star of this season to promote the show dressed like she shops exclusively in Macy’s teen section. There’s just no fucking way. AND YET here she is wearing that disgusting lace jacket that’s making me question what the hell is going on in Minnesota for her to think making this her fashion statement was okay.

So hopefully in these next 10 or so weeks, Becca gets a new stylist who does not have a personal vendetta against her. I can only assume that’s what’s been going on. I’ll see all you betches every Tuesday, where I’ll be recapping The Bachelorette and hopefully not shading Becca’s every wardrobe choice. I just want the best for Becca, and that includes a wardrobe that does not solely consist of 2004’s greatest fashion hits.

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