Comfy & Cute Bridal Shoes That Won’t Kill Your Feet

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Your wedding shoes are an important part of your bridal look, but no one wants to be nursing painful feet on their honeymoon—or during the reception. So, we’ve gathered 10 of the most stylish comfortable shoe options to wear at your reception. From preppy to sporty chic, we’ve got the perfect comfy shoe for any bride’s aesthetic. Because trust us, it’s hard to make the most of your big day when your feet feel like they’re literally about to fall off.

Thought you could only have that classy look in heels? Think again. These ballet flats are timeless and oh so elegant. The low-key design features subtle but eye-catching embellished straps. Plus, the behind-the-heel support means you can dance as much as you want and your feet will stay secure all night.

With a 2-inch platform and full rhinestone covering, these shoes are not your average sneaker. However, they do provide that same supportive fit, meaning if you have any experience with a little bit of platform shoe, you can run around in these for hours. Seriously, you could breakdance in these things (not sure you’d want to in your wedding dress, but the option is there).

The perfect shoe for any nostalgic bride looking to take inspiration from the past, mules are back, baby. These flats are proper enough to complete your formal reception look without sacrificing any comfort. The pointed toe and circular details add a subtle retro look, and we’re totally here for it. 

For the sporty bride, you need these athletic shoes. Feel like you’re walking (and tearing up the dance floor) on a cloud all night with extra cushioning we bet you won’t find in stilettos. Plus, the re-wear value of these babies is off the charts.

If you want comfort, but just can’t sacrifice that luxurious look, these are the sneakers for you. The perfect cross of preppy and chic, with delicate cut-outs that will complement any reception dress detailing. And they last literally forever—consider them a long-term investment.

Hello?! Your dream shoe just arrived. We promise these shoes will make you feel like the belle of the ball when you take to the dance floor—without letting any foot pain steal your spotlight. Plus, how many people can say their reception shoes have crystal-embellished detailing? 

This backless mule is the perfect addition to your comfortable wedding day wardrobe. With crocodile print and a decorative bow, the design complements any look without distracting from the statement piece: you! Plus, it’s the perfect shoe to dress up or dress down after the big day, so you’ll get tons of re-wear.

These adorable platform sandals are perfect for an outdoor wedding. We’re getting major boho bride vibes here. These shoes will have your back from the first slow dance to the cake cutting. 

Slide-on sandals are the holy grail of easy-to-wear shoes. With a flat sole, this pair is perfect for any anti-heel bride. Plus, the square toe and detailed strap give any reception look a wedding-worthy classy upgrade.

For the bride that loves all the sparkle, keep all eyes on you with these rhinestone-covered sneakers. These shoes are sure to get you on the floor and dancing the night away (and worry-free of any long-term foot pain). Seriously, who can deny footwear that literally shines like a disco ball?

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6 Sneakers To Wear At Your Wedding That Aren’t Tacky

As your resident fashion expert, it may seem odd that I’m suggesting you have some stylish sneaks to wear for your wedding. Not for like, the ceremony of course, but definitely for the reception. Once you’ve gotten through all the ceremonial stuff, it’s time to let go of your Type-A bridezilla tendencies and partayyyyy. You paid all this money for your demonstration of love, so if you don’t let loose to “Yeah” by Usher afterwards, then you’re not doing it right. The problem? Heels are uncomfortable, obviously. That’s where wedding sneakers come in. When done right, they can be a lifesaver that adds a playful touch to your look. But that being said, I’m def not suggesting you throw on your best Nikes that you wear to Barry’s Boot Camp for your big day. Your shoes need to be cute, stylish and go with your bridal look in the least tacky way possible. It’s not an easy feat, but I’m here to help.

1. KEDS for Kate Spade New York Triple Decker Glitter Sneaker

These ones are a collab between Kate Spade and Keds, and are as predictable as it gets for bridal wedding sneakers. They’re sweet, cute, and basic, but unlike other options…not tacky. The platform is great for a little extra height, and the glitter makes them festive in a non JoJo Siwa-adjacent way.

2. Superga 2790 Linea Platform Sneaker

These sneakers are an easy, classic option that you’ll totally rewear post-nuptials. They’re a great everyday sneaker that would look chic and clean with your wedding dress. They’re effortlessly stylish and say “I’m not a regular bride, I’m a cool bride.”

3. Nike Air Force 1 ’07 LXX Sneaker

I’m obsessed with these sneakers, especially for breaking it down at your wedding reception. They’re unique and less predictable than the ones offered at bridal stores. Not to mention, Air Force sneakers are the comfiest of comfy, which will be an amazing relief to put on after your hard day of being your most beautiful self. Hey, beauty is pain!

4. Golden Goose Running Sole Sneaker

Yes, these ones are expensive, but if your soon-to-be hubby tries to give you sh*t, just remind him, “It’s my f*cking wedding day!” *Said in your best Stassi Schroeder impression.* These sneakers are fashionable and cool, but don’t have that dirty old sneaker look that many Golden Goose sneakers are famous for (sry). The last thing you need on your big day is having to explain to your in-laws that yes, you bought your shoes like this. And yes, you did pay for sneakers that look dirty.

5. Marc Jacobs Daisy Studded Slip On Sneaker

I love how feminine and whimsical these slip-on sneakers are! They’re perfect for the bride having her fairytale wedding, who’s too girly to wear a traditional sneaker with her dress. These have the iconic Marc Jacobs daisies on them, so you know they’re both feminine and street style-approved.

6. Moschino Platform Sneakers

Okay, these ones are for the bride who prides herself on her fashionista ways. Again, they’re predictably expensive cause like, they’re Moschino, but if you ask me, I’d tell you they’re worth it. Like, these are totally the sneakers Erika Jayne would wear at her wedding reception. And I mean, if Erika Jayne would wear them, then you should too.

Trust me, after a day full of smiling for the camera and excruciatingly beautiful heels, you’re going to be happy to have a cool pair of wedding sneakers to change into. I mean like, I’ve never been a bride or anything, but I have gone out in heels, and was in so much pain that I HAD to change into those drugstore ballet flats that fit unnaturally into your clutch. No, I wasn’t prepared enough to have had them in my purse, my friend did. But let me tell you, I was glad she did. Don’t be forced to wear your friend’s flats that conveniently yet inexplicably fit into her purse on your big day. Rather, maintain your dignity and prepare by getting one of these stylish pairs of sneakers instead.

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Betches may receive a portion of revenue if you click a link and purchase a product or service. The links are independently placed and do not influence editorial content.