Jax Taylor Went On A Twitter Rampage Against FedEx Workers

If you’ve watched more than ten minutes of any episode of Vanderpump Rulesyou probably know that Jax Taylor can be kind of an asshole. Well, more than kind of. Over the years, we’ve seen him lie, cheat, and steal (tbt to the Gucci sunglasses!), but somehow he’s still more or less the protagonist of this mess of a show. But even if the editors seem determined to convince us that Jax Taylor has changed, they can’t do anything about his messy AF tweets. This week, he ripped into some FedEx workers on Twitter, and it’s not a great look for him.

In general, Jax Taylor’s tweets have big 80-year-old man energy, complete with Christian undertones, homophobia, and general tone-deafness about everything that’s going on in our society. That’s during a normal time, so it’s no shock that Jax’s Twitter isn’t a great place to be during a global pandemic. On Monday, Jax apparently missed an attempted FedEx delivery, and he was NOT having it.

I feel like no good can come of a celeb starting a tweet with “Are you kidding .” Like, you are clearly too heated right now, so go walk around for an hour, and then reach out to customer service like a normal person. Jax’s second tweet came 15 minutes later, where he pointed out to FedEx that “most people have cameras on their homes,” so “the days of you saying ‘we tried’ are over”.

First—and let me know if I’m wrong here—I don’t think most people have cameras on their homes. Maybe in certain neighborhoods, or if you’re rich, but I feel like this isn’t the strongest argument on Jax’s part. Of course, if FedEx actually left a missed delivery notice without even knocking, that’s annoying, but Jax seems a little too angry about a minor inconvenience.

Okay, so I know I said that Jax should’ve taken an hour to cool off before tweeting, but I clearly forgot who we’re dealing with. Five hours later, he hopped back on Twitter to answer some replies, and he was still way too mad.

It’s called gloves sweetie, look it up. This person was being totally reasonable and just pointing out that things might not be totally normal right now, because duh, it’s a pandemic. But obviously a little coronavirus is no excuse for messing up Jax Taylor’s delivery. He mentions the cameras again, and then says “do your job right or don’t do it at all.” The entitlement is real. We’ll see how happy Jax is when FedEx just shuts down and he can’t get any packages at all. Or maybe he could start making deliveries?

Finally, FedEx Help responded to him, but he just took that as another opportunity to complain. This time, he said that his neighbors told him their packages “were delivered broken,” and that there’s footage of “them just throwing it in our yards.” Again, not great if true, but I still don’t want to read a rage-fueled Jax Taylor tweet about it. He also reminded them that “everyone has cameras nowadays,” and I ask, WHERE ARE THE RECEIPTS!!!

I’m sure most of you already know this, but this is a tough time for everyone. Changes have to be made, and certain things might not go according to plan. Even if you’re frustrated, this is the time to applaud the essential workers that are keeping our lives going. Or, if you’re Jax Taylor, ream them out to thousands of followers for something that might have been an honest mistake. Your choice!

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5 Brilliant ‘Real Housewives’ Insults And When To Use Them

There are a number of traits that all good Real Housewives have in common. An aspirational lifestyle, a highly suspect business venture, and a toxic husband are par for the course, but what really sets a Housewife apart from her castmates is the ability to deftly lob an insult, especially at another Housewife. This requires quick thinking and a way with the English language that few of us mere mortals possess, and when it’s done right, the results are simply magical. Below, I’ve rounded up some of the best Real Housewives zingers in history and provided real life scenarios where you can use them, so you too can feel like a friend of seasoned Housewife. You’re welcome.

“Well, Even Louis Vuitton Makes Mistakes”

Whether you love her or hate her, you can’t deny that Luann has had some of the most iconic lines in the history of The Real Housewives of New York. One of her absolute best came in season 4 when insulting castmate Alex McCord’s “Herman Munster shoes.” Alex immediately clapped back saying they were Louis Vuitton, and without missing a beat, Luann gave us this gem of a comeback, both winning the argument and proving she belongs in the Housewives Hall of Fame.

When To Use It: We’ve all known someone who never misses an opportunity to brag about the various labels they’re wearing. Next time Dorit that person pipes up, you can hit them with a variation of this epic line. For example:

Dorit: OMG could you die over this new purse?! It’s Gucci!
You: Well, even Gucci makes mistakes.

“, You Bald-Headed Scallywag”

OK, so Marlo may not technically be a Housewife, but she is putting in more work this season than many a cast member of The Real Housewives of Atlanta (looking at you, NeNe). She’s long overdue for her peach, and no moment proved this more than in a recent episode on the cast trip to Toronto. As SnakeGate continued to unfold, the entire cast seemed to get into it with each other, with Marlo and Cynthia going head to head about the accusation that someone recorded Cynthia talking smack about NeNe. Cynthia loses it and goes off on Marlo, and out of the clear blue, Marlo refers to Cynthia as a “bald-headed scallywag.” The creativity in busting out a term not used in the mainstream lexicon since the wake of the Civil War leaves me no choice but to stan.

When To Use It: Although Marlo was referring to Cynthia, another woman, I think this jab would work perfectly for that f*ckboy in your life who you’re not quite ready to cut, but who continues to annoy you with his games. If he’s bald or balding, great. If not, then you can take a page out of his textbook with a neg that will surely have him considering a Rogaine purchase. The exchange could go something like this:

F*ckboy: Sry, forgot to press send. U comin over later?
You: Chad, you bald-headed scallywag

“Not Well, Bitch!”

Although Dorinda joined The Real Housewives of New York in season 7, it feels like she’s been there from the beginning. In just a few seasons she has become a fan favorite, and her incredible one-liners have everything to do with it. In season 9 she gave us this wonderfully versatile response when asked by Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell, of all people, how she was doing after a particularly heated argument with castmate Sonja Morgan. In turn, we were gifted this simple, yet incredibly effective phrase. Dorinda, we thank you for your service.

When To Use It: The beauty of this one is that it can be used in so many different scenarios to capture your mood. The “I’ll tell ya how I’m doing” preamble is optional, but when you use it, it hits so much harder. Either way, it’s a fantastic way to shut up that annoying co-worker Karen who cheerfully asks you how you’re doing at 9:03am on Monday before you’ve even had a sip of your iced coffee. Or it’s a perfect response to the group chat attempting to piece together a blackout girls’ night. Like so:

Jackie (to the group): Really hurting this morning. How are you guys doing?
You: I’ll tell ya how I’m doing: not well, bitch!

“I Don’t Know If She Wants To Be Me, Or Skin Me And Wear Me Like Last Year’s Versace.”

Dina Manzo only appeared on the first two seasons of The Real Housewives of New Jersey (and randomly season 6), but she will always be remembered for her biting zingers, chief among them being her description of the one and only Beverly Ann Merrill Danielle Staub in season 1. After a bizarre encounter where Danielle hugged Dina over and over and awkwardly complimented her boobs, Dina delivered this perfect description of Danielle’s strange obsession with her. We miss you, Dina.

When To Use It: This line is best used when you want to highlight the Single White Female in your life who is seemingly always around and annoying the ever-loving shit out of you. Whether she keeps going after the guys you like, insincerely compliments you in a backhanded way, or is always showing up to frat parties in a sad variation of your outfit from last week, you can describe her as such:

Your Bestie: What’s up with Hannah? She’s basically wearing the same dress you wore last weekend.
You: I don’t know if she wants to be me, or skin me and wear me like last year’s Versace.

“Is Your Ass Jealous Of The Sh*t That Comes Out Of Your Mouth?”

I can’t say I’m going to miss Tamra now that she’s gone, but she did leave us with some truly memorable jabs. Tamra does her best work when she’s angry (never forget Jesus Jugs) and she exploded during the season 6 reunion when she sensed that Gretchen was being less than truthful, giving us this truly excellent insult. RIP, Tammy Sue.

When To Use It: This one comes in handy whenever you want to call bullsh*t on someone who is obviously lying. Of course, you can use it for more serious lies like Tamra did, but it also works when you want to joke around with someone close to you about a more harmless lie. Case in point:

You: Hey, just got here. What’s your ETA?
Friend (just got out of the shower): On my way!
You: Does your ass get jealous of the sh*t that comes out of your mouth?

Of course, there are far too many incredible Housewives insults and many of the very best had to be left off this list. What are some of your favorites and how would you use them in the real world? Sound off in the comments. Until then:

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What’s Wrong With The Men On ‘Southern Charm’?

Southern Charm is one of my favorite Bravo shows, and I was really excited for season 6 after a spectacular season 5, where all the women seemingly banded together to take down the “good ole boys” club that pervades Charleston and the mindsets of the men there. It was an exciting time to be watching—the #MeToo movement was igniting, and for a brief moment it felt like there would finally be a reckoning for some of the more toxic men on the show. To some extent, there has been, with Thomas’ arrest and removal from the cast, but you wouldn’t know it by watching this season. The camaraderie between the women is not quite the same as it was last season, and the only woman bold enough to call out the men’s more problematic behavior is being portrayed as a pseudo-villainess. How did we get here, and are there any good men on Southern Charm?


Although Thomas is no longer a cast member, his presence still lingers with the aftermath of his arrest for sexual assault and battery, and Kathryn’s struggle to maintain custody of their two children together. The two met when Kathryn was 21 and still in college, and Thomas was 51. I have no problem with an age gap, but a middle-aged man pursuing a relationship with a woman barely old enough to drink feels predatory and manipulative. And by Kathryn’s account, their relationship was emotionally abusive—she told People that when they started dating, “I just did what he said and took on his opinions and feelings as my own.” She also said that when their relationship started to deteriorate, she and her daughter were forced to live in the basement of Thomas’ plantation, where she felt “sad, scary, lonely, confused, quarantined and isolated.”

When Kathryn and Thomas were on the outs in seasons 2 and 3, she was a veritable pariah and excluded from just about every social function by everyone except Craig. Instead of trying to understand her perspective, she was written off by the others as gold-digging, crazy drug addict (after testing positive for marijuana, of all things) and completely disregarded in favor of a cocaine-using felon and disgraced politician whose attempts at speaking French would make the Seine run dry. Only after the sexual assault allegations against Thomas came out did cast members like Cameran and Patricia turn their backs on him and warm to Kathryn. And to that I say:


This has been a revealing season for Shep. Up until now, Shep has largely gotten away with his more problematic behavior. His attempt to grab and kiss Chelsea in season 4 was largely glossed over by the rest of the cast and referred to as an “incident” by Bravo instead of the assault that it was. The rest of the cast seems to regard his clear problem with alcohol and inability to commit to a woman or a vocation as the amusing quirks of a goofy man-child rather than glaring red flags. Interestingly, the arrival of Madison this season has exposed a lot of Shep’s more toxic tendencies. He refers to Madison as a “white trash hairstylist” despite Shep never having worked a day in his life. He shames her for sleeping with someone in retaliation after catching Austen in the middle of a threesome. Where was this outrage when he heard that Austen cheated with two other women?

After balking at Madison’s admittedly inappropriate revelation about him and Danni, Shep responds by DOING THE EXACT SAME THING and telling Cameran that Austen is a “sexual deviant” because he and Madison have done “butt stuff” together. It’s unclear what exactly he is referring to, but either party being on the receiving end of said “butt stuff” is hardly sexual deviance in this day and age. You know what is sexually deviant? Sleeping with someone you call a friend and definitely allegedly giving her chlamydia. Say what you want about Madison, but I can’t help but respect her for going toe-to-toe with the resident bully of the franchise. Shep has continued his one-man white privilege parade off-camera by recently posting a story to his Instagram where he openly mocked a visibly embarrassed homeless woman collecting cans. It’s revolting enough that he found this woman’s situation humorous. But to taunt and expose her to his hundreds of thousands of followers is appallingly callous, not to mention willfully ignorant. Gosh, I can’t imagine how he is still single!

Ummmm It might just be me but I really don’t think “BUTT STUFF”equals sexual deviancy and Is Shep not drinking because he is still on anabiotic’s from the chlamydia I’m confused

— Brandi Glanville (@BrandiGlanville) August 8, 2019


Whitney first pinged my creep radar in season 1 when he slept with Kathryn and told her to keep it a secret, only to reveal it later to Thomas without consulting her. Since then, Whitney and Kathryn’s relationship has been rocky, and Whitney has gone out of his way to sabotage her relationship with Thomas and malign her character. During season 2, Whitney convinces Thomas to film campaign videos with Kathryn’s sorority sisters that could easily have passed for Cialis commercials, and Kathryn reveals during the group’s trip to Jekyll Island that Whitney took Thomas to a strip club when she was 9 months pregnant with their child. Whitney’s obsessive insertion of himself into Thomas and Kathryn’s relationship looks a lot like Shep’s current involvement in Austen and Madison’s relationship. Is Shep so focused on what’s going on between Madison and Austen because he, like Whitney, is actually the one feeling butthurt? When we find out this season that Kathryn and Whitney have recently slept together, Whitney bizarrely denies it and attempts to gaslight her by saying, “We have a different interpretation of events.” I’m not sure how Kathryn can misinterpret your middle-aged penis struggling to find its way into her vagina, but okay, Whit.


We can now proceed to the f*ckboy portion of this article. Austen was first introduced to us in season 4 as a younger and marginally more attractive version of Shep. His behavior following the cooling off of his “relationship” with Chelsea and subsequent relationship with Madison support the comparison. He proceeded to suggest to all of his Instagram followers that Chelsea has no sex drive as well as talk badly about her to Madison, as all classy men do. When his girlfriend catches him in the aftermath of a threesome (I’m convinced hell is a persistent loop of him screaming “MAAADISEHHHN!”), he proceeds to call her “a crazy person” and threatens to physically remove her from his home. After all, it’s easier to deflect and question a woman’s sanity than to take ownership for the misdeeds that are making her so “crazy” in the first place. #JusticeForVictoria Even when he isn’t the target of criticism, Austen is reluctant to side with women. When Naomie and Chelsea rightfully called out human hemorrhoid J.D. for his philandering and grifting last season, Austen claimed he needed more proof than the claims of his friends, one of whom got her information from J.D.’s wife.


Oh, Craigy. Our favorite pillow artisan is by far the least toxic of the bunch, and he should be commended for his fierce defense of Kathryn for many seasons, but he is not completely innocent either. He lied to the entire group about graduating from law school and passing the bar, and when Naomie directly questioned him about his desire to be a lawyer, he responded by telling her she was acting dumb. I agree that at times her approach was a bit mean, but Naomie’s concerns about Craig’s ambition and general life direction were not unfounded. Two seasons later we are still watching him struggle to get his fledgling pillow business off the ground and wake up before noon, yet Naomie was deemed a bitch for having the audacity to challenge her poor, innocent boyfriend. Even after she has clearly moved on, Craig continues to disrespect her by telling anyone who will listen that she still has feelings for him despite Naomie seeming genuinely happy in her new relationship (however we may feel about Metul).

It’d be a cop-out and a vast oversimplification to attribute the toxic behavior of the men on Southern Charm solely to Southern culture. Though that’s certainly a factor, it’s a symptom of a larger and more insidious disease in our society. When we allow boys to be boys unchecked and without any accountability, we breed a sense of entitlement where, given enough time, money or even fame, a Craig or an Austen might become a Shep or a Thomas. Until we do, men like these Southerners will keep passing for gentlemen.

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Are Scheana And Adam Dating? These Instagrams Are Suspect

Although most of them pretend like they don’t have that much going on while filming beyond SUR, the Vanderpump Rules cast is really trying to capitalize off of their 15 minutes of fame. Sure, most of them aren’t doing what they moved to Hollywood to do (remember when Katie wanted to start a record label and Jax wanted to start a sweater line? Talk about a #tbt), but they seem to have some legit side hustles. Stassi has her own podcast and recently created a legit holiday, National #OOTD Day. Tom and Tom have TomTom. Lala has two movies coming out soon. Katie and Kristen have their blogs, and Kristen has that T-shirt line. Sure, those aren’t super respectable, but they’re the kind of jobs your trust fund friend has to make it seem like she’s not paying for her $4,000 West Village apartment and trip to Burning Man on daddy dearest’s dime. Jax has that fictional job in Tampa. Scheana’s side hustle? Getting more attention. Oh, and that Las Vegas show was a last resort for anyone who couldn’t get tickets to see Britney. Or Blue Man Group. Or even Criss Angel. But if there’s one thing Scheana is good at (because singing is not one of them), it’s figuring out how to attention and stay on our radar even in the off-season.

Last time we talked about Scheana, we legit thought she found love in a hopeless place with an equally hopeless Robby Hayes. They were spotted holding hands in Hawaii, coincidentally around the time that Vanderump Rules started filming again. We thought they’d live happily ever after and their happily ever after would be sponsored by Diff eyewear and SugarBearHair vitamins. But we were wrong, because Scheana of all people pulled one over on us, since it looks like she’s dating Adam.

Yes, that Adam. The really, really ridiculously good-looking Zoolander wannabe with hair that definitely requires more maintenance than Sandoval’s. How can we forget that Scheana tried to shove him down Brittany’s throat like it was beer cheese and Jax’s wandering dick? (Too far?) Well it looks like since Brittany didn’t want Adam, Scheana decided to go for him herself.

We noticed that Scheana featured Adam a lot on her Instagram stories whenever she was picking up shifts at SUR. But upon a little more digging, it seems as though she’s been liking every single one of his Instagrams. She did the same with Rob. But she didn’t do that with Robby.

Also curious? Robby and Adam follow each other on Instagram. So it looks like Robby and Scheana were merely a publicity stunt. And it was a far more realistic publicity stunt than, say, Jonathan Cheban and Corinne Olympios canoodling together. Corinne is as convincing as a beard as she was convincing Bachelor Nation that she was in love with Nick Viall.

And the final evidence? Scheana and Adam’s pics together. I present to you Exhibits A and B:

And five hours later, Adam is pictured.

And lastly, Exhibit C.

80’s were SURgical ????????????#SURgicalsummer

A post shared by Adam Paul Spott (@spottmeagram) on


Pictures are worth a thousand words (emojis suffice too). And when it comes to Scheana, they’re probably worth 10,000 words because she’s addicted to talking about herself.

We gotta say, while it’s surprising that Scheana is clearly with Adam, it’s far more surprising that Scheana pulled one over on us. Usually, when I try to get attention, I just get drunk off a bunch of double vodka Red Bulls, not wear a bra in public, and the night turns into a shit show of self-sabotage from there on. So I gotta respect Scheana’s manipulative tactics here so that all eyes are on her. She may even put Stassi’s Machiavellian strategies to shame.

Images: spottmeagram, scheana / Instagram