Creepy AF App Lets Your Partner Control Your Vibrator Remotely

For the most part, technology is a good thing. I for real don’t know WTF I’d do without DVR or my iPhone. But sometimes the tech world takes shit too far and it gets weird AF. For example, this sex toy company We-Vibe just created an app so someone can control your vibrator remotely. Is it just me or is that the creepiest fucking thing since we found out our almost-president “allegedly” likes getting peed on? Oh wait… That was only yesterday. But still.

So apparently they created this for long distance couples so they can have a more intimate connection when they’re apart than they would during phone sex. The app has video chat and texting so you can communicate during the act so that makes it a little less weird. TBH, I’ve never been in a long distance relationship so I’m not trying to judge, but like, is this really necessary? Also, I feel like I would rather control my vibrator than some dude I only get to have sex with every other month. He doesn’t know WTF I want better than me, thank you very much.

In even creepier news, the company’s global passion ambassador (lol what?) has said people love using it for in-person dates too, so they can get off during dinner or at the movies. Seriously? You’re telling me people around the world are chilling at fucking Olive Garden with a vibrator in their pants? Jesus Christ, that’s not okay. But hey, just keep living your truth. I guess.