Galantis Reveals The Surprising Meaning Behind Their Hit Song ‘Emoji’

Galantis is probably one of those names you’re seeing everywhere nowadays. Between 150 live shows a year, numerous festival appearances, and two new hits, to say they have a lot going on is an understatement. Thankfully, they made the time to sit down with us at Shaky Beats festival in Atlanta over the weekend to talk about what it’s like touring together, how the duo Galantis formed, and a few of their new songs. Check out the interview below.

What did you guys do yesterday?
Show, at Syracuse.

What did you think?
It was a good show! Really good energy.

How are college crowds versus music festival crowds?
I didn’t know it was going to be such a great crowd. We actually talked about that, we should do it more. 100% of the crowd went haywire. They were happy we were there.

So you guys tour together a lot.
150 shows a year.

How do you keep up the energy to do that many shows?
It’s like, you press a button, you know, you’ve got to reset. And then you have to be as off as you can between the shows, but once you go onstage it’s like a switch in your head, and it just goes.

What was the moment that you were like, ‘I’m going to link up with this guy and we’re going to make music, and we’re going to do this?’
I actually know where I was in Stockholm when I called you that time. It was Old Town. Just so you know… I remember I was walking from a lunch or something and I had the idea. I started to think of names for the band before I actually joined.

What were some of the other names?
Well, we had some of the worst names ever. I’m not gonna say them, but it took a very long time to find the right name, actually. And when we found it, someone else gave it to us.

What is the significance of it to you?
The name now? I don’t know. Then it was the perfect mirror for the music we did, but now it’s life, you know? And now we figure it’s too late to change it.

You recently came out with “Emoji”. What was the idea behind the song?
I think a lot of people didn’t realize that there are a lot of deep, serious thoughts behind it, and thought it was kind of lightweight but it’s not. It’s kind of like, sad in one way, that you do start to only communicate through emojis, but also something beautiful with it, depends on what it is. Like, we’re away from family all the time, and you don’t even have words anymore sometimes, you just send a heart, you know, and that’s useful. I think we all know those words, but you sending that emoji means something either way.

And that kind of started the thought, how something simple like an emoji can change how people have a conversation. Because putting an emoji, words, it’s not the same thing. It actually added to the way you can communicate. So that’s where it came from, the idea.

Do you guys have a favorite emoji?
The heart!

I like the crying laughing one.
That’s very good actually! You can’t put that into words either!

How did your new song “Bones” with One Republic happen?
It’s kind of a long and wacky story. There was like a seed of this original that came across us, and then we wanted to work on it, and then it was already taken by OneRepublic. And I kinda knew Ryan Tedder from the past, so I found out where he lives and I went to his place. And said, “you don’t have the correct idea, I have it.” No, I didn’t say that, but I did say I think we can do an amazing version together, how about that. And I think he liked the way we came really strong, and said that we could take this song somewhere great for both. And I think, yeah, it was such an easy quick thing after that. We were thinking the same thing about the song, and they already started a lot of cool stuff on it, so we took it from there and made it what it is today. But I think they’re great, I think Ryan Tedder is one of the best songwriters, I think his vocals are amazing, unbelievable.

So, what do you guys have in the works music-wise? You just released a new song, are we getting a new album?
We got a lot of music really close to coming out. It’s kind of a race which one will come out first. 

Images: Jimmy Fontaine

All Your Favorite TV Shows Are Getting Canceled

Every May, television networks scramble to make it seem like everything is good and fine, and they announce a whole bunch of new shows you’ll never watch, while also canceling most of the ones you’ve never heard of. Every year, though, there are a few beloved cancelations, or at least shows you’ve watched because you’re too lazy to get up and change the channel. Some have managed to hang on, like Grey’s Anatomy (fucking how??) and New Girl, which have both been renewed for another season. Unfortunately, not everyone can get so lucky. Like Jack in the icy waters at the end of Titanic, here’s what won’t be coming back:

1. ‘The Vampire Diaries’

We really hope you’re not still watching this in 2017, but we know old habits can die hard. The CW is the patron saint of letting shows go on for way too long (i.e. Supernatural getting a 13TH SEASON), but it was time for this one to go. Poor Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder will have to find something else to do, but we’re not that worried. This is one of the last remnants of the late 2000s vampire craze, so honestly we’re happy to see it go.

Vampire Diaries

2. ‘Bones’

This is one of those shows where you had absolutely no idea when new episodes were on, but somehow you feel like you’ve seen at least half of them. There will still be plenty of reruns, but Zooey Deschanel’s less quirky sister will have to find a new gig. To be fair, this lasted 12 seasons, which is incredible for a show that literally has one plot line.

3. ‘Scream Queens’

Ryan Murphy has many shows: American Horror Story, American Crime Story, Feud…and Scream Queens. As fun and ridiculous as it was, this little project never fully got off the ground, and season 2 was pretty fucking tragic. It was sort of like Glee 2.0, but with fake blood instead of musical numbers. For now, Emma Roberts can go back to asking Auntie Julia for money, and Lea Michele can go away forever.

Scream Queens

4. ‘Masters of Sex’

You’ve never actually seen a full episode of this show, but you know it has Janis Ian and that your mom absolutely loves it. Now where will she get her wide array of cringey conversation topics? Gone, but not forgotten.

5. ‘Girls’

Okay, Girls didn’t so much get canceled as like, mutually agreed to be ended, but we’re still sad to see it go. Yeah, all the characters were the fucking worst, but that really just made them more relatable. For now, we’ll wait patiently for an Elijah spinoff.


6. ‘Pretty Little Liars’

God Bless anyone who still watches this mess. You’re a real trooper, and you should probably get your head checked out or something. We miss a simpler time, when we didn’t fear for our rights and our most pressing concern was figuring out who the fuck was A.

7. ‘Orphan Black’

Tatiana Maslany’s mind-bending performance on this show has made her one of the baddest betches on TV, and we’re sad to see it go. Like a chill party that never quite got invaded by hordes of basic girls, Orphan Black was always just the right amount of underrated.

Orphan Black

8. ‘Teen Wolf’

We’ll miss this one, not as a source of quality television programming, but as a source of hot abs and dramatic gifs. We’re not crying, you’re crying.