15 Small Businesses Having Black Friday Sales

We all know Black Friday to be our country’s very own Hunger Games, a true display of the American people at their absolute f*cking worst. But instead of fighting for our lives like Katniss and Peeta, we’re out here throwing elbows for a discounted flat screen? Honestly, it’s embarrassing.

However, just like everything else in 2020, Black Friday is going to look a hell of a lot different this year. Due to the pandemic, Karens won’t have their chance to stampede a Walmart at midnight (I hope they’re okay). Without the normal rush, the big-name retailers will likely take a hit, but these aren’t the businesses we should be concerned about right now. Small businesses around the country are fighting to stay afloat amid new shutdowns and restrictions, and many of them are at major risk of survival if they don’t produce some cash flow ASAP this holiday season.

So since you can’t go body-slam anyone who stands in the way of you getting your half-priced Samsung this year, put your dollars where they truly matter and support small businesses instead! Most small businesses are running their own Black Friday deals, so you can save some coin while feeling good about your purchases. Here are some of the small businesses having great Black Friday sales that we’ll be supporting, and you should check them out too.

1. Denim Rush

Joggers Bundle, from $90

This brand has become popular thanks to its incredible tie-dye sweats—a style that has become a quarantine staple for many of us. But even beyond just their cozy sweats, the brand has now expanded into other fashion categories, creating more stylish pieces like tie-dye slip dresses and oversized button downs. You can try Denim Rush out for yourself during their Black Friday sale, where they’ll be offering 30% off site wide from November 25th through December 1st. Plus, they’re even offering a free beanie to match your purchase if you spend over $150. Personally, I’m a sucker for a head-to-toe matching set, so count me in.

2. Coal N Terry

CNT Zipper Crop, $75

Sure, we’re all living in our sweats right now, but let’s maybe try to make it at least somewhat cute? Or rather, we actually all owe it to ourselves right now to make it even better than cute— think Kim K lounging around the house in her beige sweats with a full beat type-of-vibe. I mean, that’s just the kind of energy I know I want from my loungewear and, if you do too, then shop Black-owned street style brand Coal N Terry this Black Friday. They’ll be doing a 50% off site wide sale that you definitely won’t want to miss.

3. aReverie Studio

ZAHRIA Beige Cutout Super Cropped Sweater, $55.98

I found this brand on Etsy and can’t say enough good things…but I’ll try. Not only do they have the best stuff, but they’re also offering 50% off everything during their Black Friday sale! They sell trendy vintage-style pieces with a more current feel, making them the ideal place to shop for all your Insta-worthy #OOTDs this holiday season. 


Dustdye Rose Robe Full Length, $99

If you need a gift for that person who has everything, I suggest you check out BFF&BABES this Black Friday. They have the cutest gifts like bags, sweatshirts, and robes, and will be offering a rare discount of 10% off site wide. They also offer personalization on their products, so you can make your gift that much more special.

5. Gigi C

Anne Bra, $72

If you need to step up your workout ~lewks~ then head to Gigi C for 25% off their site from November 27th through December 1st. They have fashionable workout clothes that will motivate you to actually want to work out, plus incredible swimsuits with unique styles that are unlike those sold anywhere else.

6. Soraya Hennessy

Rosa Messenger, $120

Another great place to shop for that person who has everything is Soraya Hennessy, a brand founded on female empowerment and artisanal craft. The brand celebrates the founder’s Venezuelan heritage by working closely with the Wayuu women to create the brand’s gorgeous and unique pieces. As if that wasn’t enough to make you want to shop their site right now, they’ll be offering 30% off your entire purchase for Black Friday.

7. OnKarri

Tina White Print Mini Ruched Dress, $170

Why waste your money this Black Friday buying the same fast-fashion piece that everyone is already wearing, and that you know will disintegrate the first time you put it in the wash? Honestly, that’s just poor investment skills—clearly you didn’t get a B+ in Finance 100 like myself. Celebrate small business and invest in a standout piece you’ll love by shopping OnKarri’s online site during their Black Friday sale, where all of the brand’s stunning pieces will be on sale for 20% off.

8. Elise Paige

Pave Zodiac Necklace, $65

Another great place to shop for gifts, whether for someone else or, you know, just for yourself (hey, you deserve this) is jewelry brand Elise Paige. They specialize in everyday pieces that are trendy and personalized. This Black Friday, the brand is offering 25% off site wide, and you can also get 20% off their custom charm bangles.

9. Thirty20

Cropped Cardigan, $45

This brand is one of my newest obsessions, and I’m here to make you just as obsessed as me by letting you know they’re offering 30% off everything from Black Friday through Cyber Monday. I discovered this brand over quarantine and have been so impressed with all the new styles they are constantly churning out. The brand will even continue to release new styles every day during Black Friday weekend, all of which are eligible for their sale of 30% off!

10. I Dream For You

Flip Skirt, $189

The all around aesthetics of this brand make me want to jump into a retro romance movie and meet a cute boy at my local diner. You know, one who I don’t have to worry about ghosting me since this was a simpler time before iPhones. Inspired by vintage fashion yet made modern, this brand makes long-lasting sustainable pieces you NEED in your closet. Plus, the brand is offering 30% off site wide starting November 26th and going on through December 1st!

11. Neu Apparel

Muted Mocha Ribbed Seamless Sport Crop, $34

Not only does Neu Apparel make the cutest sh*t, this brand is also using its voice socially and is partnering all month long with Bloody Good Period, a charity which helps create a sustainable flow of menstrual products for those who can’t afford them. This is a charity that is certainly more important than ever, given so many women are forced into financial hardship due to the pandemic. And to make the whole deal even better, the site is also offering 20% off site wide for Black Friday.

12. Hutch Design

Myla Top, $158

This contemporary brand prides itself on timelessness and sexy sophistication, making it the ideal small business to spend your money at this Black Friday. During their Black Friday sale, you can get one of their beautiful and stylish pieces for 40% off site wide.

13. LA Collective

Vita LA Diamond Legging, $78

You may be familiar with this brand thanks to their collabs with some of our favorite influencers, such as Morgan Stewart, Alexis Ren, and, most recently, Lauren Elizabeth. But with a company attached to such big names you may not have realized that they’re still a small operation sold only online. The brand’s lines are designed and created in LA, with a focus on making high-quality pieces with the best fabrics.

14. Kristina’s Closet

Carmel Silky Ruched Top, $68

I found this brand on Instagram and can’t stop obsessing over their perfectly curated fashion assortment. There isn’t a piece on this site that I don’t love, and I love it all even more now that it’s on sale for Black Friday at 25% off. Plus, it’s women-owned and operated so, unlike Bethenny, I’m a woman who supports other women and will definitely be shopping their site this weekend.

15. Kindred Collective

Xanthos Black Boot, $90

Another brand with the most perfectly curated assortment of product is Kindred Collective, a brand founded by a mother-daughter duo who clearly know a thing or two about fashion. They carry all the top brands like Free People, Show Me Your Mumu, and For Love & Lemons, just to name a few. You can shop their curated assortment online for their Black Friday sale which is 20% off site wide this Saturday through Monday.

So whether shopping for yourself or for someone else, choose to support small businesses this Black Friday and put your money where it matters. Which, shouldn’t even be that hard to do with all these incredible sales from the aforementioned amazing brands. Personally, I’ll be putting my whole paycheck towards all these amazing pieces and won’t feel even slightly guilty about it because like, I’m stimulating our economy and supporting small businesses! I mean, who could argue with that?!

Images: @christiannkoepke/Unsplash; Denim Rush; Coal N Terry; aReverie Studio; BFFS&BABES; Gigi C; Soraya Hennessy; OnKarri; Elise Paige; Thirty20; I Dream For You; Neu Apparel; Hutch Design; LA Collective; Kristina’s Closet; Kindred Collective

7 Online Black Friday Fashion Deals You Can’t Pass Up

You’re either someone who THRIVES off of the adrenaline rush of scoring a deal on Black Friday or… a liar. Everyone’s down to save a few bucks on the biggest shopping day of the year. And, not to brag or anything, but I’m one of those people who personally thrives on Black Friday because I’m unusually skilled at fighting through crowds. Just ask my ex-boyfriend about that one time we went to an Avicii concert together and I fought my way through general admission right up to the stage! Well, actually, I got up there but he didn’t, so maybe don’t ask him because that night didn’t end well. Hey, he’s an ex for a reason. ANYWAY, I say all that just to point out that you don’t have to go beating yourself up right now if you’re not a crowd ninja like myself. This is because, nowadays, it’s easier than ever to shop Black Friday sales from the comfort of your own home. We’ve already talked about the best beauty deals to shop, so here are the Black Friday fashion sales that you need to get in on (from your bed).

1. Reformation

Josefine Dress, $278

Everyone’s favorite online retailer, Reformation, which very rarely has sales, will be offering a sitewide discount of 30% off starting at some point on Thanksgiving. We can all assume sizes will definitely go fast, so I’d recommend hitting up this sale first, before any of your other online stops. They currently have tons of amazing pieces that are perfect for all your holiday festivities and ideal for whether you’re attending a business casual office party or a boozy holiday house soirée. And by “soirée” I just mean there will be nicer alcohol than Burnetts and Crown Russe, #adulting.

2. Good American

Good Waist Chewed Hem, $175

If you haven’t tried Good American denim yet, then you’re seriously missing out. I feel like people think I’m an ambassador for the brand at this point but sadly, I’m not—I just genuinely love their jeans that much. (Of course, if they are looking for brand ambassadors you know where to find me.) On Black Friday, Good American will be offering 25% off sitewide, so now’s your chance to get yourself a high-quality, perfect-fitting pair of jeans that are somehow comfy too, at a discounted price. What a win.

3. For Love & Lemons

Whitney Faux Mohair Sweater, $162

I’m OBSESSED with For Love & Lemons. Unfortunately, when their basic lace thong averages around $50 a pop, it’s not exactly my go-to spot for new clothes. However, Black Friday allows a peasant such as myself the opportunity to actually be able to afford their stuff, so you best believe I’ll be taking full advantage. The coveted brand will be offering 30% off sitewide, so take advantage and get yourself a holiday must-have statement-making piece while you can.

4. Luv Aj

Double Ball Chain Necklace, $55

This celebrity favorite jewelry brand will be offering 40% off sitewide this Black Friday which is like, the deal of the century. They make great everyday jewelry essentials worth stocking up on, plus they’re offering a phenomenal discount. You can finally get in on the cool girl Insta-blogger trend of layered necklaces, just without having to spend your entire paycheck now. Also, if you’re feeling selfless, their delicate and timeless pieces make for universally great gifts that everyone is guaranteed to love.

5. DL1961

Hepburn High Rise Wide Leg, $199

Another one of my favorite denim brands, DL1961, will be offering 40% off sitewide, which is actually crazy for a premium denim brand. They make tons of different styles and fits, so if I were you I’d take full advantage and get yourself a trendy pair plus an everyday pair. At that steep discount, you’d actually be dumb not to.

6. Staud

Shirley Bag Tan Croc Embossed, $210

If you don’t know the brand Staud, then Black Friday is the time and place to get yourself acquainted. Staud makes super cool clothes and accessories, and also happens to be another celebrity favorite brand. The brand is probably most recognized for their gorgeous handbags, which you’ll be able to get for 25% off, along with everything else on their site, starting this Wednesday. So sweet of them to start their Black Friday promotion early knowing how busy I’ll be ordering everything else on my list that day, so good looking out, Staud.

7. J.Crew

Silk Tie-Neck Blouse in Leopard, $148

Okay, so J.Crew isn’t necessarily on-brand with my personal style, but I also don’t work your average 9-to-5. Not to mention, my everyday style tends to gravitate toward denim so distressed that some may consider it to be shorts. However, regardless of my personal preferences, I’m a woman of the people and it is my civic duty to let you know about their unbelievable Black Friday deals. J. Crew will be doing 50% off full price items and 60% off sale. With that type of deal, I may just have to buy this leopard blouse to wear with my aforementioned aggressively distressed jeans. That’s probably not the way J.Crew intended it to be worn, but whatevs.

So with all of these incredible deals coming up, I’d definitely start prepping your finances now. Or, maybe you’re one of the lucky ones out there whose payday also happens to fall on Black Friday. In which case, I’m actually not sure if that is lucky or not since you will definitely be blowing the entire thing within 24 hours. But hey, eating ramen for a week straight will taste a whole lot better if you’re doing so in your amazing new Reformation dress.

Images: Felipe Galvan / Unsplash; Reformation; Good American; For Love & Lemons; Luv Aj; DL1961; Staud; J.Crew

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5 Black Friday Deals That Are Total Scams

It’s Black Friday, and whether you’re at work, lounging in your pajamas and scouring the internet, or braving the stores like a psychopath, there’s one thing on everyone’s mind: shopping. More specifically, saving money. Okay, so I guess that’s two things. Regardless, we’re all shopping (don’t deny it), and we’re all looking to save money. It can be easy to fall for the flashy 50% Off! Deal! Look Over Here! banners and buy a $70 lingerie set from Nordstrom Rack when you’re single af things you don’t need, because it’s on sale and it’s too good to pass up, right? Wrong. I shouldn’t have to tell you this, but buying things you don’t need just because they’re “on sale” doesn’t actually save you money—you’re just spending money you would not have spent otherwise. Or so my mother tells me. And, to put it bluntly, some Black Friday “deals” are total scams. So how can you tell what’s legit, and what you should actually bust out your credit card for? Well, if you’re like me, you turn to Reddit to crowdsource all your advice, including info about Black Friday scams. (And they say quality journalism is dead.) As I am writing this article, that’s exactly what I did—I consulted Reddit for what not to buy on Black Friday. Please note, these are the personal opinions of the Reddit users and have not been verified by me, because I am not a professional fact-checker and this shit varies wildly, I’m sure.

1. TVs

Black Friday

That’s right, the number one thing people think they’re getting a good deal on during Black Friday is actually a total scam. Not worth getting curb-stomped over when you think about it this way, is it? Plus, who buys televisions anymore? Get on Netflix. It’s 2017.

2. Electronics

Black Friday

Okay, so these may not be a scam, but still, it’s important not to have Black Friday tunnel vision (says the girl who bought two bras online today).

3. Tablets

Black Friday

I’m beginning to see a theme emerging here… don’t buy electronics today.

4. Knives

Black Friday

Who is camping out on Black Friday for the knives? I want names. Still good advice, though. But also… how does this person know so much about knives? Should I call the police?

5. Pretty Much Anything You Have Your Eye On

Black Friday

I don’t need this type of negativity in my life. Fuck outta here.

Images: Rawpixel.com / Unsplash; Reddit (5)