All Stormi Wants For Christmas Is… A Birkin?

No matter how many times they’re photographed going to the grocery store or toting a Starbucks cup while looking dissheveled, celebrities are decidedly not just like us. And there are few times that it’s more evident that they have way, way more money than us than on holidays. While our parents were scouring every Toys ‘R’ Us in the nation in the foolish hopes of finding a Tickle Me Elmo that someone hid behind a shelf and forgot about, the Kardashians were out here getting their spawn playhouses that dwarf actual New York City apartments. And yes, I am aware that those two events did not take place in the same time period, or even the same decade, but no, I cannot think of a single toy in 2019 that’s caused a similar amount of widespread desperation. You understand the point I’m trying to make here!! But the next time your friend calls her kid spoiled because he didn’t even thank her for the Nintendo Switch he got for Christmas (there, that’s better), show her the video of Stormi Webster asking for a Birkin bag.

In a video so dark that seems like it’s out of a Black Mirror episode, Kylie Jenner is filmed carrying Stormi through her house, about to present her with her Christmas gift. She tells Stormi that she has a big surprise for her, and Stormi seems to reply, hopefully, “Birkin!”

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, but Birkins are a type of Hermès bag that cost, at minimum, as much as a wedding, or the mortgage on a house. So hearing that Stormi wanted a purse that would probably cost more than my funeral set Twitter ablaze, with many commenting on how absolutely horrifying it is that a baby who can barely talk would be asking for a luxury bag. There are the obvious concerns, like what would she even do with it? And how obscenely wealthy is this family that Birkins are such a frequent topic of conversation that their baby has picked up on it?

At first glance, it’s not hard to believe that the daughter of a billionaire would be, shall we say, spoiled? The girl got an entire music festival for her first birthday, which she won’t even remember, so what’s a Birkin? On top of that, Stormi already has a baby Birkin that she apparently “won’t let go” of. So it’s really not a stretch to assume that she would want another, or maybe even the full-size thing.


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she won’t let go of that purse 👛 😫

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Also, the Kardashians are not exactly known for being modest with their displays of wealth (which is fine, it’s their wealth to display!). Kylie took her friends on a bespoke pink-themed luxury vacation to celebrate her skin care launch, Kim probably spent more money on her Halloween costumes than most of us make in a year, and oh yeah, did I mention that Stormi’s first birthday party was basically a whole-ass music festival? The point I’m trying to make here is that any Kardashian/Jenner child is not, how shall we say, down-to-earth. Our fidget spinner is their Gucci belt, our Nintendo Switch is their Birkin.

But there may have been another, less bleak explanation for Stormi’s guess: as some Jenner apologists users on Twitter pointed outStormi is obsessed with the movie Trolls (this tracks, considering Stormi’s actual gift was not a ridiculously valuable Hermès bag, and was actually a person dressed up in a giant Trolls mascot costume). The villains in the Trolls movies are called Bergens, so Stormi could have just been predicting that her present would have something to do with Trolls. 

This seems like a pretty plausible theory, especially considering that when you watch the video, after Stormi says “Birkin” or “Bergen” excitedly, Kylie echoes, “she said the Bergens.” You don’t even have to listen that hard for it; Kylie translates for us and confirms that Stormi was talking about the Trolls characters. Some skeptics on Twitter still weren’t buying that, asking why a kid would want the villains from a movie, to which I say, quit overthinking it. Maybe Stormi can’t pronounce the word troll yet. Maybe she likes the Bergens. Maybe she identifies with them because she’s secretly a budding evil villain, who the f*ck cares?

Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to believe Stormi was asking for a Birkin for Christmas. Why? I don’t know, it kind of makes you feel better about yourself, right? Like, I may not have a billion dollars, but at least I have some f*cking class. If I were famous, I would keep my kids humble and not give them totally outrageous presents (only mildly ridiculous presents, like the new iPhone for my newborn baby). Who cares if that may not be true, because I’ll likely never get rich enough to figure out! So until proven otherwise, I can sit here on my throne of smugness and call out a baby for being born into extreme wealth and echoing the obscenely expensive products she’s heard the people around her talk about. It would have been so much fun. But alas, it was not meant to be. Stormi may have been born with a platinum, diamond-encrusted spoon in her mouth, but in this instance she might have just been a regular toddler, hoping to get a little something from her favorite kid’s movie for Christmas. In this instance, maybe celebrities are a little like us.

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