5 Fashion Trends That Are Sticking Around For 2019

There are plenty of 2018 fashion trends we’re ready to ship off for 2019. But before you get too excited, I have to be the bearer of bad news. Everyone’s most hated trend of 2018, biker shorts, is here to stay. Just take one look at the spring runways and it’s clear that the trend made famous by Kourtney Kardashian and her sisters isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Hate the Kardashians all you want, but they legit run the world. What they wear, you wear. So put down the pitchforks and get out your wallets because these are the 2018 fashion trends we can expect to see again in 2019.

1. Frills

Feminine frills have been a trend we’ve seen everywhere in 2018, from swimsuits to romantic prairie dresses. And if 2018 was the year of being “extra” then 2019 is the year of being straight excessive. The more frills the merrier, so go ahead and start adding them to your closet now.

Tularosa Torrance Sweater

2. Marigold Yellow

Yellow is a statement color that’s here to stay. Sure, neutrals are going to be big for spring, but so is marigold yellow. And yellow is definitely a hell of a lot more fun than some boring camel shade. Plus, it’s going to totally score you more attention, and I know you want your ex’s attention. No, not because you like, want him back or anything! You just called him 30 times last weekend because you were reminding him what he’s missing! I get it.

Free People Yellow Crashing Waves Pullover

3. Polka Dots

This is another of the 2018 fashion trends we saw a lot of last summer and spring, and will be seeing a lot more of come 2019. I already told you feminine frills are here to stay, but so are girly polka dots. I mean, it makes sense, everything’s about girl power right now, women supporting women, etc. So, as a woman supporting women myself, I’m here to tell you to keep your polka dot pieces around. Just… don’t go mixing them with your frills. If you do that, you’ll look like an actual child, or possibly confused for someone’s American Girl doll.

Capulet Hanni Satin Bustier Midi Dress

4. Scarf Prints

Punchy prints with retro ‘70s vibes already made their way into our closets in 2018. Like, if you don’t already have a scarf belt or scarf print hair accessory, do you even have style at all??? Come 2019, the print will be even bigger in the form of tops, skirts, dresses, and everything in between.

Pretty Little Thing Black Scarf Print Satin Plunge Bodysuit, $45

5. Biker Shorts

I already ruined your 2019 by telling you this trend is here to stay. I won’t go on explaining how you should just get on board already, because I’m sure you already hate me enough. Look, bike shorts are comfy, and that alone should be enough for you to want a pair. You don’t have to look like Kourtney Kardashian at Coachella if you don’t want to.


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You can just buy a simple black pair, and wear them with basically everything in your closet. Don’t shoot the messenger! Just like, go buy some already, okay? They’re cheap, and you’re going to be happy you did. I’m telling you as your friend.

Women’s One Size/Plus Size Solid Seamless Biker, $9.99

Trends come and go, but these are the 2018 fashion trends that we can expect to at least stick around for the new year. So go ahead, you have my permission to continue purchasing them now because they won’t be a total waste of money. Okay, maybe they still will be since you’ll only wear them once, get an Insta, and throw them to the back of your closet. BUT, at least if you get them back out to wear to your Grandma’s or something, it wouldn’t be totally unstylish to do so.

Images: kourtneykardash / Instagram; Revolve; South Moon Under; Urban Outfitters; Pretty Little Thing; Amazon

Is This Spring’s Most Confusing Trend?

From clear vinyl shoes to Matrix-esque sunnies, this spring is all about weird af trends. Still, the most controversial and confusing yet has to be this bike shorts trend. I mean, this trend is legit so mind-boggling that even Vogue doesn’t know how to respond, deeming it spring’s “most curious trend.” Vogue is legit all of us trying to tell our friend in the nicest way possible that her outfit makes her look like a fat cow.

Just like everything else that the Kardashians do, people don’t take it seriously at first. But, sooner than later, even the skeptics find themselves contouring their faces while wearing the latest from the Kendall & Kylie collection. Love them or hate them, there’s no denying that the Kardashians are a family of trendsetters, and no one else could make cycling shorts a thing besides the one and only Kim Kardashian West. Legit, Kim could wear a trash bag, get her sisters to wear it too, and just like that, we’re cutting holes in Glad bags for Coachella 2019. But, like many Kardashian trends, there’s a right and a wrong way to attempt it. So as unrealistic as it seems that people other than celebs will actually be wearing bike shorts come summer, you should take it seriously now or you’ll be the one left standing there in jorts, wondering where you went wrong.

They say there’s a time and place for everything, and bike shorts are no exception. Demonstrated below, is current Revolve “it girl” Negin Mirsalehi showing us how and when to wear this trend. Negin is wearing the shorts as part of a daytime-casual look, and makes them chic as hell with her designer fanny pack and white denim vest.

On this cloudy day we played volleyball on the beach and got ready early to visit a local market. Wearing this comfy @loversfriendsla set from @revolve. #revolvearoundtheworld

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As for who hasn’t mastered this look? Bella Hadid. Just leave it to Bella to try too hard. I get it, your sister is a goddess, life is difficult. But your constant over-the-top effort to look unique and cool simply is not working. Like, why are you wearing bike shorts to the Cannes after-party? Why do your bike shorts have a seam along your crotch? Why are they metallic? I just have so many questions, and tbh most of them boil down to WHY??

#bellahadid and #kendalljenner last night in Cannes with #haileybaldwin #joansmalls and more

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If you’re going to attempt the bike shorts trend this summer, you need to choose carefully, lest you become the internet’s next meme. These styles will make you look trendy and cool and not like a soccer mom. You’re welcome.

1. Spandex

These ones are legit the kind you could wear to SoulCycle, and they are also Kim K.’s go-to style. They’re definitely the most comfy, but make sure you style them in a way that doesn’t make you actually look like a cycling instructor. See Negin Marsalehi above.

Urban Outfitters Out From Under All Day Bike Shorts

Urban Outfitters Out From Under All Day Bike Short

2. Denim

You kind of have to know what you’re doing to wear this style, or you could end up looking a little too NASCAR, if you know what I mean. Make sure you buy them loose and oversize to look trendy, not trashy.

AGOLDE ‘90s Longline Denim Short – Siren

AGOLDE ‘90s Longline Denim Short – Siren

3. Above The Knee

This style is probably the easiest to pull off, and even still, it’s not going to be easy. Since they’re fitted, I would probs wear with a loose graphic tee or crop top to keep the look balanced and stylish.

Amelia Cut Off Knee Short

Hudson Jeans Amelia Cut Off Knee Short

Look, I know this trend is hard to digest—like I said, it’s pretty much a glorified Bermuda short. All I’m saying, is if you want to be a trend-setter rather than a follower, then you better sprint to your closest Urban. Yes, you might be ridiculed at first, but a few months from now when all your friends are vying to wear your “ugly” shorts, you’ll be the one with the last laugh. Just look at Kim, who’s laughing her humongous ass all the way to the bank.

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