The Best Moments From The Betches Instathon

In case you missed it, there’s a lot of scary sh*t going on in the world right now, and to help the fight against coronavirus, Betches started the Good Influence Fund for Corona Relief. In the past week, we’ve raised over $40,000 for four amazing organizations, and on Tuesday night, we hosted the first-ever Instathon to support the Good Influence Fund.

Our three-hour event featured live games and interviews from some of our favorite celebs and reality stars, pre-recorded videos from even more special guests, and only a few technical difficulties. If you missed the Instathon, we’ll be uploading all the best segments on YouTube soon, but here are the best moments that we need to talk about.


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We know you have no plans tonight, so join us at our LIVE Instathon fundraiser for @goodinfluencefund and and do something valuable with your time. We’ll have interviews with @countessluann and @kristendoute, live DJ sets from @itsjameskennedy and @charlyjordan, and a whole lot more, all while raising money for those affected by coronavirus. This is the one IG live you’ll want to watch. Tune in TONIGHT starting at 6pm EST.

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Colton’s Coronavirus Story

When Colton Underwood announced that he had COVID-19 a few weeks ago, it was pretty shocking. At that point, there were only a handful of really high-profile people with the virus, and Colton is the epitome of someone young and healthy. Thankfully, Colton has fully recovered now, and he joined the Instathon to share his experience, and urge others to stay safe.

Colton also shared that he has antibodies for fighting the virus now, so he’s looking into the possibility of donating blood and plasma for research purposes. Regardless of what you thought about Colton on The Bachelor, this is awesome.

So Much Bravo

I love Bravo, you love Bravo, so we’re bringing you all the Bravo content you could want. Luann de Lesseps joined us to talk about the new season of RHONY, and told us that Sonja Morgan would definitely be her ideal quarantine buddy. If anyone from Bravo is reading this, please make that happen as a spin-off.


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so excited to announce MENTION IT ALL, our new podcast dedicated to breaking down all things Bravo. first episode drops 4/17, subscribe now at the link in bio.

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Countess Luann also helped us announce our brand new podcast Mention It All, dedicated to breaking down all things Bravo. Hosted by myself and Bari Rosenfeld, the first episode is dropping next Friday, April 17th, and the Countess herself will be our very first guest. It’s going to be a party.

Later in the show, Kristen Doute joined us, and we quizzed her on who said some of the most iconic Vanderpump Rules quotes. She pretended not to know who new cast member Charli is, and I’m living for that shade. Scheana also popped up in the chat to show some love for Kristen, so it’s safe to say they’re on good terms right now.

We also had one more Bravolebrity guest…

We Love DJs Now

DJ JAMES KENNEDY. The White Kanye closed out the show with an epic See You Next Tuesday DJ set, complete with his new song with Lala Kent. Brb, adding it to my quarantine playlist. Earlier in the night, DJ and model Charly Jordan also joined for a quick set, and it was f*cking amazing. Also, she apparently has a million fans from Italy, so that’s cool. Honestly, I’ve been skeptical about Instagram DJ sets in the past, but I think I love them now? James and Charly’s sets were exactly what I needed, and everyone in the comments seemed to agree.

A Whole Situation

The Situation and his wife Lauren Sorrentino joined us to play a quarantine edition of The Newlywed Game, and they brought their own notepads for their answers. I love when the talent comes prepared. Mike and Lauren were mostly on the same page with their answers, and they’re actually such a cute couple. They told the story of how they met in a college math class, which was fun because I really never thought I would hear The Situation say the word “integers.” My jaw also dropped on the floor when he casually mentioned prison. Do I need to start watching Jersey Shore again? Perhaps.

Joey Sasso Talking ‘Tiger King’

Netflix has pretty much been knocking it out of the park so far in 2020, and the Instathon brought us a much-needed crossover moment. The Circle winner Joey Sasso shared his thoughts on Tiger Kingand in that moment, I felt truly alive. Basically, he’s 100% sure that Carole Baskin killed her husband, which like, same. He also low-key thinks Joe Exotic shouldn’t be in jail, which like, I’m not so sure about. Whatever, I could listen to Joey talk about Tiger King and skincare for hours.

Speaking of Netflix killing it in 2020, we couldn’t forget about Love Is Blindso we got Amber and Barnett to play The Newlywed Game too. They are so cute, I can’t.

Lindsay F*cking Lohan


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How much money are we trying to raise for corona relief? The limit does not exist @lindsaylohan. Visit to contribute.

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The Instathon wouldn’t have been complete without a surprise guest, and I kind of still can’t believe it. Lindsay Lohan, who’s quarantining with her friend in Dubai, answered some of our burning questions, and talked about her new song, “Back To Me.” She looks great, seems happy, and says that she has more music and acting projects on the horizon, so it’s going to be a big year for LiLo. Take Lindsay’s word for it: when it comes to raising money, “the limit does not exist.”

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