5 Lip Balms That Don’t Dry Out Your Lips

It was too good to be true. We almost went a winter without crazy snowstorms and frigid temperatures. But, nope. Here we are in New York burying ourselves under as many blankets as possible to stay warm since it is literally in snowing outside. Sure, our brains, bodies, and lack of motivation suffer from the cold weather, but like, so do our lips. Chapped lips are the actual worst and they hurt. Chapped lips are uncomfortable, inconvenient, and honestly, a little unattractive. Like, we’ve all seen someone whose lips were drier than the Sahara and fought back the urge to offer them our lip balm. Lip balms are your solution keeping your lips hydrated and not cracked this winter. But since we can’t have nice things, some lip balms will actually dry out your lips more. It’s evil, but true—some balms contain drying ingredients so you keep using them more and more. Should be illegal tbh. But luckily, I’ve found lip balms that don’t dry out your lips.

This is one of the many, many things I grab whenever I’m at Target. I have used it every year and it has never betrayed me. The formula consists of shea butter, aloe, and SPF 15 to leave your lips feeling lusciously soft, hydrated, and smooth. Why get one when you can get two for legit less than $4?