8 Celebrity Couple Predictions For 2021

We’re barely a week into 2021, and already we’ve gotten multiple high-profile celebrity relationship developments. Remember back in the early pandemic days, when it felt like no one was doing anything worth talking about? Yeah, not anymore. Over the weekend, we learned that Zoë Kravitz is divorcing Karl Glusman after just 18 months of marriage, and rumors that she is now dating Channing Tatum were swiftly debunked.

Then on Monday, the internet lit up with the news that Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde are likely together. Styles is currently starring in Wilde’s upcoming movie Don’t Worry Darling, and new photos show them holding hands at the wedding of Jeff Azoff, Harry’s agent. These two stories, coupled with the New Year’s Eve bombshell that Pilot Pete and Kelley called it quits, have given us quite the pile of celebrity couple headlines to sift through in the first week of the year. But where do we go from here? We’ve still got 361 days to go, and there are sure to be many more celebrity breakups, new couples, engagements, and divorces before the year is done. Here are some of our very early celebrity couple predictions for 2021.

Break Up: Scott Disick & Amelia Gray Hamlin

My first order of business for 2021 is channeling all my thoughts and prayers into the hope that Scott Disick will leave Lisa Rinna’s 19-year-old daughter alone. These two were first seen together on Halloween, and we hoped it was a one-time thing, but they’ve still been spending time together, and they marked the beginning of 2021 with a trip to Cabo. You know it’s bad when the pandemic vacation isn’t even the most cringeworthy part of the situation.

Stay Together: Ben Affleck & Ana de Armas


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Throughout quarantine, Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas have been providing us with more content than 90% of celebrities, mostly thanks to their daily Dunkin’ walks and the paparazzi being permanently camped outside the gate to Ben’s house. In case you missed the backstory, these two met pre-pandemic while filming their upcoming movie Deep Water. The movie is scheduled to come out this August, so I definitely don’t think they’ll call it quits before then, and despite my natural cynical tendencies, I actually think Ben and Ana might be in it for the long haul. It wouldn’t shock me if we see an engagement ring at some point this year, but I’m not expecting a breakup any time soon.

Break Up: Braunwyn & Sean Windham-Burke


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If you don’t watch The Real Housewives of Orange County, you probably don’t know who these people are, but stay with me, because this is some genuine mess. Braunwyn and her husband, who have seven children together, went on a relationship roller coaster in 2020, which included announcing a separation, sharing that their marriage is open and that Braunwyn is dating a woman, and Braunwyn ultimately coming out as a lesbian. Though she told GLAAD, “I’m not attracted to men, and I never have been,” she and her husband are currently planning on staying together. To each their own, but this week even more eyebrows were raised when Braunwyn (who currently has a girlfriend) said that Sean is allowed to date other people, but she would be “heartbroken” if he fell in love with someone else. While her fellow RHOC castmates have been pretty judgmental, I’ll just say that I don’t see this current arrangement lasting the year.

Get Engaged: Leonardo DiCaprio & Camila Morrone

I’m really going out on a limb with this one, but I just have a strange feeling that Leo is finally ready to settle down. After years of keeping his sights set on the sub-25 crowd, he’s spent the last three years with actress and model Camila Morrone. That’s a pretty long time, and they were seen together in Boston on New Year’s Eve, so it’s not like they’re only hanging out when he’s on a yacht. Granted, at 23, she still fits into his standard age range, and she won’t hit the 25 mark until June 2022, so they could make it through this whole year before Leo gets his usual age-induced cold feet. Only time will tell!

Break Up: Dua Lipa & Anwar Hadid


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For most of 2020, I was super on board with Dua and Anwar’s relationship. They seemed to have a great time spending early lockdown together in the UK, Yolanda Hadid clearly loves Dua, and overall, they just made sense together. But with Dua getting more and more famous, and Anwar spewing anti-vaxxer nonsense on Instagram, it may be time for her to move on to bigger and better things.

Get Together: Dua Lipa & Jonah Hill

This is a prediction that is based purely on vibes. Obviously, I have a feeling Dua Lipa may be single at some point this year, and Jonah Hill split up with fiancée Gianna Santos back in October. I can see Dua and Jonah hitting it off, and I could see her wanting an older guy after dating Anwar, who is four years her junior. I don’t know how well they know each other, but they were on an episode of The Tonight Show together in 2016, so chances are they’ve at least met. I’m not putting money on this one, unless I’m right, of course.

Get Engaged: Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn

Taylor’s relationship with Joe, which began in 2016, has been way more low-key than her previous relationships, and until recently she barely even publicly acknowledged his existence. But the longer these two stay together, the more it feels like we’re approaching a big next step, and this feels like the year Taylor Swift finally gets engaged. Realistically though, I could see her keeping it a secret, so don’t expect too much information if and when it happens.

Get Together: Miley Cyrus & A Hot Rando Woman


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Since splitting up with Cody Simpson, Miley Cyrus has really been feeling herself. She’s been publicly horny all over Instagram and TikTok, and along with her amazing new look and sound, it feels like she’s just having a lot of fun. My guess for 2021 is that she’ll get a girlfriend, but it won’t be someone we know much about. She could slide into a hot woman’s comment section on TikTok, or maybe she’ll meet her new flame on Raya. Either way, I think it’s going to be a good year for Miley.

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Celebrity Quarantine Couples Who Found Love While Our DMs Stay Dry

There’s no doubt that 2020 is a weird year for dating. Normally, most of us would be in the middle of some kind of summer fling, but my personal life is currently drier than… *tumbleweed rolls through my apartment*. But plenty of celebs have figured out how to date in the middle of the pandemic, so at least we can live vicariously through their relationships, right? Right?? I’m not sad at all.

The last time we checked in on quarantining couples was back in March, and it’s safe to say there have been some developments since then. In the past few months, we’ve seen lots of breakups, new couples, pregnancy announcements, and even engagements and weddings. Today, we’re focusing on couples who got together either during quarantine or right before, and honestly, it’s impressive how many celebs have found love amid an ongoing global pandemic.

Demi Lovato & Max Ehrich


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When I was a little girl, my birth dad always called me his “little partner” – something that might’ve sounded strange without his southern cowboy like accent. To me it made perfect sense. And today that word makes perfect sense again but today I’m officially going to be someone else’s partner. @maxehrich – I knew I loved you the moment I met you. It was something I can’t describe to anyone who hasn’t experienced it firsthand but luckily you did too.. I’ve never felt so unconditionally loved by someone in my life (other than my parents) flaws and all. You never pressure me to be anything other than myself. And you make me want to be the best version of myself. I’m honored to accept your hand in marriage. I love you more than a caption could express but I’m ecstatic to start a family and life with you. I love you forever my baby. My partner. Here’s to our future!!!! 😩😭❤️🥰😍 Ps. THANK YOU @angelokritikos FOR HIDING BEHIND ROCKS AND CAPTURING THE ENTIRE THING!!! I love you boo!!!

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I don’t really have a concept of time anymore, but I know this pandemic has been going on for a while because one of our favorite quarantine couples is ENGAGED! It was first reported that Demi and Max were together at the end of March, in the early days of quarantine. At first, they kept things pretty quiet, but we got confirmation of the relationship when Demi accidentally walked in on Max’s Instagram Live. God, that feels like it was three years ago.

Since then, they’ve been a lot less shy about their relationship, and it seemed like things were getting serious. Turns out things are really serious, because today they graced our feeds with some gorgeous beach engagement photos. They both posted really sweet captions, with Demi saying she’s “ecstatic to start a family and life with” Max. But mostly I’m just focused on that RING. Ladies, if your partner is dragging his feet and saying he can’t propose during a pandemic, just send him these pics.

Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly

Megan Fox is living proof that you can make it through divorce and even find love again on the other side. It probably helps that she’s like, extremely hot, but whatever. Shortly after splitting from Brian Austin Green this spring, she was spotted hanging out with Machine Gun Kelly, and she appeared in one of his music videos around the same time.


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donuts are hot. 🍩🔥 let’s get 10 million views on Bloody Valentine video before the weekend’s over 💝

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They’re still extremely together, and are currently in Puerto Rico, where they’re working on a movie with none other than Randall “Fofty Please” Emmett. Lala Kent is there too, and Megan and Mr. Machine Gun (do I call him Colson?) went on the latest episode of their podcast. Megan said that when they met on the set of the movie pre-pandemic, “I knew right away that he was what I call a twin flame.” They hit it off right away, and with Colson (I’m going with it) calling Megan his “future wife”, an engagement might be in their near future too.

Lil Wayne & Denise Bidot

One of our favorite rappers, and one of our favorite Diet Starts Tomorrow alums? Obviously a match made in heaven. Denise Bidot’s modeling career has been exploding lately, and her personal life seems pretty great too. Last month, Denise shocked everyone when she posted some adorable photos with Lil Wayne on her Instagram story, saying “in the middle of all the madness, something special happened. Us.” Ugh, this is so f*cking cute. The next week, Wayne posted a pic of Denise in the pool, and she’s the only person he’s following on Instagram, which is a f*cking power move.

Chase Stokes & Madelyn Cline


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Honestly, if you star in a Netflix show for teens and don’t date your costar, that’s just a bad career move. Outer Banks stars Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline went public with their relationship last month, two months after the premiere of their show. Since then, they’ve posted lots of pics of each other, and things seem to be going well. Speaking to Us Weekly this week, Chase said that quarantine was an “immediate test” of their relationship, but that “we’ve got great communication.” He added that it’s helpful to be “friends before you dive into a relationship.” These two might be in it for the long haul, or at least until season 2 comes out.

Ben Affleck & Ana de Armas

These two finished filming a movie together shortly before sh*t got real with coronavirus, but they’ve done their best work as a couple in the last few months. Early in quarantine, their daily walks were basically the only thing keeping the paparazzi industry afloat, and full articles were written about Ben’s Dunkin’ coffee order. Ana met Ben’s kids, and at one point, they trolled the paparazzi by putting a cardboard cutout of Ana in his front yard (yes, that actually happened).

In loving memory of the 450 Dunkin’ stores that will permanently close by the end of the year… pic.twitter.com/sOOw0HKpbJ

— Ana de Armas Updates (@ArmasUpdates) July 7, 2020

My personal favorite angle here is the iconic Ana de Armas Updates Twitter account. The account has long been dedicated to documenting Ana’s career, which is undeniably on the rise. But early in the pandemic, they switched to BenAna coverage, and after they lightly trolled the couple for not wearing masks, Ana BLOCKED THE ACCOUNT. The account is actually hilarious, and they continue to pump out great content despite their blocked status. Really, this saga is the only thing that’s been getting me through 2020. In recent weeks, Ben and Ana haven’t been photographed in public, but they’re definitely still together. I guess daily pap walks got old after a few months.

While all these couples basically seem to be killing it during quarantimes, it’ll be interesting to see what happens once things are back to normal. But honestly, that probably won’t be happening any time in 2020, so it doesn’t even matter at this point. Cheers to not being alone! *cries into iced coffee*

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