12 Beauty Products ‘Bachelor’ Contestants Swear By

Regardless of whether you hate them or love them, it’s undeniable that the women of The Bachelor know a thing or two about beauty. Whether it’s how to maintain your makeup on the beaches of paradise or getting that perfect no-makeup makeup look while chilling in the mansion, these girls clearly know which products you should be blowing your entire paycheck on buying. So, given their authority on the matter, here are each of their must-have beauty products they can’t live without, and so we shouldn’t be either.

1. Cassie Randolph

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, $20

If you haven’t heard about this lip mask by now, then I’m sorry but you don’t have any friends… or just definitely don’t follow Cassie Randolph on Instagram. Because, if you did, you would know how much she loves this product. This lip sleeping mask is Cassie’s holy grail for keeping her lips hydrated and, since she is in fact the face of effortless California beauty, I’m taking her word for it. 

2. Lauren Bushnell

OUAI Dry Texture Foam, $28

Lauren Bushnell Lane is living the DREAM post-Bachelor life. She’s a Revolve influencer who also just married a country music star—what more could any ex-contestant want? Also, did anyone else see her proposal video from Chris Lane? I legit cried and like, I don’t even know these people. Anyway, Lauren’s hair always looks amazing and she credits this dry texture foam via IG for helping her create her signature look. So yes, I’ll be adding this to my cart as well.

3. Amanda Stanton

Kate Somerville EradiKate Acne Treatment, $26

First off, I didn’t even know Amanda Stanton ever got pimples…it just doesn’t seem possible, she’s too perfect. But apparently she does, and she shared with us via Insta stories that this Kate Somerville acne treatment is her saving grace. And it clearly works considering I’ve never seen Amanda with any sort of blemish, EVER.

4. JoJo Fletcher

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Extra Strength Daily Peel, $88

If you can’t afford to get facials and laser treatments every week like all of these ex-Bachelor contestants can, then this product, which is one of JoJo’s faves, is the next best thing. Of course, JoJo actually does get all of those expensive treatments anyway but, according to her Instagram “beauty” highlights, she’s a fan of these peels as well. And, I can personally vouch for the fact that these peel pads are incredible and worth the steep price.

5. Becca Tilley

Foreo Luna 3, $199

Becca Tilley, the famous virgin before it was a singular Bachelor personality trait (looking at you Colton Underwood) is one of the most beautiful women to ever grace this show. On her Instagram, she attributes her great skin to this device which exfoliates the skin (and also happens to look super cute on your bathroom vanity). Which, sadly, is indeed a trait I look for in my beauty products.

6. Ashley Iaconetti

iS Clinical Active Serum, $138

Ashely I. is obsessed with everything beauty. So when it comes to skincare, we can trust that she knows which products actually work. This serum is by iS Clinical, which is a brand favorite amongst influencers and celebrities beyond #BachelorNation. So, no offense to Ashley I., but there are some actual A-listers vouching for it as well. It’s expensive, which is why I’ve never personally tried it yet. However, if you’re like, rich or something and have tried it then please, let us peasants know how it is.

7. Kaitlyn Bristowe

Tan Luxe The Face Illuminating Self-Tan Drops, $49

Another Bachelor fave product that I also happen to use and love is the Tan Luxe Face Self-Tan drops. Kaitlyn shared with E! that she uses this oil so she can get away with wearing less makeup. Which like, same sis, I use this product in place of having to wear foundation. It’s amazing for blurring imperfections and creating the appearance of an even skin tone, making it a great substitute for your daily face beat.

8. Hannah Brown

Kevyn Aucoin Gossamer Loose Powder, $72

Don’t worry guys, I’m not about to give you Hannah Brown’s mascara recommendation here. Hopefully, by now someone has introduced her to a good waterproof one. But anyways, I’m here to let you in on her makeup artist’s secret for keeping Hannah’s makeup in place during those long hours as The Bachelorette. Hannah’s makeup artist, Gina Modica, credits this loose powder to keeping Hannah’s makeup flawless all night long.

9. Hannah Godwin

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer, $27

Hannah Godwin is a fan of this cult-favorite concealer product as her go-to for covering her dark circles. Everyone who has tried this product also raves about it so like, even if you don’t trust Hannah’s judgment (because I mean she did have that little lapse in judgment with Blake), you can at least just trust the rest of the internet.

10. Demi Burnett

Biosilk Silk Therapy, $49.50 

Besides being known for being unapologetically herself, when you think of Demi you can’t help but picture her long, gorgeous locks. No matter what, even amidst the heat and humidity of Paradise, her hair always looked fresh and bouncy. Considering my hair is the complete opposite, I’ll definitely be trying her go-to product, this Biosilk treatment, and basically just pray for a miracle.

11. Tayshia Adams

Kiehl’s Eye Fuel, $24

This eye cream from Kiehl’s is actually a men’s product, but if Tayshia swears by it, then IDC because gender is a social construct anyway. Kiehl’s is a trusted brand on its own and, apparently, this eye cream kept Tayshia looking her best, even after a night of long-ass rose ceremonies. This eye cream contains caffeine and Vitamin B3 to reduce puffiness and dark circles, which I imagine is something every contestant could actually use on this show.

12. Caelynn Miller-Keyes

Boscia White Charcoal Mattifying Makeup Setting Spray, $38

Any Bachelor In Paradise alum who still looks stunning a few weeks into the season, even as their eyelash extensions get mangled and their spray tans fade, can be trusted with their recommendation for a makeup setting spray. Of course, it helps that all these girls are all so stunning to start with, but being able to maintain a full face of makeup without ANY air conditioning anywhere is a true feat. And for that reason, I’ll be purchasing Caelynn’s go-to setting spray. Plus, it must be good if it’s getting her through the van life with Deaniebabies.

I mean, I don’t know which of these aspiring influencers I can trust is actually “here for the right reasons” but pretty sure I can trust almost all of them on which beauty products are worth it. And, at the end of the day, is anyone ever truly there for the “right reasons” anyway? Groundbreaking but like, something to think about.

Images: Charley Gallay/Getty Images for PUMA; Sephora (6); Dermstore; Revolve; Ulta (3); Kiehl’s

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Which ‘Bachelor’ Alums Will Hook Up At Stagecoach 2020? Our Predictions

Summer 2019 will be remembered for many reasons. It was hot girl summer. It was the summer we discovered that when you play the Game of Thrones, you drink Starbucks or you die. We took our horse to the Old Town Road. And of course, we couldn’t turn on our televisions without hearing about Stagecoach. Stagecoach. Stagecoach. Stagecoach. Annoyed yet? Exactly. By now, anyone with a TV and moderate pop culture knowledge, as well as those of us that were chained to our couches for four hours a week, seven weeks in a row *raises hand* have the word Stagecoach etched into the back of our eyelids. We see Blake’s haircut in our nightmares. And now, we get to do it all over again! That’s right, Stagecoach just announced their 2020 lineup, and that sound you hear is hundreds of former Bachelor cast members finally clicking order on the “authentic cowboy hat” they had saved in their Revolve cart for weeks. We know that last year Stagecoach was a fountain of wealth for Blake, but who will get themselves into sexual pickle this year? Read on for our predictions! 

Blake Horstmann and Caitlin Clemmens

View this post on Instagram

Off to @bachelorinparadise tonight!🌴👙 I figured a @stagecoach throwback would be an appropriate way to kick start this adventure in Mexico! 😂 Who’s tuning in at 8pm tonight!? #bachelorinparadise #bachelor

A post shared by Caitlin Clemmens (@cclemmentine) on

Blake might have been publicly shamed for his behavior at Stagecoach last year, but that doesn’t mean he won’t return to the scene of the crime to revel in his former glory. Mindhunter reminded me that serial killers do that, so I think it’s pretty fair to assume that a serial booty-caller would do it as well. Here’s my prediction for Blake: While he’s remembering his former conquests, he will run into Caitlin Clemmens, who he dumped in Paradise to give Kristina a “friend rose.” He’ll realize he never slept with her at last year’s Stagecoach. He’ll apologize. He’ll cry. He’ll mention that time his mom was sleeping with his coach. And bam! Just like that, they’ll sleep together. Then he’ll block her on Instagram and start DM’ing her friends. You deserved better, Caitlin! And I’m not just saying that because we have the same name!  

Amanda Stanton and Morgan Wallen

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I know they say I move on too fast but this one gon last (cause her name is Andi…and I’m so good with that) ❤️

A post shared by Amanda Stanton (@amanda_stantonn) on

Hear me out. Morgan Wallen is one of the acts performing on night one. Sure, he has a mullet, but he’s single and I don’t hate his music, which I have heard live at a Florida Georgia Line concert with my mother and her friends (Don’t ask. Okay, fine, ask, but that story is for another time). Amanda’s BFF Lauren Bushnell is engaged to another country singer, Chris Lane, and since Lauren and Amanda are basically morphing into the same person, why not also date men who are virtually interchangeable? Plus, Morgan’s on the rise, and Amanda might need someone with ~influence~ to get her out of all that legal trouble, am I right? 

Derek Peth and Kirpa Sudick

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when you realize you’re all out of wine and it’s bachelor monday 🍷 #hangchinthere #thebachelor

A post shared by Kirpa Sudick (@kirpasudick) on

Poor Derek. He’s never going to be the Bachelor. Demi dumped him and then got engaged to someone else. He got in a screaming match at a wedding before anyone was even drunk. It was a rough summer for our favorite Jim Halpert lookalike. But, as JPJ aggressively pointed out, Derek has a podcast, and what better way to promote said podcast than by being at Stagecoach? In any case, Derek deserves love. I’d love to see Derek with Kirpa from Colton’s season. She’s gorgeous, and she’s funny, and she didn’t get half the attention I feel she deserved. That chin injury was solid gold. And based on the fact that Derek and Demi got along so well, I like to think that he’d be into another funny girl. Do it, guys!! Make me proud!

Mike Johnson and Becca Tilley

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Feet hurt too bad to think of a caption! 🤠🎡

A post shared by Becca Tilley (@beccatilley) on

^^It’s alarming how much all these pictures look alike 

Mike Johnson continues to shoot his shot with the hottest celebrities, and I think the sooner he realizes that only a select few celebrities watch The Bachelorette and know who he is, the better. When that day comes, I think he’ll settle down and find himself a nice Bachelor woman, and I’m betting it will be Becca Tilley. Of the still-single Bachelor alums, she is one of the most famous. Plus, she’s just launched her own clothing line, and she’s hot. I only want good things for Mike, and if that can’t be eternal happiness with me, I guess I’m cool with him settling for Becca.

Jed Wyatt and Kristina Schulman

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Yesterday was a dream. Thank you @iheartradio @millerlite @kramergirl for such a great day. 🇺🇸

A post shared by Jed Wyatt (@jedwyatt) on

^^Never gonna be Stagecoach, pal

PLOT TWIST!!! Jed shows up to Stagecoach in a desperate ploy to get attention, and torments serenades all the women walking in to the tune of “I wanna be your Mr. Right.” Only Kristina falls for it. 

And those are my predictions! What do you think will happen at Stagecoach 2020? Will people find a more original picture location? Will we have little Bachelor Nation offspring running around nine months later? Will cast members get hit with more lawsuits? Only time will tell!

Images: cclemmentine, amanda_stanton, kirpasudick, beccatilley, jedwyatt/Instagram

An In-Depth Look At ‘The Bachelor’ Contestants’ Beauty Routines

Last week we talked about what the girls who go on The Bachelor eat (answer: not very much) and how they exercise to stay so skinny. But that really only covers half of the question, “How are they all so much prettier than me?” Okay, so like, maybe that’s a me problem. But still, what are they all doing with their hair and makeup? Is there hope for any of us to ever look like one of the Laurens competing for Arie’s love, short of getting plastic surgery (and in Arie’s case, a lobotomy)? Read on because I researched the Bachelor contestants’ beauty regimens and found craziest shit these girls do in the name of beauty.


Almost all of the contestants have fake lashes. It’s easier and they look chic af on camera. You can buy the little glue-on ones from the drugstore that you wore for prom and your dance shows in elementary school, but if you want to look Bachelor level hot, you have to go for the eyelash extensions. Rachel Lindsay just bought lashes from Sephora and CVS, and let me tell you, I spent her entire season of The Bachelorette complaining about how much I hated her lashes. They were distracting. This is the difference between slapping on one piece of furry shit to your eyes and having a professional attach individual hairs to your lash line in a carefully curated way. If you’re going to do this, do it right. They’re pricey af, running from $120-$300 based on material, and you get them done about every 3 weeks. But you know, your eyes look done 24/7, you don’t have to put on mascara, and you’re always camera ready.


Somehow even in Paradise weather, all the girls’ makeup is flawless the entire time. They also only have makeup artists on the first day and last day (unless you’re the Bachelor/Bachelorette), so how do they do their makeup so professionally every day in between? None of them ever even have shiny foreheads.


Olivia Caridi, for instance, actually hired a makeup artist to teach her how to do her makeup and contour like a pro before she went on the show. Even more hilarious: she apparently bought white and nude eyeliners to put on while sleeping, just in case the cameras caught her. That, I think, is too much, but if you want your hookup to think you’re as perfect as a Bachelor girl at all times, this is how you do it. Also, stop letting your hookups sleep over. Send them home when you’re done with them. That is just good life advice.


Jojo is really into brows (but like who isn’t right now?) and she’s into Maybelline Eye Studio Brow Precise Micro Pencil.


Ashley I. gave up her bootleg Kardashian vibes for Paradise, sticking to foundation, mascara, highlighter, and lip since it’s so hot you sweat it off anyway. At night, though, she’d pull out the full contour. She uses Benefit’s Hoola Matte Bronzer to contour and bakes with Ben Nye Powder. I don’t even know what baking means, so yeah, look it up.


Rachel Lindsay


Having perfect skin is essential to looking flawless on TV and IRL, so take care of it. Corinne Olympios, queen of nannies and cheese pasta, stresses the importance of a good moisturizer.


Amanda Stanton gets facials on a regular basis (at The Facial Lounge in Orange County, CA) and doesn’t wear makeup unless she needs to. She also has lash extensions so it’s basically cheating the whole no-makeup thing.


Jojo spends a small fortune on skincare products. She uses: IS Clinical Active Serum, Dr. Dennis Gross Extra Strength Daily Peel Pads, Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer, and she also does not wear cheap foundation, opting for La Mer Soft Fluid Foundation. I get her point—spend more to have perfect skin and then you don’t have to buy a bunch of stuff to try to cover up your ruined skin afterwards.


Becca Tilley recommends washing your face every night. Groundbreaking, Becca, thank you so much for your insight. You should be a dermatologist. She uses very basic and simple cleanser Cetaphil. Much like her personality.


I still majorly resent Caila for the whole Jared thing and because she was so indecisive and I find that VERY annoying, but she does have beautiful hair. I will give her that one little thing. She does her curls with a 1 1/4″ iron barrel and starts them about halfway through her mane to keep them loose.


JoJo also subscribes to the 1 1/4″ curling iron as the correct iron size, but she makes sure to curl in different directions and “always away” from her face. She then follows up with a dry texture spray. Jojo, you chose the wrong man, but at least your hair looks amazing.


Britt Nilsson, she who sleeps in her makeup, also unsurprisingly never washes her hair, limiting it to only once or twice a week. This helps your hair from losing too much oil and keeps it healthy and shiny. It also preserves your color if you dye your hair. So there are definite perks to being gross. Bust out the dry shampoo, at least.
Britt Bachelor
Now all you need is a casual $40,000 to buy all the outfits they purchase before the show and you’ll look just as desperate for a husband as any of them!
There Have Now Been Two ‘Bachelor’ Breakups In One Week

It’s been a hard week for Bachelor Nation. First we learned that Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell broke up, despite having declared their love before Chris Harrison, ABC, and God. Now we find out that Becca Tilley and Robert Graham, two Bachelor contestants who actually met off-air (insane), are also calling it quits, according to reports by US Weekly.

For those of you who have a hard time keeping your Bachelor contestants straight (understandable), Tilley was the runner-up on runner-over Chris Soules’ season of The Bachelor, and her “claim to fame” was being a virgin who can’t drive.

Yep, before there was No-Orgasms-Raven, there was No-Sex-Becca. Actually, sorry about that, the PC term is hymenally challenged. My bad.

Anyway, The Virgin Becky also appeared on Ben Higgins’ season, which I think means she was like, the OG (non-creepy) Nick Viall. But anyway, so I guess she and Ben are both single now. Maybe they’ll give it another shot in Paradise? Just a thought. 

Robert Graham competed on Desiree Hartsock’s season of The Bachelorette and appeared on season 1 of the greatest show of all time aka Bachelor in Paradise. No word yet on his virginity, but I think it is safe to say that’s been taken care of.

The two started dating in 2016 after “knowing each other for years,” which is crazy because I was fairly certain all Bachelor participants were legally obligated to only fall in love on camera for the rest of their lives. After getting together, the two immediately began a campaign of nauseating lovey Instagram posts, which honestly was the first sign that none of this shit would last.

Becca Tilley Robert Graham

Here they are looking happy at Coachella. Which honestly seems like a very intense place to be as a couple. Not Pictured: Robert coughing up dust and Becca screaming while trying to get an Uber.

Is Coachella taking Ikea’s place as the ultimate relationship testing ground? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Okay, so this might be an insane thought, but I’m starting to feel like dating 32 people on television and then being forced to propose to one of them might not work? And that the people who choose to do that are probably fucking crazy and hard to be in a relationship with for a variety of reasons most of which are that they are fame whores whose career goals include selling teeth whitening strips on Instagram?

Just a thought.