Nick Viall Wants To Clear Up Misconceptions About Essential Oils

What do you do after becoming the Bachelor? For most alumni, it’s hawking fit teas and watches on their Instagram. But some of them have legit businesses, Nick Viall being one of them. The two-time Bachelorette contestant and one-time Bachelor decided to team up with his sister and start his own business, Natural Habits essential oils. Naturally, we were curious, so we sat down with Nick to discuss his new venture. Nick talks all things essential oils, including his personal experiences with oils, the inception of Natural Habits, and how his oils are different from the ones your aunt’s friend keeps messaging you about on Facebook.

Read on to learn more about the beneficial ways you could be incorporating essential oils into your daily routine.

How did you learn about essential oils?
I’ve been using essential oils for going on six years now. I got into it because, like a lot of people, I get anxiety, and that anxiety would lead to me grinding my teeth, and subsequently, I’d get headaches. My sister, who’s a holistic nutritionist, is always looking for alternative forms of self-care and improvement, and so she turned me onto them and suggested I try them. I understand that when it comes to anxiety and headaches sometimes you have to medicate, but if you can try to do other things before you get to that stage it’s always beneficial, so I wanted to avoid relying on medication for anxiety.

Did you have any doubts about using essential oils at first?
I reluctantly started using essential oils. It honestly sounded kind of hocus-pocus-y to me. And the two biggest companies and players in the space are doTERRA and Young Living, who are, as a lot of people know, multi-level marketing (MLM) companies. And there are some red flags with that concept. But there’s other, smaller brands out there so I started using those, and to my surprise, they really helped with me sleeping, relaxing, and anxiety, and then especially also with headaches.

Why did you decide to start your own essential oils company?
It was a bit cumbersome for me because you can have individual essential oils, like peppermint oil is really popular for headaches, but when you blend essential oils together you can maximize the medicinal benefits. That’s kind of time-consuming for the average person. I just wanted to use them as a way to make myself feel better. I also found it surprisingly interesting that it was a challenge for me to find essential oils that were USDA Organic Certified. So that’s kind of how Natural Habits started, with two ideas in mind: first, being able to offer an organic oil that was certified by the USDA, and then we specialize in blends.

What does it mean that your oils are USDA Organic Certified?
So I can only speak in the essential oils space, I don’t know the qualifications for shampoo or whatever, but it’s just making sure there’s no contamination, there are no chemicals, especially when it comes on the farms. Like, we have to make sure there’s no runoff that comes into the soil, no chemicals are added, no adulterants are in there, and a lot has to do with the farming. And the fact that it is a third party, it’s the USDA that we have no relationship with other than the fact that they’re approving our oils so we can legally fly that symbol. There’s a lot of companies that would call themselves organic. Anyone can say they’re organic, but they can’t say they’re verified by the USDA.

What sets Natural Habits apart from other essential oil companies?
We’re not the only ones who do blends, but we specialize in those blends, and we’ve taken time to create the blends. And we try to keep it simple and safe. So the combination of us being USDA Organic, the fact that we’re simple. Right now, we only have four blends. We’re going to keep those for a while, the same four blends will be in our diffuser line. Eventually, I’m sure we’ll have more, but these are the four blends that I’ve used for the past five years that have really helped me, and honestly, if you use these on a regular basis, they will help your emotional, physical, and mental well-being. We try to make it simple for the average user, not over complicate it. I’ve seen the memes like, “What’s the essential oil for bae not calling me?” But it’s almost a little out of control, and I think some of the companies make it more confusing than it needs to be.

What products do you currently offer?
Our roll-ons are out of the box, ready to go. You roll them on just like you would a perfume, anywhere your blood flows, on your temples and like that. We created four blends, Rise, Protect, Center, and Release, with very specific ideas. The idea being that these are habit forming, to get you through the day. Rise to wake up, get your energy boost. Protect for an overall immunity boost, and anything in terms of keeping your immunity up. Center is great for headaches, so if you are prone to headaches it’ll help reduce the headache that you have, but more importantly, it helps make sure you’re not getting that headache in the first place. And then Release is perfect for sleep and anxiety.

Why is diffusing essential oils better than burning candles?
Candles aren’t good for you. Basically, the fragrances and the chemicals they put in to make them burn longer and last longer, to smell the way they do, are all things that you’re literally putting on fire, and by putting them on fire you’re breathing in toxins. Think about how much beneficial using a diffuser : You can control how much or how little is going into the air, as opposed to setting your place on fire.

What is the mission of your company?
You know for me, obviously with my platform, I reach a lot of women, but gender neutral. I use essential oils, guys have anxiety and headaches too, and everyone can benefit from what they can do. I think we’re just trying to get the message out about essential oils and how they’re beneficial, and kind of fighting against some preconceived notions of essential oils. 

Do you have a favorite blend or oil that you go to?
Mine is the Release, I use that a lot. I mean, that’s the one that’s designed for sleep and anxiety, and that’s really what got me into it, and so that blend with peppermint, clary sage, lavender, and grapefruit is the one I use the most. I use it every day when I go to sleep, and I use it throughout the day if I ever go to yoga or do meditation, which I don’t do as much as I should. Thankfully, I get less and less headaches now, but the Center’s been really helpful for that. I find that my second favorite one is probably the Protect because I like the way it smells, and when I’m traveling I put it on and it helps with the immune system. I hate getting sick, and I always try to avoid it, so I’m using it every day for that extra boost.

How do you incorporate essential oils into your daily routine?
That’s how we came up with the name Natural Habits. should be habit forming, it should be something you do on a regular basis to maintain that healthy lifestyle. It’s like when you want to get in shape, you don’t just hit the gym and eat donuts, you look at a holistic approach to having a healthy lifestyle. Essential oils have been a big part of , and they’ve really helped me.

I’m sold! If you’re officially drinking the essential oils kool-aid too, check out Natural Habits’ current line of roll-on oil blends, and the diffuser line, available now. And for a limited time, Natural Habits is offering Betches readers a discount on their purchase. Use code BETCHES for 20% off your purchase on Natural Habits

Images: Natural Habits

The Best ‘Bachelor’ Recap You’ll Ever Read: Week 5

Catch Up On Last Week: The Best ‘Bachelor’ Recap You’ll Ever Read: Week 4

This week’s episode of The Bachelor featured the very best of Louisiana, the very worst of Corinne, and about 3-5 full sentences total uttered by Nick. We also learned a lot this episode, like that there are a lot of parades in New Orleans, haunted houses aren’t above selling out, and that Corinne is basically the Donald Trump of The Bachelor.

Rose Ceremony

These two idiots debating what emotional intelligence is makes about as much sense as Jax Taylor giving a lecture on foreign policy.

Taylor: I never said you’re stupid, I just don’t think you’re very emotionally intelligent.
Corinne: That’s not what I’m talking about, you dumb bitch – Things emotionally intelligent people don’t say.

Corinne: You not going out of your way to say hi to people is going to be fake.

This conversation quickly evolved from “Taylor doesn’t say hi to everyone in the morning” to “Taylor is a huge bully”. Thank you, alcohol and psychological manipulation.

Omg Corinne is totally gaslighting Taylor to make her think she’s the one that’s here for the wrong reasons. It’s sort of impressive, yet evil.

Corinne to Taylor: You don’t say hi to anyone, you have a stank face and to be honest, you have mad split ends.

Corinne then goes to chat with Nick about why Taylor is the worst.

Corinne: Taylor IS a bully. I know it. She knows it. Everyone knows it.

Corinne to Nick: I know Taylor’s like socially retarded and rude but she’s my friend so like, promise me you won’t make fun of her okay?
Nick: I really appreciate your maturity in all his.


“What does THAT say about your emotional intelligence bitchhhh?”
“Who looks stupid now bitch.”
“This bitch in insane.”

Why is Corinne Jesse Pinkman?

I’ve never seen someone drink as much Champagne as Corinne. She must be sleeping all the time because she’s so hungover.

“Hashtag winning” – Corinne clearly re-watched Ben Flajnik’s season and is using Courtney’s exact same lines to get a book deal or some shit after this season.

Nick then gets ready to distribute the roses.

Nick: It’s really great that the girls were able to pretend to embrace Milwaukee, means a lot.

Josephine was shocked when he called her name, she was already mentally home in her own bed.

Laterz Astrid, I guess this is the last and only time I’ll get to use this joke.

Is it legal to have these women out there in this freezing tundra of Wisconsin?

Off To Louisiana

OMG A MARRIOTT HOTEL NO FUCKING WAY! WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!! I mean that’s the only reason I can imagine these girls are jumping on a hotel bed after the age of 12.

Chris B. Harrison: We’re in New Orleans!
The girls: No Shit.

Suddenly they’re in New Orleans and all these girls’ hidden “y’alls” come out?

Date With Rachel

Rachel and Nick actually seem to get along well and it’s not like, forced and for TV and shit.

Rachel: Then I realize the band was for us and so we started dancing!
The band: Move bitch you’re in the middle of our parade.

Who knew Rachel was a professional New Orleans street dancer?

Ugh I love Rachel I hope if she doesn’t win she’s the Bachelorette.

They then go to a dark room for a live concert in the middle of the day. Did they just leave in the middle of the concert without saying a word about it? The band must’ve cancelled their sponsorship halfway through the show.

This creepy dinner place looks like a great place for Nick to murder Rachel.

Rachel: *Tells long emotional story about her last time being in New Orleans and making a life change*
Nick: That’s crazy

She is like, kneeling in front of him to kiss him. Nick, can you be a gentleman and get up?

The only part of this journey that Nick hasn’t practiced before is meeting someone’s parents before having the chance to reject them.

Group Date

They’re at Houmas House, which looks exactly like the house Reese Witherspoon pretends to live in in Sweet Home Alabama. Ugh I want a falafel.

Danielle: We meet Boo and he’s kinda creepy. – I mean, he does look like he’s from Scary Movie.

Raven is definitely into crystals and astrology and all that shit. She’s like, basically a waitress from True Blood.

If I were Nick I would get rid of all the idiot girls that bought into this ghost shit.

Side note: Why does little May look like John Adams?

They then play Ouija boards, asking questions about Nick’s love life. Do haunted houses from the 1800s all come equipped with Ouija boards??

Next, in a terrifying twist of events, the lights suddenly go out!

Nick: I need 2 volunteers to touch my dick before the lights come on.

Meanwhile Back At The House

Corinne actually does a pretty good Taylor impression.

Taylor is like, about to take bath salts to deal with this date anxiety. Instead she sniffs scented vials from Bath & Body Works.

Can we discuss Corinne’s room service order—wings, steak, and fries. I feel like the producers got her drunk alone in her hotel room so she would say fucked up things and then bribed her with drunk food. Like, no one casually takes a bubble bath with an entire camera crew and producers watching.

Back At The Date

Nick: The doll is gone! Who touched it?
Me: The producers.

Nothing like telling Danielle L. telling Nick she’s falling for him while searching for a toy of the ghost of a dead 8-year-old.

Can they not defame May’s memory by handing out a group date rose in her room?


One On One Shop Betches

Get your Bachelor tee here!

“Make America Corinne again” – I just threw up in my mouth a little bit, both because that makes no sense and because Corinne is giving me strong DJT vibes.

Is this woman the white exorcist from True Blood? Her fedora really screams “healer.”

Taylor’s looking at this tarot bitch like:

Healer: There is a woman who is trying to tear you down in the house and who is out to get you.  – Cut to a producer whispering these lines into this woman’s ear. This woman should be ashamed of herself, using her special psychic gifts to produce higher ratings on The Bachelor.

Both of these women fucking suck. Corinne, you ALREADY told Nick there’s a problem with Taylor!! Taylor, you’re a mental health professional. You’re better than this.

Corinne to the witch woman: How do you make a voodoo doll specific to a person?

Is Taylor’s middle name “emotional intelligence”? It’s like, the one word she picked up in mental health counselor school.

This is like where Tara Thornton’s mom has her exorcism performed.

Taylor, on Nick and Corinne: Their relationship will be built off whipped cream and lies. – I feel like this will be the title of Corinne’s memoir.

YAS questioning each other’s career bylines! The moment I’ve been waiting for!

Corinne: You’re not a real mental health counselor!
Taylor: You’re not a real multimillion dollar business owner!
Me: Neither of these are legitimate careers or relationships!

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Nick: Taylor and Corinne clearly don’t like each other. But as usual this isn’t about them. It’s about me and who’s more likely to give a good blowjob. That being said, Corinne will you accept this rose?

YUGE mistake, Nick. YUGE

He obviously just thinks Corinne is hotter, and Taylor is having a v bad hair day.

They then abandon Taylor in the bayou and awkwardly float away on the motor boat.

Corinne’s voiceover: Dear diary, Today I learned Corinne is far from a fucking idiot and I feel like a pathetic loser for judging her. Also, I have 65 Zika-infested mosquito bites from my date on the bayou.

I guess the voodoo doll worked.

Then Taylor, aka worst mental health counselor of all time, gets her own exorcism from the Louisiana healer while making some weird-ass proclamations about herself. This will probably deter many future men from dating her. “I am the water sign. I’m the one that’s emotionally intuitive and aware. I’m the one being bathed in the blood of crawfish by New Orleans witches.” 

Raquel’s Famous Cheese Pasta, Revamped

After Corinne’s revelation that “no one can make cheese pasta like Raquelle/Raquel,” and the subsequent release of her much anticipated cheese pasta recipe here, we decided we needed to revamp it.

I mean, I’m sure shredded cheddar and cooked white pasta taste, um, great, but we have fancy palates meant for Champagne, oysters, and vodka.

Because we love you and want you to have a fancy and non-nutritious dinner during The Bachelor tonight, here’s our fancy version of Raquel’s famous cheese pasta.



Cook your fucking pasta which, like, we shouldn’t have to give you a play-by-play on how to do unless apparently you’re Corinne. Drain that shit and set the pasta aside.  Grab the same pot you just cooked the pasta in and melt the butter over medium heat.

In a separate bowl, whisk together the egg yolk, evaporated milk, salt, and pepper. Reduce the heat under your pot to low and pour in the milk and egg mixture. Stir that shit, then add in all of your cheese—stirring continuously until the mixture is smooth.

Add in your drained pasta and stir. Spoon into a bowl and top with extra black pepper if you like.

This goes great with subpar TV shows and a nice full-bodied red. 

The Worst Looks From ‘The Bachelor’ So Far Because Barely Anyone Has Their Shit Together

We’re only two episodes deep in Nick Viall’s season of what some people like to call The Bachelor but what I like to call Nick Viall’s Tinder, but sadder and with more STIs and already Liz is whack AF. Especially whatever’s going on with the stories these women are trying to tell via their hair, makeup, clothes, accessories, and poor use of words.

But I’m not here to discuss who could and could not pass the GED. Or even what happened on night one—otherwise known as the red dress fiasco of 2017—because besides the dolphin/shark/Tilikum (RIP) costume there wasn’t really anything to note. Sure, Vanessa’s dress was heinous. Christen looked like a contestant on Toddlers & Tiaras, but that’s all par for the course. When the women are let loose to do their hair and makeup in a pinch and put together whatever they deem an “appropriate” outfit, that’s when shit gets really interesting. Enter: episode two.

In no particular order, here are the worst fashion and beauty looks from this week’s episode of The Bachelor (and their respective perpetrators).

1. Christen aka the poor man’s Kaitlyn Bristowe.

I would like to go out on a limb and assume that this was her just after she woke up, but it’s not. This appears to have been in the middle of the day. Christen is either a neglected sheep dog or an alcoholic, but probably both.

TF is this?

Seriously TF is that?

ME, thinking about Christen’s leopard headband a day later:


2. Franco aka the most underrated Franco brother

Omg, Dave! I love your onesie! Is it from American Apparel?


3. Liz aka Amy Dunne

^^^Liz’s spiritual advisor.

I call this look “psycho casual.”

I call this look “psycho medium casual.”

I call this look “psycho glam.”

I call this look “psycho white supremacist” or in layman’s terms, “Donald Trump.”

And this one is Liz after she murdered Nick and had to take a shower to rinse off all the blood. It has no name, but it is easy to replicate. All you have to do is wet your hair, disregard any modicum of dignity you have left in this cruel world, and be born dead inside.

4. Princess Taylor aka the pinnacle of mental health

As if you didn’t already have a hard time taking this one seriously, put the adult mental health counselor in a tutu and a crown.

5. Corrine aka the white/sluttier/not talented at all Janet Jackson

TBH though this is my favorite look thus far.

She’s giving me mad Shakira vibes here. But less hot. And with less of a grasp on the English language.

6. Josephine aka the nurse with ADHD who I would most certainly not trust with needles or sharp objects in general

Taking a page from Amanda Stanton’s handbook of “off-the-shoulder shirts from Nasty Gal that shouldn’t count as shirts.” Next up on the to-do list: being verbally assaulted by dating Jesus freak fuckboy Josh Murray. Good luck, Josie!

Also, these crispy ring curls are sending me into a bout of depression.

7. I already forgot her name aka Jaws

And then for Hanukkah my parents got this pair of really expensive white gold hoops and I had to pretend like I didn’t even like them and…it was so sad.

Nick to Jaws: And did you know she cheats on Aaron?

Get a grip, Jaws! No one wears hoop earrings anymore. It’s civil rights. This is the ’90s. Also, happy boob birthday, you sweet little freak.