The Messiest Famous Families, Ranked

Is there anything better than a celebrity family? While I love talking sh*t about all celebrities equally, there’s something about an added family dynamic that just makes everything messier, and a lot more fun. Obviously kids deserve privacy and blah blah blah, but everyone on this list is over the age of 18, and therefore fair game to roast. When thinking about my favorite famous families, there are some obvious choices, but there are also some underrated ones that don’t get enough appreciation for the drama they bring into our lives. I ranked the best famous families by messiness, so you’re welcome.

The Hadids

No one really knew or cared about the Hadids until a few years back, but times have changed. Gigi and Bella are both major stars now, and their little brother Anwar is quickly following in their footsteps. Add to that their mom Yolanda’s tenure on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and there’s plenty to talk about. The main thing to know about Yolanda is that she had Lyme disease for years, and Lisa Rinna accused her of faking it. It was a whole thing, but back to the kids. After years of on and off dating, it looks like Bella is officially back with The Weeknd, which feels correct. Gigi dated Zayn Malik for a long time before breaking up this year, and Anwar is now rumored to be seeing Kendall Jenner, which almost feels like incest? Their dad, Mohamed Hadid, is a real estate developer worth hundreds of millions, and he’s also best friends with Lisa Vanderpump.

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The Simpsons

It’s easy to forget how big of a deal Jessica Simpson was in the early 2000s. Her little sister, Ashlee, was also a pretty big deal for a while, with her own reality show and a hit album, until her career was ruined by a lip-syncing scandal on Saturday Night Live. Ah, times were so simple in 2004. Ashlee is now married to Evan Ross (Diana Ross’ son), and they have a new reality show together, which I am very much not watching. But let’s not forget that Jessica was the first Simpson to have a reality show with her husband. Jessica’s reality show with her then-husband Nick Lachey is really wild to revisit now, because Jessica was just so dumb. The best moment is when she is shook by the realization that buffalo wings are not made of buffalo meat (but it’s a very close second to the time she thought Chicken of the Sea was made of chicken). Jessica and Ashlee are the famous ones, but the Simpson family wouldn’t be complete without their dad Joe. If you’re wondering about Joe Simpson, think of him as a prototype for Kris Jenner, which makes him a…dadager? Idk.

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Daddy's Girls #TBT

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The Cyruses

Even though Billy Ray Cyrus is famous, I firmly believe that Miley has been in charge of this family since she was like, 12 years old. She started making that Disney money, and the rest is history. Now, over a decade later, Miley has gone through major transformations in her career, from Disney starlet to horny teen to horny adult baby to hippie stoner. I might have missed some steps in there, but you get the gist. Miley now seems pretty chill, and is still engaged to Liam Hemsworth, whose famous family has had much less drama. These days, the most interesting member of the family is Miley’s little sister Noah, who you know from her iconic (but short-lived) relationship with Lil Xan.

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The Hiltons & Richards

This family often gets forgotten, because Paris Hilton is the only one who really matters here. Paris is one of my favorite people of all time, whether she’s making a fool of herself on The Simple Life or pretending to DJ at nightclubs around the world. She’s an icon, the leader of a business empire, and the epitome of a betch. Also, her sister Nicky married into one of the most famous families in Europe, the Rothschilds, and I am very jealous. But it’s important not to forget that Paris and Nicky’s aunts are none other than Kim and Kyle Richards, the messy duo from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The drama between the sisters has been a main plot line on the show for years, and their sister Kathy (Paris’ mom) is so above it. For months, both Kim and Kathy weren’t speaking to Kyle, because she decided to produce a TV show based on their life story. The show, American Woman, got canceled after one season, so was it even worth it?

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We are family … I’ve got all my sisters with me ???? ❤️

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The Kardashians & Jenners

For our generation, the Kardashian-Jenners are the holy grail of famous families. In the past, we had families where multiple generations were Oscar winners or Broadway stars, but I like the Kardashians just as much. I won’t bore you with all the details that you already know, but it’s really spectacular to think about all this family has given us in the last decade. A 72-day marriage. Secret pregnancies. Cheating scandals. Jail time. Lip kits. And don’t forget, it all started with a sex tape. All these other families can try, but no one has ever brought the drama at a level that approaches the Kardashians. The devil works hard, but Kris Jenner truly just works harder.

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The Trumps

Look, I know we all hate Donald Trump, and therefore we hate most of his family just by association, but there’s just so much material here. Ivanka paints herself as this iconic businesswoman and champion of feminism, but really her greatest achievement is a clothing line known for making designer knock-offs, which subsequently got dropped from most stores. Then we have Donald Jr. and Eric, who basically do nothing but wear suits and follow their dad around. Oh, and Don Jr. also allegedly had an iconic affair with Aubrey O’Day of Danity Kane, who appeared on The Celebrity Apprentice. I could go in on Melania, but I’ve been done with her since the moment she plagiarized Michelle Obama’s speech at the GOP convention in 2016. My personal favorite Trump is Tiffany, the daughter that DJT basically didn’t acknowledge until he was running for office. While Ivanka is busy fighting for women’s rights (lol), Tiff spent her summer at Lindsay Lohan’s club in Mykonos, so she’s winning. Ha ha ha how tf did we let these people control our country?

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New Celebrity Couples We Don’t See Lasting Through The Summer

Is it just me, or is it getting harder and harder to keep up with new celebrity couples? While some couples are all over Instagram with each other, others play it so low-key that you have to dig through tabloids and paparazzi photos to even know if they’re still hanging out. There have been some interesting new celebrity couples recently, but I’m not convinced that all of them will last until the end of this sentence. Who’s bound to get engaged, and who’s just fucking around? These are my predictions about some of the most interesting new celebrity couples. I don’t have a crystal ball or anything, so lmk in the comments if you think any of my guesses are wrong. I can’t promise to care, though.

1. Hailey Baldwin & Justin Bieber

Once-upon-a-time fuckbuddies Hailey and Justin have recently reignited their relationship, and it seems to be going well. After they were spotted making out all over NYC, they’ve been seen hanging out more, including going to church together in LA. That’s a favorite date activity for Justin, but does it mean that he’s serious about Hailey? I have to say, the fact that they’re currently rocking the exact same haircut is both cute and disgusting. I think they’re having fun for the summer, but Justin will get distracted by the time Labor Day rolls around.

they look so happy✨???? @haileybaldwin @justinbieber #haileybaldwin #baldwiners #justinbieber #beliebers #couplegoals #otp

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2. Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson

I’ve already spent way too much mental energy on Pete and Ariana’s absurd relationship, so I won’t rehash all the details here. Despite the questionable timeline of their relationship and engagement, I actually think they could be the real deal. Assuming they don’t fuck things up by getting married too soon, I could see them being together for a long time. Like, years. But also maybe they could cool it with the Instagram posts, just a little?

one more for the queen. words can’t express what a real fucking treasure this one is ????

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3. Dakota Johnson & Chris Martin

Dakota and Chris have been dating since last fall, so they’re the least new couple on this list, but we also know very little about them. I respect that they want to keep things private, but I’d also like more details please. Sources say they’ve been getting serious and that Dakota has recently been spending a lot of time at Chris’ place in Malibu. Dakota seems like kind of a wet blanket, but considering that Chris spent years with Gwyneth Paltrow, Dakota probably seems like Snooki in comparison. I see this relationship lasting for another six months to a year, but I doubt this will end in a wedding.

Dakota, zeppelin and Chris Martin in Malibu, Califórnia. June,24th. . . #dakotajohnson #zeppelinjohnson #chrismartin

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4. Anwar Hadid & Sonia Ben Ammar

We already discussed how the youngest Hadid was seen hanging out with this French-Tunisian model just days after making out with Kendall Jenner. Are they dating? Is this the beginning of a relationship? I have no idea, but I’m predicting one of two things: either Anwar has already blocked Sonia’s number and moved on to someone new, or they will be together for a long time. Actually no, I’m definitely going with the first one. He’s too young and too pretty to settle down, and he just got out of a serious relationship. Anwar is definitely DTF with any hot model right now.

#anwarhadid and #soniabenammar ???? Anwar was seen with Kendall while kissing just two weeks ago!? ???? What do you think about this?

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5. Kendall Jenner & Ben Simmons

It’s been nearly a month since Kendall Jenner was first seen hanging out with NBA Rookie of the Year Ben Simmons, and a lot has happened. Mainly, things were complicated when Kendall was seen making out with Anwar Hadid earlier this month. This all feels so incestuous, but I’m also turned on? Since her night out with Anwar, Kendall has been seen with Ben multiple times, signaling that they’re at least a little serious. They even went grocery shopping together, which is such an adult choice of activities. Idk if Kendall is in the mood for anything major, but it’s the off-season for Ben, so it makes sense for them to have fun. Who knows, Maybe Kendall is destined to become a basketball wife?

06.28.18 Kendall and Ben leaving Barneys New York in LA after shopping ????????❤ (c) source #kendalljenner #bensimmons #bendall #kardashian #jenner #nba #76ers #sixers #philly #philadelphia #losangeles #hollywood

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6. Nick Jonas & Priyanka Chopra

This is truly one of the most random celebrity couples in recent memory, but they’re looking more and more real. After attending the Met Gala “as friends,” Nick and Priyanka quickly evolved into an It Couple, and now there are even rumors that they’re going to get engaged soon. I still feel strongly that Nick Jonas is meant to end up with me, so I can’t say I’m a fan, but Priyanka is an amazing catch. I can also see Nick getting along well with someone older, so maybe this couple is really going to last. I’m calling it now, they’re going to have beautiful babies together.

#priyankachopra and #nickjonas spotted in NYC on June 13th ????

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Is It Time To Care About Anwar Hadid?

At this point, I’ve accepted that the Hadid sisters are just a part of my life. Gigi and Bella obviously have no clue I exist, but that doesn’t stop me from watching all their Instagram stories and Googling “Bella Hadid The Weeknd together” once every couple of weeks. You know, gotta check up on my fav couples of yesteryear. Until now, Bella and Gigi are the only Hadids I’ve really cared about (sorry Yolanda, you were never my favorite Housewife), but there’s a new day dawning—their brother Anwar Hadid is fully grown, and he’s making news all on his own.

First of all, Anwar Hadid is hot. He’s a model, because obviously everyone in this family was blessed by the hand of God (or a plastic surgeon @Bella). He currently has bleached blonde hair, which I’m into because he looks 10% like a strung-out homeless guy, and that is my truest type. I am the worst, and that is my truth. Anwar turned 19 last week, which makes sense because the most interesting famous people are usually too young to drink. Bella Thorne, I’m looking at you. Being an attractive model isn’t that special, but Anwar’s recent dating activity has put him on our radar in a whole new way, and it got us wondering…is it time to start paying attention to Anwar Hadid?

To the choppa

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A couple weeks ago, we were very confused by the news that Anwar was spotted making out with none other than Kendall Jenner. This was strange for a few reasons. First of all, Kendall is like, best friends with Gigi and Bella, and if my best friend made out with my little brother I would literally vomit in my mouth. Second, Anwar literally just turned 19 and Kendall is 22. No no no! Think back to being a senior in college, and imagine making out with a high school senior. I know none of these famous people go to school, but that is weird!!! I’m not having it.

Third, Kendall was literally just seen with famous basketball guy Ben Simmons, so what is she doing with her tongue down Anwar’s throat? FOURTH, Anwar was also dating actress Nicola Peltz very recently, and no one even knew they had broken up until after the Kendall makeout. Obviously, I have a multitude of questions.

Let’s back up a little and focus on Nicola Peltz for a minute. You might not know her name, but Nicola is gorgeous, and has starred in movies and shows like Bates Motel and Transformers. She’s not like, an A-lister yet, but she’s working on it. She’s also 23, so why is she dating someone so young?? I just, ugh. She and Anwar first confirmed their relationship in January of 2017, and they were going strong until at least sometime in May. After the Kendall makeout, it was discovered that they had unfollowed each other on Instagram, which is the telltale sign of a rough breakup. Nicola also unfollowed the entire Hadid family, because she understands self-care.

@kegrand @thelovemagazine thank you!!!! Loved doing this! @douginglish killed this bro thank you!

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So then the Kendall Jenner makeout happened, which threw a real wrench in this narrative. It never seemed like a serious thing, and that’s basically been confirmed. Kendall has since been seen with Ben Simmons again, which makes sense because “NBA player” is her real type, and “male model” was obviously just a distraction. Meanwhile, Anwar has also been seen out and about with a new lady friend who suspiciously looks a lot like Kendall. Her name is Sonia Ben Ammar, and she is a French-Tunisian model who is, of course, stunning in every way. Sonia and Anwar were recently seen outside a nightclub in LA, and he’s definitely not holding her like someone who’s just a friend.

#anwarhadid and #soniabenammar ???? Anwar was seen with Kendall while kissing just two weeks ago!? ???? What do you think about this?

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So is Anwar dating Sonia? Are he and Kendall more than just friends? Will he be back with Nicola by the end of the week? It’s all so unclear, but I know that I’m too invested now to turn back. It’s officially happened, I’m obsessed with a third Hadid sibling. Yolanda Hadid better not be hiding anymore of these photogenic children, because I really don’t have time to devote to stalking more of her kids on Instagram.

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Somebody Needs To Rescue Anwar Hadid From The Modeling World

Earlier this week, the Hadid siblings took London Fashion Week to model Gigi’s new Tommy Hilfiger collection. Obviously, this included the star Gigi herself, her less hot sister Bella, and…her brother Anwar? Excuse me, but I don’t know this person? Is he a male version of Gigi that looks kind of like a young Leo DiCaprio? Because if so, my prayers have been answered, and I’m about to spend two to five hours on Google Image Search. Let’s break down what happened at this ground-breaking event.

Gigi opened the show looking fly per usual:

Gigi Walking in Tommy

She was followed by Bella, who didn’t look as amazing as Gigi, but was still giving it her best effort which we’ve gotta respect:

Bella Hadid

And then came Anwar, who was thrilled to be making his debut looks like he wants to die:

Anwar Hadid Modeling

Ok, so not only are my hopes for a new celebrity crush instantly dashed, but now I’m genuinely concerned about what’s going on with Anwar in this photo. Granted, this is also actual footage of me walking into work on Monday after a drinking bender, but still. This is scary.

Naturally bewildered by all of this, I did a two-second Wikipedia search to carefully investigate some of the missing pieces in this story. First of all, Anwar is in fact related to Gigi and Bella and is their youngest sibling at 18 years old. He’s also a professional model, so it’s not like they pulled him out of his third period math class to walk the runway. So why does he look miserable AF modeling with his sisters?

Some possible explanations:

1. He’s on a juice cleanse
2. He’s on a cold-blooded mission to dethrone Gigi and Bella
3. Tommy Hilfiger told he him looked fat

The mystery remains, since even after the show was over, he looked like an actual ghost compared to his two sisters rocking out:

Tommy Now Hadid

Blink twice if you need help, Anwar. You can still maybe be hot if you try.