Is Anne Hathaway Still Annoying? An Investigation

Just a few years ago, Anne Hathaway was one of my least favorite celebrities. Sure, she had acting talent, but everything about her persona as an actress was so over the top, and she often came across as a total try-hard. The other day I was watching The Princess Diaries, and I had an important realization: I think I like Anne Hathaway again. What has changed? Is it me? Is it her? To find out, let’s go back to the beginning, and see what really happened. Today also happens to be Anne’s 36th birthday, so I’m really giving her a chance to redeem herself.

In my estimation, Anne Hathaway’s career can be split up into five rough phases. A lot has changed since the days of The Princess Diaries, so let’s take a closer look at Anne’s trajectory, and how we feel about it. Back in 2002, 20-year-old Anne didn’t suck. She wasn’t ever like a Hilary Duff-level of lovable or anything, but she was quirky, cute, and–most importantly–not pretentious. She knew how to do family movies without seeming dumb and annoying, and she perfectly pulled off the balance of clumsy but poised and mature. She also avoided any of the scandals that befell other young stars of her generation.

The second major phase of her career was when she really focused on becoming a ~serious actress~. This included movies like Brokeback Mountain and The Devil Wears Prada. Both of these are classics, but it’s easy to see where Anne’s annoying streak started to come into play. Anyone who takes themselves too seriously gets old really quickly.

The period from 2009-2011 was where things really got rough. At this point, Anne was a big name star, but some of her movie choices were seriously questionable.  She took off her clothes a bunch in Love and Other Drugs to show us she’s a grownup, but let’s be honest, we were all busy looking at Jake Gyllenhaal. Also, Alice in Wonderland is so f*cking weird and I’m still mad I had to watch it once when I was babysitting.

Looking at the whole timeline, 2012 is where the sh*t really hit the fan.  In the same year, Anne ruined the last Batman movie and cried way too much in Les Mis, for which she somehow won an Oscar.  On top of thatAnne managed to give the most eye roll-worthy Oscar speech in recent memory while showing us all her nips in her gown. Her pretentious-ness was a lot to handle, and it was hard to take her seriously.

So where are we now? After winning her Oscar, Anne laid low for a few years, putting out some projects here and there, but taking a break from really being in the spotlight. Honestly? It was the best decision she’s ever made. Now, she’s back on the scene, but she seems way more self-aware about basically everything. Her role in Ocean’s 8 this summer was totally hilarious, and we haven’t seen her do comedy like that in a very long time. She’s also gotten into the big business of celebrity commenting on Instagram, and she had a really lovely Insta exchange with Lady Gaga after she saw A Star Is Born.

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I keep thinking how we move through things so quickly these days (how could we not?); I know my personal capacity to absorb something new is often maxed out. For example, a movie opens, we are “obsessed” for a weekend, we move on. I do this too: even when I really love something, I get distracted by the next thing, don’t fully digest the experience and I quickly move on, like the world exists only to entertain me, like great art is unlimited, that my consumption of it as an everyday all-you-can eat buffet is acceptable. We are so fortunate- a ton of worthy, excellent movies are going to come out between now and the end of the year, and our plates are going to become increasingly full. That said, I think A Star is Born is so special, so ambitious, so audacious and so brilliantly human that it shouldn’t just be a news story for one weekend. Even being so excited about what’s coming out, I want to really luxuriate in appreciation for A Star is Born. I saw this film back in August at the Venice Film Festival and I still walk around feeling lucky I was in that audience. This film surprised me in the best possible way; it even killed some cynicism that I didn’t know had snuck into my heart. I loved it. I hope you see it. Bravo @ladygaga. Bravo #bradleycooper. Thank you. Encore ????

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So basically, Anne Hathaway is doing great right now, and I’m excited to see where this takes her. Hopefully she can keep things normal and down to earth for as long as possible, because she really is a great actress. Happy birthday Anne, keep up the good work!

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‘The Devil Wears Prada’ Is Getting A Sequel

You probably knew that your favorite movie to watch on E! all the time was a book first. Now, The Devil Wears Prada writer gives us the sequel we all deserve, i.e., one that doesn’t focus on Andrea. I mean, can any of us shake the imagery of that character portrayed by Anne Hathaway in one horrible cerulean sweater? I think not.

So anyway, the book, out June 5, 2018, centers on the real star of the show, Emily. It’s called When Life Gives You LuLulemons. TBH, that title is on brand enough for any betch to pick up as her 2018 beach read without even knowing it was a DWP sequel.

Sure, this is not the first sequel of the series. Book two was Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns. I’m pretty convinced the third installment of the series will be even better because next to Miranda Priestly, Emily Charlton was a tried and true betch. It’s like, if you don’t say “I’m just one stomach flu away from my goal weight” on the reg, who even are you?

Sure, her character in the book and the one in the movie probably differ a bit, but you can bet your ass you’re going to read her quotes in Emily Blunt’s voice in your head. In the first chapter of the book, Emily is called to solve a PR crisis for an up-and-coming pop start who is spotted in a Nazi costume. So basically after leaving publishing, Emily became a British Olivia Pope of sorts. Grool.

Of course, you’ll have to read the rest for yourself in six months. But the best part is that the movie adaptation, if there is one, won’t have Anne Hathaway. Can we get a studio on this, stat?

Why Anne Hathaway Is The Coolest Actress Of Our Generation

It’s no secret that Betches love Anne Hathaway. Some might even call her our betch idol. And I mean, why wouldn’t we? She has everything from style to class to edge and it’s every girl’s dream to have her public persona. Let’s take a look at some reasons why Anne is the greatest thing that happened to betches since sliced sashimi.

Anne has stated that she originally wanted to be a nun, a super great way to #8 not have sex with bros. Even though she became an actress instead she made sure to maintain her sense of modesty.

On top of that, Anne is hysterical. She’s always keeping us on our toes with her amazing facial expressions and silliness. What a goofball!

She’s an inspiration to women everywhere.

Her hair is always flawless.

She is cool and radiates sex appeal.

I hear she does Lancome commericals in Paris.

When she played Catwoman, Anne showed that she could act AND be sexy.

When she hosted the Oscars, Anne just radiated cool. She was like, totally playing off James Franco’s vibes.

Most of all, we love her upbeat attitude and the fact that she NEVER over-acts.

Her knowledge of the fashion world is flawless.

Her awesome sense of style serves as a daily inspiration to us to look our best.

Anne’s motto is “Don’t ever let anyone with bad eyebrows tell you shit about life.”

Her acting is never annoying.

She looks absolutely nothing like Justin Bieber.

She’s as charming as Jared Leto.

She just has this sence of majestic untouchability about her.

Most of all, Anne encourages us to believe in the power of our dreams.

Are Crystals Betchy? An Investigation

Crystals have been around for a while, but getting crystals at witchy stores like Spellbound Sky and House of Intuition are becoming as basic as adopting a rescue dog. At least the rescue dog will get you more Instagram likes. But let’s take a look at why TF everyone is so into crystals and whether they’re betchy or not.

Plenty of betchy celebrities are into crystals including Adele, Victoria Beckham, Katy Perry (ehh), and Miranda Kerr. I mean, if we were winning dozens of Grammys we’d probably be cool saying rocks contain magic too. Maybe Bey would have gotten the credit she deserved if only she had washed her aventurine with the salt water tears of her enemies. But at the same time, Spencer Pratt and Anne Hathaway also swear by crystals. So like, it’s kind of a zero sum game.

We used to think crystals were for the goth freaks who hung out in the back building and had way too many facial piercings for a 14-year-old, but if you live in LA then you’ve been to Cafe Gratitude and know that good vibes are like currency here. And now I will go shoot myself for writing the most obnoxious sentence of all time. Anyway, Cafe Gratitude is like a haute couture version of Whole Foods. For one thing, crystals are expensive, which makes them inherently betchy. I mean, you can drive to Joshua Tree and literally pick up a rock for free, but if you want to buy a smaller version of that rock on a silver chain from a “healer”, it’ll cost you $50. And you can’t just buy one crystal, so you end up spending hundreds just to line up your chakras to the moon or whatever.

There are crystals for everything from career to love to blocking negative energy. That kind of just sounds like drugs, TBH. Or drinking. Some of us drink when we’re “feeling off” and some of us buy little rocks and put them in their bras for good luck. And then some of us buy crystals. Usually the types of girls who care too much about expensive rocks are the kind who are super thirsty to get married, and that’s not very betchy. Though we’re sure there’s some connection with girls that like crystals. They def care more about their engagement ring than the man who gave it to them. I mean, both are expensive rocks that mean something to some people and mean literally nothing to everyone else. But believing in magic because the world is going well for you means you’re probably living a #blessed life and that is kind of betchy too.

Because let’s be real. If you believe in crystals, chances are shit was going great for you anyway. There’s a reason you never see anyone working at McDonald’s wearing quartz or opal. Wearing pretty jewelry to protect your soul from bad spirits is basically a plot out of a Disney princess story, and there’s nothing betchier than needing to be protected because you’re a princess.

On the other hand, we’ve learned from dating shady bros that you never want to get too into something. Caring too much is never betchy, and girls who get too into crystals are like, embarrassing. If you’re washing your crystals under every full moon and laying them out at every first Tinder date you go on, you’re like trying way too hard. Or you’re probably ugly or fat. Either way, it’s not a good look.

So in conclusion, we can get on board with a few mindful meditations that revolve around shiny stones, but only until we get bored and move on to the next expensive trend we don’t need. Basically, you can get into crystals and still be betchy the way a hot girl can be crazy and still be hot. Like, it’s definitely not a part of your character anyone likes, but they’ll put up with it because you’re hot.

‘The Devil Wears Prada’ Is Coming To Broadway, That’s All

Every once in a while, a movie comes along that’s so betchy it quickly transforms from a standard flick into a visual betch bible. There’s Cruel Intentions and Mean Girls for baby betches, Legally Blonde for the college betch and, of course, The Devil Wears Prada for the young professional (despite the fact that Anne Nicegirl Hathaway can’t fucking sit with us). And because the entire world dreams of being as incredible and powerful and fab as Miranda Priestly, The Devil Wear’s Prada is coming to Broadway. Brb, running to buy my ticket rn.

Our fave gay BFF Elton John and famous playwright bro Paul Rudnick are the ones creating the whole thing, so like, shit should be good. This isn’t Sir Elton’s first fucking rodeo, amiright? The only downside is that the production company has said that none of the original cast will be in the play. I know, I know. Y’all are gonna freak tf out and be like “that’s great news because Mia prin-cess of Genovia is the fucking worst,” but like, you gotta admit watching her get shit on for two hours was entertaining af. Not to mention, who could ever replace Emily Blunt and Queen Meryl? No one. That’s who. But IDGAF because shit is legendary and who doesn’t wanna see Miranda Priestly realness in person?