8 Cozy Loungewear Pieces You Can Work From Home In

If I relate to any fictional character, it’s Schitt’s Creek’s Alexis Rose, who wears an ensemble to her court-mandated community service. I, too, dress up regardless of where I’m going, but in these trying times, I haven’t left my apartment in *checks calendar* a long f*cking time, and I don’t want to waste an outfit if the only people who see me are the frat boys who live in the apartment across the street. However, I refuse to wear my floor-length bathrobe and magenta Uggs all day because I am a firm believer in look good, feel good, and it’s hard to feel like a boss when I look like Tony Soprano pre-coffee. Seriously, if we are going to be staying in our homes for what looks like the foreseeable future, it’s important to make yourself and your home as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

So because I have paused my Rent The Runway account and the only clothes I own are jeans and oversized T-shirts, I have decided to invest in loungewear that is both cute and extremely comfortable. Again, I’m not trying to impress anyone with my outfits because no one can see me, but if you are like me, you feel more productive and useful when you get dressed in actual clothes, rather than just chilling in whatever you slept in. So, between reading emails and pretending to pay attention in Zoom meetings, I scoured the internet for quality loungewear and these are my  favorite things that I’m excited to live in for the next quarter.

Aerie Plush Jogger, $23

I got these joggers over the summer and am shocked they’re still in stock, because they’re the most comfortable item I own. I don’t like to be swimming in sweats, so I sized down and they fit a little more snuggly than pictured above, but you do you. Here’s how amazing these are: my incredibly bougie boy toy thought they were cashmere. I’d also like to add that I am pretty tall and these are way more high-waisted than they are on the model above, but I like them that way because I can wear a cropped tee with them and not feel like a wannabe TikTok star.

Alo Yoga Ombre Legging, $59


I have these in every color and have never worked out in them because these are my lounge leggings. If someone told me they’re made of silk and clouds, I’d believe it. Truth be told, I like my leggings to be a little bit sculpting because I feel like I’m wearing a fitted sheet otherwise, but these are neither light nor sculpting. However, they work because the material is thick enough that when I bend over because I spilled pancake mix all over the floor, no one can see my bare ass. Highly recommend.

American Apparel Peppered Fleece Cropped Pullover, $36

When my former roommate broke our lease and abruptly moved out, I made sure to keep forgot to give back her American Apparel sweatshirt. However, because karma is a b*tch, I leaned against a freshly painted pillar on the subway platform and properly ruined the sweatshirt. Luckily, American Apparel has a storefront on Amazon and, not only did I replace it, but I bought it in every color! It’s easy to just throw on, it’s super soft and, unless you dunk it in wet paint, holds up pretty well.

Lunya Washable Silk Set, $178

I know this set is super expensive for pajamas, but hear me out. My roommate got me the Slip silk pillowcase for my birthday and I didn’t realize how amazing silk was until I slept on this pillowcase. Silk is cooling, obviously very soft, so light and just all-around amazing. The only problem with silk is that it’s hard to wash if you’re a peasant and don’t go to the dry cleaners for your PJs. These, however are washable and, may I add, so worth the price. They’re so f*cking comfortable and you can even wear them out once the world returns to regular programming. I’ve definitely tucked this top into a pair of high-waisted Levi’s and called it a day.

Target Striped Perfectly Cozy Lounge Pajama Shorts, $14.99

I don’t have to tell you that everything Target sells is amazing, but I will say, these shorts are no exception. They’re made from Target’s super secret Perfectly Cozy material, which explains why they are so comfortable. I proudly own the matching sweatshirt and am proudly wearing this set as I sit here writing this story.

P.J. Salvage Peachy Long Sleeve Top, $60

I swear I don’t mean this in a bad way, but the material is actually really thin, which I appreciate because waffled tops generally activate all of my sweat glands. This one is super soft and a tiny bit sheer, which is fine if you are also alone in your apartment. P.J. Salvage is famous for its super-soft materials and this oversized top is no exception. This top runs a little big, so size down if you don’t want it to double as a short dress.

Wildfox Tennis Club Sweatpants, $36

I could be wrong, but I feel like after Juicy Couture exited the scene, Wildfox promptly took its place. I have a few pairs of the signature Tennis Club sweats and I love them. They’re so soft and, I don’t know how, but incredibly flattering on my butt. It’s not just me, though. A few of my friends have said the same. They are perfect for times like these when you can’t leave.

Sarah Liller Penelope Jumpsuit, $128

Is it crazy to drop so much on a jumpsuit that’s so soft it feels like pajamas? I mean, I’ve definitely stress-impulse-bought worse things. This jumpsuit is, as I previously mentioned, so f*cking soft and comfortable. And I know that some of you may come at me for promoting actual clothes during these times, but this is where you’re wrong. Less pieces to put on and take off = less effort. You can wear this on your Zoom meeting to look professional, then you can fall asleep on your couch in it, and you can even wear it outside of the house (if we are ever allowed to do that again).

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Clothes That Look Like They’re From Revolve But Cost Way Less

Okay so obviously we all know I hate paying a lot of money for clothes. I’d rather spend my hard-earned cash on more important things, like $50 Ubers and vodka sodas for the entire bar when I’m drunk. The catch here is that I love being fashion-forward and trendy but also cheap AF. Life is so hard. I always find myself laying in bed scrolling through websites like Revolve and Shopbop and wanting everything—but not being able to afford it. Don’t worry, though. I’ve found pieces that look EXACTLY like Revolve, but for less. Vodka sodas for everyone!

Revolve Look #1: Cropped Denim Jacket

Cotton Citizen Cropped Denim Jacket

Cotton Citizen Super Crop Denim Jacket

I’m always searching for a good cropped denim jacket, but I’m not about to give my first born to pay for it. This one is from Revolve for the really reasonable price of $425. IS THIS A JOKE? I found the exact jacket on Zara for $50, so save that extra cash for… IDK, anything else! I paired it with a sweatshirt dress, chain belt, and my favorite sock booties.

Zara authentic denim jacket

Revolve Look #2: Utility Jumpsuit

My next look is a jumpsuit. I love to wear jumpsuits literally everywhere. They’re great for traveling, nights out, and especially when you’re doing nothing. Revolve has one for $248. GET OUT OF HERE WITH THAT.

Michael Stars Utility Jumpsuit

Michael Stars utility jumpsuit

I found one on Pretty Little Thing for $38, so you’re welcome. When it comes to styling this jumpsuit, I put a bodysuit on underneath and unbuttoned the jumpsuit a little. That way I avoid looking like I know a lot about how to change your car’s oil. I paired it with sock booties and silver hoop earrings I got from Gemmed Jewelswhich also has jewelry for less. I’m a sucker for a good hoop earring. it can take your outfit from day to night real quick.

Pretty Little Thing khaki utility jumpsuit

Revolve Look #3: Culottes

My last look is these new trendy culotte pants everyone seems to be wearing. I was skeptical about them at first, but I’m a follower so I bought them. Sorry, mom. Culottes are great for the weather change and to wear to work or on a Saturday when you’re pretending to look like an adult. Revolve has them for $194, no thank you.

Rachel Pally Twill James Pant

Rachel Pally twill James pant

I found them on the American Apparel website for $68—a little pricier than I like to spend, but if they’re pants I can wear over and over to the office, then I guess I’ll spend it. I paired this look with a crop top and clear mules from Zara that I now live in. I also threw on a translucent raincoat, because apparently, these are really in style now.

American Apparel twill pleated pant

Hope you and your bank account enjoy these looks for less!

Images: Revolve (3); Maya Media (3)
Betches may receive a portion of revenue if you click a link and purchase a product or service. The links are independently placed and do not influence editorial content.

American Apparel Came Back While None Of Us Were Looking

American Apparel is basically the worst crazy girlfriend in the history of ever. Like, the kind that publicly freaks out at her boyf, then subtweets him for a week, posts a super long Snapchat story exhibiting her new crazy single party girl life, and then one day just gets back together with him and posts a gag-worthy Instagram with some stupid inspirational quote caption like nothing happened. Except, instead of breaking up with some random douchebag, American Apparel broke up with all of us by declaring bankruptcy and shutting down all of its stores. That’s like, totally unforgivable, because it left millions of innocent college girls with one less place to get going out clothes.

Now, because they’re clearly moody AF, American Apparel is back with an online shop filled with all of their classic basics. I guess we can all finally sleep again knowing we can spend twice as much on a plain zip up hoodie because it was made in the glorious USA with no sweatshop labor but lots of alleged sexual harassment! Here are a few of the best basics American Apparel has brought back. 

1. Cotton Spandex Halter Bodysuit

The effects of the temporary loss of this halter bodysuit are not yet known, but I’m sure it caused some serious emotional distress to a lot of people. Anyway, it’s back, so you can stop stealing your roommate’s.

American Apparel Cotton Spandex Halter Bodysuit

2. Cropped Flex Fleece Zip Hoodie

Cropped hoodies are totally having a moment right now, so you might as well hop on it. Plus, they come in clutch for when you want to wear a hoodie as a shirt but not look like an actual potato sack.

American Apparel Cropped Flex Fleece Zip Hoodie

3. Sofia Midi Dress

This midi dress is super versatile, so it’s definitely a good staple to have in your closet. It’ll be the perfect “shit I have to look decent later and don’t know what to wear” solution. Say what you want about American Apparel, but their clothes are so comfortable, so having one of their dresses that you can wear to basically anything is def a good idea.

American Apparel Sofia Midi Dress

4. The Nylon Tricot High-Cut One Piece

Sure, summer is like, basically over so it may seem pointless to buy another one piece right now. But when you think about it, the world’s pretty much going to shit, so maybe we’ll luck out and climate change will give us an extended beach season so you can wear this classic piece a few times.

American Apparel Nylon Tricot High-Cut One Piece

5. High-Waist Jean

American Apparel’s hipster employees were rocking mom jeans way before the rest of us even considered it. These jeans are practically iconic. 

American Apparel High-Waist Jean

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A Farewell To American Apparel: The End Of A Skintight Neon Era

In case you haven’t noticed, American Apparel is having a total meltdown. The California-based company is closing its online shop and retail stores, selling all of its merchandise at Wet Seal prices along the way. So on the off chance that you’ve recently walked through a mall without wondering why there are more hipster high schoolers and stressed out sorority girls than there were at Kylie’s last pop up, I’m here to let you know that American Apparel is shutting TF down.

Saying goodbye to American Apparel is kind of like mourning the loss of a former BFF who now has a boring boyfriend and spends her weekends watching House Hunters. Like, you’ve already kind of started to grow apart, so you’re not that sad. At the same time, you can’t deny that she was by your side for some of the best blackouts of your life and your teal American Apparel bodycon was probs there, too.

Up until 2015, when it announced it’s broke AF and we grew up and realized the company as a whole was immoral AF, American Apparel was the shit. It was the go-to spot for the slutty outfits featured in all the photos you debated posting because you looked skinny but also really drunk. Without American Apparel, there would never have been the invention of the Cotton Spandex Halter Bodysuit that everyone’s boobs look great in. (Honestly, look back at every pregame you’ve ever been to and try to tell me there weren’t at least three girls wearing these.)

American Apparel was also responsible for the tiny, faux-vintage swimwear you wore on spring break to show off your tiny hidden tattoo and/or make your ex-boyfriend jealous. 

Let’s be real, though. Your relationship with American Apparel probably wasn’t always great. It’s definitely the reason you have at least one questionable metallic skater skirt that you bought to wear to a music festival or rave, but you forgot about until your roommate fished it out from the back of your closet when she was desperately searching for a Halloween costume and asked you why the fuck you ever bought it. Its ad campaigns are also probably at least partially responsible for your lingering distrust of older men.

Anyway, even if you pretend to hate American Apparel’s clothing, there’s no way you’ve successfully avoided wearing it. Don’t believe me? Why don’t you ask your big where she bought those purple neon pants of hers you wore to that 80s workout themed party sophomore year?

Like cheap vodka and Diet Coke, this store was definitely a staple for betches everywhere. Even if you don’t miss it yet, you will when your Tobi order arrives two hours before you’re supposed to go out and you can’t run to American Apparel to grab something else when it doesn’t fit.