The Best Amazon Prime Day Deals On Tech

It’s more or less Christmas in July for those of us who have waited and hoped for the promised return of Amazon Prime Day. Better than Christmas, though, Amazon Prime Day means I can sit in the privacy of my home, comforted by the warmth of my laptop and the silence provided by a lack of screaming kids, in-laws, and other holiday chaos. It’s no secret that Amazon Prime Day will have buckets of f*cking deals available at our fingertips, and some of our favorite deals to shop are those that normally seem out of reach, like tech sh*t.

If, for some reason, you have no idea what Amazon Prime Day is, it basically started in 2015 to celebrate Amazon’s 20th birthday. Today, it’s a giant online sale that, this year, will run for 48 full hours starting Monday, July 15.

Here are some of the best tech deals you can peruse come Christmas in July—er, Amazon Prime Day.


If you’re still into watching sh*t on tablets (I mean, it’s fine), Prime Day will have several deals on a few different tablet options:

Amazon’s Kindle e-reader, normally retailing for $89.99, is listed for $59.99, The battery lasts for weeks, you can highlight and look up words you don’t know, and the way the screen is built allows you read in bright spots (like by the pool) without the glare.

Fire HD 10 Tablet with Alexa Hands-Free is normally $149.99. Prime Day has this price dropped to $99.99, because Amazon loves us and wants us to be happy. 


Amazon Echo

Do you have an Amazon Echo yet?  You should. Alexa tells me if it’s raining, what I need on my grocery list, and what the news for the day is. I mean, it’s like a more knowledgable Siri just working to make my life easier, ya know?

The Amazon Echo Dot, normally $49.99, is only $22. Holy sh*t, how have you not bought one yet?

The Echo 2nd generation, originally $99.99, is now on sale for $49.99. That’s voice control of your music, your news, your groceries, and a computer friend for literally the price of one bar tab.


Apple Stuff

Between wearable tech like wireless earbuds and watches to Macs, there’s quite a bit of Apple sh*t available as part of Prime Day.

Apple Watches series 3 and 4 are all on sale. The Series 4 with GPS is selling for $399 (previously $429); Series 3 with GPS and cellular is selling for $299, down from $379 (which is like, v good).

Apple AirPods with Charging Case are normally $159.99 and currently only $144.99.

Apple iPad 32G is the smaller model but is available as part of Prime Day festivities for $249. That’s an $80 savings off the usual price. If you’re fancy and need the bigger model, the Apple iPad Pro, normally $1149, is listed currently at $999.99 for an 11-inch.


If you’re still tracking your steps (slowly raises hand), there are several deals on FitBits you can take advantage of.

FitBit Alta HR is deeply discounted in certain colors (as low as $79.99), so you can be stylish and know exactly how fast your heart is racing after one flight of stairs

FitBit Versa SE is like the Apple Watch for people who hate Apple (minus like, phone calls and stuff) and is currently available on Amazon for $199, marked down from $229.

FitBit Charge 3 is currently selling for $129.95, down from about $170. That’s a pretty good deal, fam.

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The Cutest Sundresses You Can Get On Amazon On Prime Day

Everyone claims their favorite season is summer and, although IDGI ’cause like, I despise sweat stains, I can still admit there’s a lot to love. I mean, beaches, rooftops, and summer Fridays are all cool—but is there anything better than just being able to throw on a sundress and not have to put ANY further thought into your outfit? Sundresses are an easy summer staple and an outfit that requires no effort, which is why I love them so much.

Of course, you can get sundresses pretty much anywhere. But with Amazon Prime Day right around the corner beginning on July 15 (YAS), why not get them alongside all the other sh*t you don’t need, but that you got amazing deals on?  That being said, here are the cutest sundresses on Amazon right now that, as a fashion snob myself, are pretty f*cking cute. And like, if you have Prime, they’ll be on your doorstep within two days. Talk about fast fashion, am I right? Anyone? Anyone???

1. Angashion Summer Floral Bohemian Swing Dress, $21.99

As much as I love Reformation, I can’t afford a closet full of their sundresses this season. Speaking of Reformation, this dress has that same effortless summer vibe with a minimalist floral print that they’re known for—but for 1/10th of the price. It’s a midi length, so it’s appropriate to wear whether you’re going to brunch with grandma or drinking with your besties at a rooftop bar. Or, even better, wear it to the pregame brunch with grandma and then meet up with your friends at the rooftop bar. You know, really have yourself a day! You got the perf dress for it!

2. BLENCOT Button Down Strappy Sleeveless Flowy Mini Dress, $18.99

This is your perfect summer LBD and, as cliché as that sounds, you know you need it. You can easily dress it up or dress it down, so it’s the perfect summer dress to bring along for all your trips this season. Wear it with sandals and statement earrings for a going out look, or throw it on over a tee with sneakers for all your summer daytime activities! This dress can do it all, and because of that, so can you! For a mere $19, you can get this do-it-all dress for the same price as one cocktail at that swanky rooftop bar you just had to go to. You know, the one you went to just to get that envy-inducing Insta story. That $19 cocktail was worth it though, right?

3. Saikesigirl Boho Floral Print Mini Dress, $16

This floral mini is feminine and cute, and this is the perfect loose-fitting dress to wear all summer long. The buttons give it elevated detail, and the ruffles make it flirty and girly. It’s the perfect date night dress to look subtly sexy without trying too hard. So, you know, you’ll look super cute for your mediocre date—fingers crossed he doesn’t make it any worse by trying to make you go halfsies on the check.

4. BerryGo Vintage Off Shoulder Floral Print Mini Dress, $21.99

This off-the-shoulder dress is casual and cute, but still fitted enough to wear out and not look like a grandma. Also, (if you care about this kind of thing) guys love a girl in a sundress, and you’ll be sure to have their attention in this fitted number. Like, maybe you’ll even get a nice guy to buy you dinner after all! Or at least a dollar slice of pizza. Whatever floats your boat.

5. Huaxiafan A Line Swing Dress, $15.79

When I talk about my love of easy sundresses, this dress is the epitome of why. This dress is loose-fitting and breezy so like, no bra necessary. You can throw this dress on and automatically look cute and put together, when in reality you’re just wearing a big shapeless sack. Which, sounds unappealing, but I mean look how cute it is!!! No one can really tell you’re basically wearing a pajama dress, so everyone wins.

6. Saikesigirl Floral Print Mini Dress ($15.08)

This is another easy dress you’ll want to have in your arsenal this summer because like, how freaking cute is it? It’s a very Sincerely Jules vibes so you know it’s on-trend and stylish. But, even better, you know one thing that it’s not??? Expensive. This dress is less than $20, but wear it with a trendy summer beach bag and some delicate layered necklaces and no one will know it actually just shipped from Amazon along with your new smoothie tumbler!

7. Angashion V Neck Floral Print Mini Dress ($18.99)

This sundress is a little more elevated of a style with its ruffle detailing and feminine floral print. It could easily be worn to a casual wedding or like, a graduation party or something. Or like, idk whatever other semi-dressy super boring event you’re forced to attend this summer. But, hey you’ll look super cute plus uh, free booze!!!

I mean, denim shorts were cool and all when we were in high school, but they’re not exactly the comfortable summer throw-on for most of us nowadays. Sundresses are their more mature and stylish upgrade that’s also wayyy comfier and, simultaneously, looks way more effortless. And like, I knew I could get a new iPhone charger from Amazon in two days flat, but glad to know I can get some cute-ass dresses as well! Thanks Jeff Bezos, I know your life is kind of sh*t right now, but keep doing you! And, more importantly, keep doing Amazon! Cheers to Amazon Prime Day baby!!!!!

Images: @rpnickson / Unsplash; Amazon (7)

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Everything You Have To Buy During Amazon Prime Day

Guys, I don’t want to alarm any of you, it’s Amazon Prime day. Amazon is my one true love in life, so I don’t want to say this is my Super Bowl, but this is my Super Bowl. Amazon is offering amazing deals all day, so here is what you’ve got to buy before it sells out.

1. Milumia Women’s Off Shoulder Mini Dress

I was like, hm, what should I add to this list, but then I looked down and I’m wearing this dress right now. If you want to match me, go buy it. It’s super soft and comfy and I’m basically wearing a cotton blanket or a trash bag, yet I somehow look dressed. And it’s only $20!

2. Vibrant High Waist Denim Skinny Jeans

If you need some new white jeans in your life for summer, grab these super cute high waisted ones from Vibrant. These are my favorite bargain jeans, they’re super soft, and if you accidentally spill your chips and salsa all over them, they’re only $30 anyway!

Image result for Vibrant Women's Juniors Classic High Waist Denim Skinny Jeans

3. Calvin Klein Women’s Modern Cotton Set

Usually when everyone is obsessed with something, I immediately start to hate it. It’s just instinct. But for some reason these stupid sets are so cute and soft that I am obsessed and keep buying them. Because there are so many colors. Today, Calvin Klein stuff is cheap af—up to 50% off! Buy these sets and thank me later.


Image result for Calvin Klein Women's Modern Cotton Bralette and Bikini Set

4. Lanzom Wide Brim Straw Panama  Sun Hat

If you need a cute hat to shield your face and new hair color from the sun, buy this one right now. It’s cute, foldable for packing, and under $15. I see these hats all over the place for around $40 (which like, why? This looks so cheap to make?), so this one is a total steal.

Image result for Lanzom Women Wide Brim Straw Panama Roll up Hat Fedora Beach Sun Hat UPF50+

5. SojoS Classic Aviator Mirrored Flat Lens Sunglasses Metal Frame

These sunglasses are so fun and if you lose them, or like, smash them by throwing them into your purse without a case, no worries because they’re only $12! They also come in a bunch of different colors.


Image result for SojoS Classic Aviator Mirrored Flat Lens Sunglasses Metal Frame with

6. Aiseyi Women’s Pu Leather Backpack

Tiny leather backpacks are everywhere this year, especially for fall. Most are pretty expensive, but you can find this chic af one on Amazon right now for under $25!

Image result for aiseyi Women's Pu Leather Backpack

7. Maybelline Summer Fundles

I have never heard of a “fundle” before (fun bundles, I’m assuming?) and yet the name alone makes me feel a bit stabby. However, if you’re into Maybelline, they are offering 40% off their fundles on Prime Day, which, okay, it’s a really good deal and makes me forgive them a little.

Maybelline New York Limited-Edition Fundles Makeup Artist with Lip Studio, Eyestudio Master Precise All Day Liquid Eyeliner, Famous Fundles Adult Coloring Book and Color Palette Crayons

8. Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon is offering discounts on a ton of electronics, but the true steal is the Amazon brand shit—like if you want an Echo, to pretend you have a robot house, which I really didn’t even want, but now that it’s so cheap, I have to have it. It’s 40% off today and now I won’t have to get up to turn my lights off or find the remote to tell Netflix that YES OF COURSE I’M STILL WATCHING, QUIT JUDGING ME.

9. Fire TV Stick

The Fire Stick is already cheap Apple TV, but today it’s even cheaper, because it’s 50% off. Watch all of your shows big again instead of on your phone like some kind of serial killer.

10. Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader

If you want to pretend you read, you have to have a Kindle. Mine has saved me soooo much space in my tiny apartment—I think I have like 300 books on it by now, and yet, I can still leave my home because the books aren’t stacked all over the floor. The best part is being able to take the entire Harry Potter series on vacation without the jerkoffs at bag check-in making me take stuff out of my bag in front of everyone because the weight limit is 50 lbs and my bag is 52, and Susan feels like being an asshole today. Also, if you do actually read, you can get 3 months of Kindle Unlimited for $.99!



Images: Amazon (10)