NYC Workout Classes For Under $30 That Aren’t Super Crowded

Finding a workout class in NYC under $30 is nearly as impossible as finding a nice, loyal man on Earth a swiping app. But luckily for you, we believe in defying the odds—at least when it comes to finding a good workout at a decent price. We’ve rounded up the best studios and cheapest workouts around the city that offer classes like cycling, kickboxing, yoga, pilates, etc. These no frill studios will get your ass in shape for summer, all while still leaving some room in your bank account to cop those summer heels you’ve been eyeing. And for under $30, you’ll still have plenty left over for a new bathing suit to go with your newfound abs.

Read on if you’re ready to get your summer body into peak shape for those thotty thirst trap IG posts without emptying your savings account.

Boxing: I Love Kickboxing, 3 Classes For $19.99

Three classes for $20 is basically free in New York City. I Love Kickboxing has locations in Manhattan, Long Island City, Astoria, and the Bronx (in addition to across the country), and guarantees a way to get out some serious pent-up aggression while getting in shape FAST. So whether you’re pissed off at your ex, Tristan Thompson, or just want to throw some kicks and punches, you probably won’t find a cheaper (yet very effective) boxing gym.

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Cycling: Cyc, $22 A Class

Another trendy, high-energy, dark room, loud music cycling class, but at a slightly more affordable price than its competitors. At Cyc you’ll get in a full body workout, sweat your ass off, and afford to be able to come back for more to keep the progress going. Cyc has locations in Chelsea, Astor Place, Hell’s Kitchen, and the UES (in addition to Massachusetts and Wisconsin, but like, who cares).

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Total Body: PRX, $25 Drop-In, First Class Free

If you don’t mind traveling all the way uptown for one of the best (and cheapest) workouts in the city (we’re talking uptown as in the last stop on the A train), then you definitely need to sign up for a class at PRX. I’m not kidding, I felt such a difference in my body after a few classes at that studio that I cancelled ClassPass to get a membership at the gym (sorry, CP!). The studio offers plenty of classes from boxing to cycling and HIIT, but the Total Body, taught by celeb trainer Yusuf Myers, is one of the best/most intense. The best part? When you find yourself wanting to go hide in the bathroom at any point during the workout (you probably will), staring at Yusuf’s chiseled bod will be enough motivation to push through.

Yoga: Yoga to the People, $10 Suggested Donation

Leave it to the zen, mindful yogis to offer donation-based classes. Yoga to the People has five locations in NYC and registration is not necessary (aka you can just show up), but don’t be an asshole and not pay the donation. Regardless, you’ll leave the class feeling revived, so the donation is worth it, and $10 is a hell of a lot cheaper than you’re going to find elsewhere in the city.

Run Clubs: The Runs, Free

If you’re the Charlotte of your group that enjoys running, and are looking to join a run group that is semi-social, semi-competitive, and apparently into poop jokes, then you just might want to consider running with the The Runs (but not literally). According to the group’s Facebook group, some of the runners are preparing for races, while others are just looking to get off the couch; all fitness levels are welcome.

Pilates and Barre: Flex Studios, Drop-In Classes From $26

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Okay, pilates and barre classes might be the priciest of all gym classes, so finding a cheap class that still allows you to work up a serious sweat can prove to be a bit challenging. But may we present to you Flex Studios’ pilates and barre classes? The studio offers a range of basic pilates, basic barre, and suspension training TRX classes, as well as pilates/barre combo classes that focus on various body parts. Drop in classes start at $26 and can get up to $38/a class depending on the instructor and length of the class.

Dance Cardio: 305 Fitness, Community Classes For $18

If you’re looking to sashay your way to a toned ass, look no further than 305. It’s basically like being in the club, with no creepy guys trying to grind on you. They teach choreography that will give you a workout while a DJ spins in the background, with a weights component for a different targeted area each day of the week. The choreo is not intense, so even if you didn’t take hip-hop dance classes in middle school, you won’t have a problem. A portion of the proceeds for community classes go to a nonprofit—this month in NYC it’s Everytown for gun safety.

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One Of The Chainsmokers Got Caught Cheating On His Girlfriend, And He’s Not Even The Hot One

Valentine’s Day is coming up, which means it’s time for another reminder about how love is fucking dead. One of The Chainsmokers cheated on his girlfriend, allegedly, and this shit got sloppy real quick. The guy in question is Alex Pall, who is notably *not* the hot one (that’s Drew Taggart), and his girlfriend Tori Woodward. They’ve been together since the beginning of 2014, which is like, a long time any way you look at it.

But it turns out, unsurprisingly for someone who makes a living standing in front of a computer pretending to make music, Alex Pall is a dumb idiot douchebag man! Tori, who is our new private investigator, got ahold of security camera footage of Alex allegedly making out with another girl, and we are really impressed, but also have a lot of questions. Was it Tori’s own security camera? Did she have to hack into someone else’s security camera footage? Is she working for the NSA??

Because Tori is a savage betch, she was not content to just confront Alex about his actions, no no no. Instead, she put him on fucking blast on her INSTAGRAM STORY. As in, posted screenshots with some truly dramatic AF captions about how love is dead. Do a dramatic reading of these if you like:

“Alex is disgusting. Men are trash. Don’t ever forget it.”

“They’ll look you in the eyes and tell you they love you. Then destroy you without a second thought.”

“After hours of begging him for scraps of honesty, I chipped away just enough to confirm that this is not the first time he’s remorsely cheated on me.”

Okay Tori, looks like we’ve got Taylor Swift Jr. on our hands over here. We do need to point out that “remorsely” definitely isn’t a word, but using the power of context clues, we can infer that she meant the opposite (i.e. without remorse). We got your back, girl. She also called the girl in the screenshots a “lame instagram model” and a “psycho bitch from Vegas,” both of which would probably qualify as occupations on The Bachelor.

The screenshots were taken down, and Tori says it was because Alex reported them. This girl seems to be going through a lot right now, but if she keeps it up she’ll probably get offered a reality show—which, for the record, we would definitely watch—so at least there’s that. Stay strong, Tori, but maybe get off Insta stories for a while and get a doctor to prescribe you some Xanax.