These $23 Amazon Leggings Are Just As Amazing Your Lululemon Faves

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While I typically support shopping for the real deal, I (along with nearly 47,000 Amazon shoppers) approve of buying these $23 leggings inspired by Lululemon’s Align collectionInstead of dropping over $100 on another pair of Lulu’s, consider adding Colorfukoala’s Buttery Soft High-Waisted Leggings to your shopping cart. These leggings are a lot more than just a budget-friendly find on Amazon—think moisture-wicking, squat-proof leggings that’ll work for everything from burning calories in your next reformer pilates class to your Saturday morning Target haul, or of course, your daily hot girl walk.  

We know what you’re thinking—there’s got to be a catch, right? You’d probably expect leggings with a price tag as low as this to fade after a few wash and dry cycles, or display some much-dreaded pilling at the seams, but that’s not the case at all. I put the black pair in my normal rotation and ater owning them for six months, they look just as good as they did on day one. 

Another plus? Their wide, high waistband won’t slip or roll down even during an intense workout, thanks to the 80% nylon and 20% spandex they’re made with. And, like I said before, they’re squat-friendly and moisture-wicking, so sheer fabric and lingering sweat aren’t major concerns. 

As someone who owns more than 30 pairs of leggings (yep, you read that right) these have earned the top spot as my favorite.  I can also guarantee that outside of a fancy night out, there isn’t a time where you won’t spot me wearing these comfortable leggings. And, I’m not alone. The #ColorfulKoala hashtag on TikTok has also gained over 19 million views thanks to creator reviews and try-on hauls. 

If black leggings aren’t your thing, don’t worry. You can snag these in a bunch of different colors, including seafoam green, coral pink, and lilac blue. They also have more neutral tones like beige and charcoal gray. Colorfulkoala’s Buttery Soft High-Waisted Leggings are also available in sizes XS to XL and they come in three different lengths including capri, 7/8, and full-length. Some customers recommend sizing up if you don’t like a snug fit, but I own these in my usual size medium and find them to have just the right amount of compression and stretch.

If I haven’t convinced you to buy these already, maybe the fact that you can get them in two days will make you *add to cart*—shoutout to Amazon Prime shipping, amirite? Come on, can you ever really have too many pairs of leggings in your closet?

Colorfulkoala Women's Buttery Soft High Waisted Yoga Pants Full-Length Leggings

Colorfulkoala Women’s Buttery Soft High-Waisted Full-Length Leggings, $22.99, Amazon

Workout Sets Under $100 That Will Keep You Working On Those Resolutions

It’s barely been a week since we’ve welcomed in the new year. New year, new me? More like new year, same f*cking person. It’s around this time of year we start thinking of crazy ideas to try and improve ourselves. Almost like an excuse to make us feel better about ourselves while we blackout on tequila, eat our weight in carbs, and judge people we haven’t spoken to since high school. We all clearly have our vices and we all have our coping mechanisms, whether that be taking part in Dry January (lolz), getting a new hair cut, or my personal fave: buying a discounted gym membership that I might just cancel in a few weeks from lack of commitment. Shocker. If there’s anything to motivate me to go to the gym other than staring at fitness Instagram influencers, it’s a new wardrobe to strut and feel good in. Cute workout clothes can be like, ridiculously expensive, especially when you want one of those chic workout sets that doesn’t consist of mismatched college t-shirts and leggings with holes. So, I’ve combined two of my best talents—online shopping and intense deal searching—to score affordable workout sets under $100 that will probs make me stick to at least one of my New Year’s resolutions.

1. Puma Women’s Bra Top and Retro Women’s Leggings

Not gonna lie, I’ve only started liking Puma again since Selena Gomez became an ambassador or whatever. Hate me for it, but it’s true. While they may have always had sleek workout clothes, I haven’t really appreciated their clean-cut styles until recently. Take this basic black sports bra, for example. It’s super flattering with great support and breathability, and it looks even better paired with these comfortable, color-contrasting leggings.

Puma Lite Mid/High Impact Women’s Bra Top in Black / Puma Retro Women’s Leggings in Peppercorn

2. Gymshark Dreamy Set

This set is for those who prefer a good fitted short on their leg day, with a super soft and versatile sports bra to go with it.

Gymshark Dreamy Sports Bra in Steel BlueGymshark Dreamy High Waisted Shorts in Steel Blue 

3. Beyond Yoga Lightweight Keyhole Tank and High Waisted Legging

Crop leggings are always a must-have when it comes to building a solid athleisure wardrobe. They’re your perfect in-between when it’s absolutely freezing outside, but you’re a puddle of sweat by the time you’re done with your workout. Matching them with an essential lightweight tank only makes it that much better and gives you an extra top to wear with like, everything else you own.

Beyond Yoga Can’t Hardly Lightweight Keyhole Tank in Red Rock-Tumbleweed / Beyond Yoga Caught In The Midi High Waisted Legging in Red Rock

4. Zella Body Sports Bra and High Waist Ankle Leggings

I, for one, love workout sets that I can also wear while running my weekend errands. Bonus points if I can casually wear them out to the bar, too. This trendy mesh triangle sports bra features v sexy velvet straps that you can totally wear to other events that don’t involve the gym. It would look v Insta-worthy with black mesh panel leggings that also show some cool see-through detailing.

Zella Body Vixen Sports in Black  / Zella High Waisted Sun Solution Ankle Leggings in Black

5. Free People Movement Casual Laying Tee and Bike Shorts

Honestly, I am not on board with the whole wearing-bike-shorts-to-the-club thing. I just think the only place they should be worn is the f*cking gym. Where they belong, duh. If you want to start off 2019 by putting your best stylish foot forward, look no further than flattering high-waisted shorts. Since we still have a few months of winter to go, invest in warm gym attire like this ribbed long sleeve top that comes with a crop fit and surplice back for breathing room.



Free People Movement Rib and Stitch Casual Layering Tee in Grey Combo / Free People Movement Shanti Bike Shorts in Washed Black

Photo: Bruce Mars / Unsplash; Puma (2); Gymshark (1); Beyond Yoga (2); Nordstrom (1); Nordstrom Rack (1); Revolve (1); Free People (1)