The Secret to Great Sex: Lube

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Are you having basic sex? Sorry to hear that. Now, that could be because your boyfriend/FWB/guy you took home from the bar after last call didn’t quite hit the spot. Maybe the sex is like my family dinners: just generally kinda uncomfortable. Or maybe it’s like the live-action Lion King: just not that good even though you wanted it to be. Well, before you go nuclear and never invite your hookup over again, you might want to try out something that has probably been sitting in the back of your nightstand drawer or you’ve passed by a million times in the condom aisle but have yet to pull the trigger on: lube.

Yes, lube. Get comfortable with the word, because I’m going to be saying it a lot. Many people think that using lube is like admitting there’s something wrong with you. But I think that using lube is like seeing a therapist—everyone should be doing it, even if you don’t think you need it. That’s because even if things are already going pretty well, using lube will only make everything even better. And isn’t that what we all want? Here’s why you should be using K-Y.

Lube Makes Sex Better… Duh

This is like, a no-brainer, but still needs mentioning. It’s 2020—just like you want an amazing apartment, job, and wardrobe, you want amazing sex too. Good thing K-Y, the brand that’s been helping people have better sex for over 100 years, has a range of lubricant products to help you out, like K-Y Tingling Lube or K-Y Intense Pleasure Gel Lube. And I know what you’re thinking, but there truly is no shame in the game. Think of it this way: lube is like parmesan cheese—even if what you’re having is already good, it’s going to make it just that much better *chef’s kiss*.

With K-Y products you can put the O in orgasm—the kind of O that is going to give you that “I totally just got laid face.” You know, your hair is all over the place, your cheeks are red, your skin is naturally glowing, but you’re so relaxed that it’s worth it. The kind of great sex where you can’t help but walk around with your #RPF (resting pleasure face) because you got more than you expected (just please, fix your hair before you go out in public).

Know exactly what I’m talking about? Looks like Ashley Iaconetti knows, because she just released this pleasure service announcement (PSA) with K-Y flaunting that #RPF like someone who just… well, never mind.

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We’re so excited to partner with @ashley_iaconetti to launch our resting pleasured face (#RPF) campaign. We want every woman to experience that amazing after-sex glow that you only get using K-Y Lube.⁣ ⁣ Join us in this challenge:⁣ Post a selfie on your Instagram feed of your #rpf, tag @ky_brand and use the #rpf⁣ The first 5,000 will get a free K-Y lube⁣ One lucky winner will be named our Chief Pleasure Officer and will receive monthly gifts⁣ ⁣ Full contest terms and conditions:⁣

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Listen, if you’ve been reading this like… “damn that’s me, I need to experience more pleasure,” then enter K-Y’s pleasure challenge. K-Y is empowering women to flaunt their RPF, stop faking orgasms, and have better sex in 2020. All you have to do is post a selfie flaunting your resting pleasured face (we know you have 500 in your camera roll, stop pretending) and tag @KY_Brand and hashtag #RPF. One winner will be randomly selected and named K-Y’s Chief Pleasure Officer. She will receive a special bundle of the complete K-Y collection, as well as monthly surprises and other cool sh*t to support her on her journey to have the most pleasurable sex, always. Plus, the first 5,000 participants will win a code to redeem for a free bottle of K-Y, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

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6 Celebrities Who Do Unnecessary Instagram Ads

It’s nothing new for celebrities to endorse products in exchange for large amounts of money. From the earliest days of radio, print, and TV advertising, famous people have done sponsorships with literally every product imaginable. But in the past few years, the rise of social media, particularly Instagram, has given way to a new model of celebrity endorsements. Now, anyone with more than a few thousand followers is considered an influencer, and their posts are up for grabs to the highest bidder. Naturally, people who are already famous are especially appealing to brands, and even many of the biggest names aren’t above a little #Spon here and there.

But not all sponsored posts are created equal. Whether the brands they’re shilling for are dumb, the posts are cringeworthy, or the deals just don’t make sense, here are some celebrities who could definitely cool it with the paid partnerships.

1. Selena Gomez

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All @Coach combo -biker jacket and butterfly parker bag #CoachNY

A post shared by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) on

Until she was usurped by Ariana Grande earlier this year, Selena Gomez enjoyed a lengthy reign as the most-followed woman on Instagram. I like Selena a lot, but I really have never understood why her Instagram is such a phenomenon. She has long-term deals with brands like Coach and Puma, which are totally respectable, but she’s super unreliable about posting non-spons0red content. She’ll go full weeks without posting at all, only to drop like, three ads in a row.

Selena’s most recent album came out in 2015, so at this point Instagram ads might be her biggest source of revenue. As of last year, she was reportedly charging $800,000 for a single post, so I guess there’s not much incentive to record new music when you can just take a selfie in a bikini and make almost a million dollars. Still, it doesn’t make her very exciting to follow.

2. Kim Kardashian

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Guess who’s trying to be the family favorite… SUSHI!!!! Do your pets compete for attention when there’s a new ?? in the house?? Maybe she’s living a secret life?? What are your pets doing when you’re not at home? Tag @secretlifeofpets with your pets secret style. #ad #TheSecretLifeofPets2

A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

This could really go for all of the Kardashians, but I’m choosing to focus on Kimberly today. As we all know, the Kardashians have built their massive empire without any major talent, so it’s not surprising that they turn to product endorsements to rake in the big bucks. I don’t have an issue with this, and it would be weird if the Kardashians suddenly stopped all their little businesses and projects. What’s strange, though, is when Kim or one of her sisters randomly posts an ad that really has nothing to do with anything else.

When Kim posts about her makeup, or her fragrances, or her sunglasses collaboration, that makes sense. But an ad for The Secret Life of Pets 2 that features her dog photoshopped into her outfit? I’m entertained, but I really don’t get the business strategy. I guess a check is a check, but I feel like at this point Kim could just say no to random stuff that doesn’t line up with her brand directly.

3. Sophie Turner

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Time to recharge. ⚡️ @wellahairusa’s #INVIGO care line always keeps my #WellaHair refreshed and on point. ?‍♀️ #AskForWella #INVIGOMoments #ad @wellahair

A post shared by Sophie Turner (@sophiet) on

We all love Sophie Turner. She’s been a standout on Game of Thrones for years, and recently she’s really come into her own as a star with an amazing personality. She’s staring in the new X-Men movie, and she’s married to a Jonas Brother. Life is good. Which is why I don’t really get her recent endorsements for Wella, a hair color company. She seems like she’s on the way to a pretty awesome movie career, so this just feels unnecessary. It is kind of funny because both of her famous characters both have red hair, while in real life she’s super blonde. Idk, I just want more videos of her chugging wine at sporting events.

4. Bethenny Frankel

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Eating healthy is SO important to me. My health is a major priority. As a natural foods chef, I’ve built a career around health & wellness products which is why I LOVE being a #teamipartner and using @teamiblends! They just released their Greens powder, a unique blend of 16 superfood veggies. It’s perfect for those who want and need more greens in their diets (NOBODY eats 5-13 cups!) It’s so easy to incorporate into my busy lifestyle as a working mother, it has significantly improved my digestion, and I feel  SO good and notice a difference! Use your favorite milk, ice, fruit, something sweet & blend until smooth & delicious! Get creative!!! I highly recommend you try it out. Im so excited to offer you 20% off using code BETHENNY at . . . #thankyouteami #xoteami #teamiworkmakesthedreamiwork #ad

A post shared by Bethenny Frankel (@bethennyfrankel) on

This one really rubs me the wrong way. Reality stars are probably the number-one demographic for posting sponsored content on Instagram, so that’s not the issue here. But Bethenny Frankel is in a level above most of her Bravo costars. Back in 2011, Bethenny sold her Skinnygirl Cocktail company for an estimated $100 million, and she’s made plenty of money since then on her other Skinnygirl brands, not to mention the Real Housewives paycheck she gets every year. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t need the money.

But the bigger issue here is the product she’s advertising. Teami is a brand of detox tea that’s a favorite of lots of Bachelor and Vanderpump Rules cast members, but I don’t get why Bethenny has anything to do with them. She’s marketing herself as a natural foods chef, which is something I don’t think I’ve heard her say since about 201o. Because of her background in food, people are probably more likely to trust what she has to say, but this is definitely just a caption that Bethenny copy-pasted from the email Teami sent her. I’m thoroughly unimpressed.

5. Jennifer Lopez

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Feelin’ wavy ? in these @niyamasol leggings that are made from recycled plastic, and are a reminder to keep our oceans clean, by practicing the first Niyama called Saucha. ?♻️

A post shared by Jennifer Lopez (@jlo) on

Jennifer Lopez isn’t a major offender here, but I still have some questions. Lately, she’s been marketing her collaboration with athletic wear brand Niyama Sol. At least it’s her own line, but it’s still a little random. J.Lo stays constantly busy, with movies, concert tours, and TV gigs, so I feel like the yoga pants don’t need to be a top priority.

But even more questionable to me is JLo’s new line of sunglasses with Quay Australia. It’s pronounced “key,” because letters don’t make sense, but you probably know the brand from their multitude of partnerships with Bachelor contestants and other thirsty creatures of Instagram. I feel like JLo could’ve aimed a lot higher if she wanted a sunglasses deal. The woman has a net worth of $400 million, but I guess good for her for selling sports bras and sunglasses now.

6. Kristen Bell

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I’m so excited to help @AmericanExpress launch the newly refreshed #AmexBlueCashPreferred Card. #ad The Card is perfect for me because I’m rewarded for spending on some of my favorite things – food and tv shows! Seriously – you earn 6% Cash Back on select US streaming subscriptions (ahem, Veronica Mars on @hulu!) and 6% Cash Back at US supermarkets (on up to $6,000 per year in purchases). So, I can make my favorite show inspired snacks, watch my fav shows AND earn Cash Back at the same time? Yes, please. Terms Apply. Click the link in my bio to learn more. #AmexAmbassador

A post shared by kristen bell (@kristenanniebell) on

Everyone loves Kristen Bell. She’s funny, she’s adorable, she seems super happy with her husband—what’s not to love! Oh, I found something. I don’t love this ad she posted for American Express. In general, I don’t feel like I need famous people to tell me what to do with my money. Just a hunch, but I feel like Kristen Bell and I have different needs when it comes to credit cards. Like, I have millions of dollars and am a movie star, but I’m sure Kristen is living paycheck to paycheck. Now, if this were an ad for the popcorn that she’s eating, I would be very interested.

Look, I get it, everyone loves easy money. But I miss the days when movie stars just did a car commercial every six months and called it a day. Leave the #spon to Bachelor rejects and girls with fashion blogs, okay?

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The Best Moments From ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ Season 1

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Can it even truly be summer without GTL and T-Shirt Time? After a six year hiatus, we finally got our favorite guidos back in Jersey Shore Family Vacation. But then, the season ended and my Thursdays have gotten significantly duller. Except we do have Floribama Shore, which is the kind of show I live for. BUT GUYS. It’s about to get so much better because Jersey Shore Family Vacation is back for season 2 on Thursdays this fall at 8/7c on MTV. Here’s a look at what happened last season to get you stoked af once the CABS ARE HERE.

We Met Scary Sammi Doll

Pauly brought a scary Sammi Sweetheart replica, complete with her catchphrases, perfect hair, and cold dead eyes. But although Scary Sammi was mostly abused by the cast, somehow her presence sent Ron over the edge. He admitted that he’s not that into Baby Mama Jen, he’s not over Sammi, and he wants her back. Yikes. If a doll could do all that, imagine if actual Sammi was here? (Producers. Make. It. Happen.)

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

Ron Tried To Cheat… A Lot

Speaking of Ron, much like with his relationship with Sam, he couldn’t handle being tied down in Miami. Through no fault of his own, the wind conspired against him and blew some random girls into his house, blew them into the bathroom, blew the door shut, and God knows what else was blown in there. There was no amount of salsa music that could excuse his behavior, resulting in Ron and Jen’s breakup after the show. Hopefully Ron will stay single for season 2 so he can fulfill his dreams of sleeping around without judgement.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

Vin Tried To Save Some Strippers

Vin was also in the IFF last season (the I’m F*cked Foundation, if you’re new here). He tried to save a stripper, then told on himself to his girlfriend the Instagram model, then did some other sketchy sh*t, and told on himself again. Vinny, eat carbs, you’re not behaving like a normal person. At the advice of his mom, he told the Insta model to GTFO and is hopefully going to be single this season, too! Poor Pauly D just wasn’t the same without his friends smushing randos too.

Mike Got Engaged But Still May Go To Prison

Mike confessed his love to both Funfetti cake and also to his nice, generic blonde Lauren, because he got engaged. To Lauren. Not the cake. Mike is a totally different guy now without his booze, drugs, and girls, and it’s super weird watching him be the voice of reason amongst the group. If The Situation is the most stable one, wtf are you guys doing with your life? However, Mike still may go to prison, as his sentencing will happen this fall. He better go all out this season just in case! And by all out, I mean ALL THE SNACKS.

Deena Is Preggo

Deena is pregnant now, which means she won’t be drinking. Sober meatball seems like an oxymoron, however, Deena did spend most of last season falling on her ass and sobbing about her husband, so maybe sober will be a good look for her. Can’t wait in 20 years when it’s like Jersey Shore: The Kids Reunion where all their kids live in the same house and work at the same T-shirt shop. MTV, if you need me to write this for you, I do accept cash.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

Angelina Came Back

Angelina, Staten Island dump and dirty hamster, returned this past season to live up to her name. By live up to her name, I mean she shat her pants and then tried to show everyone the inside of her underwear. Will she be there the whole time? Has she learned basic hygiene? We’ll find out soon!

Can’t wait for Jersey Shore Family Vacation season 2 on Thursdays this fall at 8/7c on MTV. And make sure you check out my recaps!

Why You’re Going To Want To Start Using Maracuja Oil On Your Skin Right Now

Sponsored by Tarte Cosmetics

Move over, coconut oil—there is a new oil that promotes firmer, brighter, smoother skin that is taking over the beauty world. If you haven’t heard of it yet, maracuja oil is the perfect save-your-skin product. I like to be fairly cutting edge when it comes to my beauty arsenal, and this product is super trendy rn for good reason. It’s hydrating, great for repairing damage, and full of vitamins. Use it as an anti-aging product or to save your peeling skin from a summer sunburn. Or in my case, my skin is already oily, but I basically ruin it with Retin-A products. Maracuja oil saves me from the peeling, dry skin that comes with it and will keep me from looking like my English bulldog in 10 years. I mean, she’s super cute, but I’d prefer to not have my face melting and drooping as I age, k thanks.

Tarte has released a new line that has maracuja oil in every product. Here’s what you should try.

Limited-Edition Maracuja Gold Oil

There is nothing that makes me want to buy something more than calling it Limited-Edition. This maracuja gold oil is a limited-edition of Tarte’s iconic multitasking skin care powerhouse. This one is vegan, non-greasy, and has gold flakes, so it’s really a have-to-have. You only need a few drops to moisturize your skin without clogging pores or causing redness.

Cosmic Maracuja Concentrated Face Balm

The Cosmic Maracuja concentrated face balm actually combines 9 different super hydrating oils to make a new product that truly gets the job done. It’s an intense moisturizer to rescue even the driest summer skin that’s been used and abused in the sun, salt, chlorine. It also has vitamin C and fatty acids to smooth out lines and pores. The face balm provides intense hydration, so it’s great for using at night. Plus, it’s pretty. That’s my main concern when I buy beauty products. And don’t worry, the gold flakes will disappear into your skin after application, so you don’t walk around looking like Edward Cullen.

Creaseless Concealer

Is there anything worse than redness or dark circles and having your concealer dry up and peel or crease on you? Not really. Lucky for us, the geniuses at tarte have put maracuja oil into their concealer so it blends seamlessly into your complexion. Even better, it’s waterproof, so it won’t budge, melt, or ruin the rest of your look. In addition to maracuja, the concealers contain ingredients like Vitamin C to fight free radicals and premature signs of aging while brightening skin, Vitamin E to act as an emollient and antioxidant, and mineral pigments to soothe and soften skin. Also, tarte’s creaseless concealer comes in 30 different shades, which I just appreciate. I can never find concealer pale enough for my skin without turning it orange, but tarte has so many options for every undertone.

For a limited time, use promo code Betches for a full sized brush with any complexion purchase (foundation/concealers) while supplies last!

Images: Courtesy of Tarte cosmetics

How To Beat Frizz This Summer

Sponsored by Suave

How many of you have ever felt personally victimized by humidity? Living in New York with naturally curly hair (I know, why do I do this to myself?) it’s a daily reality for me to have decent-looking curls—until I step outside and Mother Nature has its way with my hair. Because I don’t enjoy looking like Monica Geller in Barbados year-round, you can bet that I’ve tried basically every product on the market and every “life hack” to fix dry, frizzy hair. And I’m here to impart my wisdom on you, because I’m generous like that. So here are some strategies and products that actually work and will give you sleek, smooth hair all summer long, even when it’s so humid outside you feel like you’re walking through a cloud. And the best part is none of these methods cost like, a million dollars because we know you’re not made of money.

1. Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Day

Look, I know. Clean hair is great, but let’s be real, it’s a lot of work to style it every day, and by over-washing, you’re stripping your hair of natural oils it needs. If you have dry hair, it’ll be more likely to frizz up, especially if you’re also causing heat damage by blow-drying, straightening, or curling every day. In the summer, you’re probably also exposing your hair to chlorine, salt water, and sun, all of which cause drying and frizz, so try to only wash once or twice a week at most. If you need a refresher in between, get a good dry shampoo to hold you over, like Suave Professionals Natural Refresh Dry Shampoo.

Suave Professionals Natural Dry Shampoo

Suave Professionals Natural Refresh Dry Shampoo

2. Don’t Skip Conditioner

Conditioner is soooooo important to moisturizing your hair follicles, thus weighing it down so you don’t get swallowed alive by the humidity hair monster your dry af hair creates. Use conditioner with every wash, or if you insist on rinsing your hair every day even if you’re not shampooing, use it then too. The Suave Professionals Avocado + Olive Oil conditioner leaves dry, frizzy hair touchably soft and smooth. When used with the Avocado + Olive Oil shampoo and leave-in conditioner, your hair will stay smooth for up to three days and be protected from frizz—even in 95% humidity. Blessings.

Suave Olive Oil + Avocado Shampoo

Suave Professionals Avocado + Olive Oil Conditioner

3. Use Anti-Humidity Hairspray

To further combat frizz and keep it from ruining your blowout, spray your hair with an anti-humidity hairspray to seal it and keep it from expanding. When I lived in Texas, we used to use this horrible orange sticky gel to keep our hair from the humidity. My hair was sticky for like an entire 9 month period, but it wasn’t frizzy. Don’t be like me. After you finish styling, there are sprays like Suave Professionals Compressed Micro Mist Natural Smooth Hairspray, which is flexible and not sticky, and controls frizz for up for 48 hours.

Suave Natural Smooth Micro Mist Hairspray

Suave Professionals Natural Smooth Hair Spray 

4. Brush Your Hair Often

Hey, remember the oil that we talked about not washing out every day? That is really important to your hair health, and ensuring it’s not being taken over by frizz. Brushing your hair doesn’t just remove tangles, it also spreads the oil from your scalp to the rest of your hair, keeping your ends from drying out. If you listen to me—WHICH YOU SHOULD—and stop washing your hair every day, then you want to continue to keep the oil moving away from your scalp so you don’t look like a wet rat on day three. Brush your hair twice a day at minimum to keep it shiny and frizz-free.

So the next time you’re strolling through the hair care aisle at your drug store, don’t sleep on Suave. Just because the price point is cheap doesn’t mean the products are—the opposite, actually. Just trust me on this. Suave is one of those things that’s not too good to be true.

Images: Ayo Ogunseinde / Unsplash; Suave (3)

This New App Is The Easy, Intimidation-Free Way To Network

Using LinkedIn to find jobs is about as useful as trying to lose weight by shopping for swimsuits; or trying to get better at singing by watching Beyoncé. Which means to land your dream job, you can’t just sling resumes, you really need to network. But DMs on LinkedIn are creepy AF—yes old men, we have received your messages and we know what you’re doing—and dating apps aren’t exactly an A+ option for networking… we’d give it a D, to be precise. But then there is Shapr, an app that lets you network in a more casual setting. It’s like a dating app meets LinkedIn without the weirdness of either.

I shouldn’t have to tell you how Shapr works because you can probably guess. But I will anyway because I’m such a good friend. You start by making a basic profile, that is, you start from scratch or you log in with your Linkedin, and then you select topics you’re interested in. If you’re in sales but you want to move into entertainment marketing, you can select #marketing and #film—stuff like that.

Every day you will see 10-20 people in your area who match your interest. When you swipe right, it means you’re down to meet up with the person (duh), and if they swipe right on you, you can message each other directly.


I made a profile to test it out because I love talking about myself. And boom, other profiles started rolling in. I widened my interests to tech and finance because I’m trying to own a Tesla. The thing about Shapr is, it blends social networking and work, which is how good networking should be. The reason stuffy networking events suck is because everybody’s trying to be a poster version of themselves. There’s a reason you’re more likely to recommend a friend who’s been hungover in the toilet stall next to you for a job than some girl named Melanie F. you talked to for 5 minutes once in a hotel ballroom.


 It’s strictly professional, and creeps are not allowed (seriously, report them, because Shapr is good at keeping it professional). Thank god. Forget being friends with Kevin from accounting just because he’s the only person under 35 at your office. With Shapr, you can grab a coffee, get lunch, or grab drinks with other like-minded professionals who work near you who you actually want to talk to. The best part about Shapr is that if you meet someone who you don’t vibe with, there’s no need for a follow-up. Consider it an educational experience instead of a failed first date or interview. You’re now one step closer to being the #BossBitchCEO you were meant to be.

So get started, download Shapr, and swipe right on your future!

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This Tool Will Make Planning Group Trips So Much Easier

There are few things in life surer to cause headaches than planning a group trip. Even the highest-functioning friend groups hit their planning roadblocks, whether it’s the flaky friend not settling on a date, petty disagreements about how much to spend, or someone (me) turning into a control freak and making all the decisions.

You already use KAYAK to score the best deals on things like flights and hotels, and now KAYAK can help with you plan a group trip without the logistical headache (can’t help you with your needy or habitually late friends though.

Every group of friends has a distinct set of (lovable-ish) personalities – you might be the late-comer or a classic high roller, but hopefully your group has at least one MVP (Most Valuable Planner, see what they did there?) to keep everyone in line. Check out this video KAYAK made highlighting seven types of travelers; I have a feeling it’ll be painfully relatable.

And if you’re doubting the powers of this tool, then your’re probably the 4th personality in the video  (eye roll).

Thankfully, KAYAK is here to solve all (lolz, okay, not all) our group travel issues with Trip Huddle, designed to help you plan now, so you can focus on having fun later.  The tool addresses three of the most important parts of planning a trip—where to go (Cancun, anyone?), when to go, and where to stay, by allowing each member of the trip to vote. It’s exactly what you’ve always needed, and it couldn’t be more convenient.  That means less time going back and forth with your friends on a group text, more time planning cute outfits for Insta. Everyone who wasn’t a lucky member of your KAYAK Trip Huddle is going to have major FOMO, we can tell you that much.

KAYAK can’t guarantee that your vacay will be drama free, but Trip Huddle is exactly what you need to keep complaining at a minimum so you can focus on more important things, like what filter to use. So when you’re planning your next summer getaway with 17 of your closest friends, use KAYAK Trip Huddle so you don’t start your trip off already pissed off at each other, k?

Sponsored by KAYAK

5 Music Festival Must-Haves You Need To Survive The Entire Day

Sponsored by Suave

Music festivals are definitely something everyone needs to attend at least like, once in their life to just get it out of their system. IDC if it’s a big fest in the desert or a lesser-known one in the middle of the woods―you just need to go to one. Buying the tickets, planning your outfit, and stocking up on one or two bottles (of sunscreen) are just a few things to get you prepared, but knowing the essentials you need to pack for survival are crucial. As it is, many items are restricted, so these are things you kinda need to plan ahead of time. Coming from someone who has honestly attended too many music festivals, you need to plan for sweltering heat, tons of body-to-body contact, deafening music, and exasperating lines for both the port-a-potty and refill stations. I’m about to make your life and packing situation a million times easier with this list of everything you could possibly need to get you through the day.

1. A Fanny Pack

For starters, you can’t bring your designer purse and honestly, you wouldn’t want to. You need a v small (but totally cute) bag like a fanny pack to hold all of your stuff—you know, your phone, charger, cash, cards, makeup… just the essentials.

Fanny Pack

 2. Portable Charger

If you thought you spammed your social media now, just wait until you arrive at the festival. You’ll start to wonder if you should make a documentary with the amount of videos you’ll be taking. Clearly, you’ll need your iPhone battery to stay as alive as possible, at all times. We all have that one friend that runs away, so a dead phone won’t make the situation any better. Opt for a case that charges your phone, or a sleek battery pack. Portable chargers come in so many discreet forms these days that you have no excuse for toting around your entire charging cable.

3. Micro Mist Hairspray

You’ll be dancing and running around all day, which means you’ll need those perfect loose curls that you painstakingly spent over an hour curling to stay in place without looking crunchy or stiff. Suave’s Micro Mist Hairspray will help you achieve the perfect festival hair that will look amazing in all your Instas. It holds for up to 48 hours—that’s like watching #Beychella on repeat for 2 days straight. Yes please.

 4. Natural Refresh Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is already your travel companion, so this one will only make you love it that much more. With the sun beating down on your head and hair, you don’t want to look like a grease monkey by noon—you need a dry shampoo that will give your hair a natural-looking clean. Like, you still have pictures to take. Made with 100% natural argan oil, this is your life-saver to make your strands feel refreshed all day long—even if you’re on day three without a shower.

Suave Naturals

5. Baby Wipes

So, yeah, there are no bathrooms. Instead, you’ll be faced with dozens of port-a-potty’s that you’ll have to hope are unoccupied and come with toilet paper. On the very likely chance that all TP is MIA, come prepared with flushable wipes and you’ll find yourself making plenty of festie besties.

Baby Wipes

Images: Shutterstock (3); Suave (2)