Beach-Proof Phone Cases You And Your iPhone Need For Summer

Every betch has a day one that’s been there for her through all of life’s ups and downs. No, I’m not talking about your roommate, your sorority little, or your best friend from fifth grade. I’m talking about your iPhone. Think about it. That thing has really seen it all. From your ugliest hangover Snapchats to your late night Seamless orders, your iPhone has really been there for you at your worst. This summer, you should probably stop treating it like shit and get a phone case that will hold up through all of your drunken beach escapades. Here are a few phone cases that will save you from being that betch with a cracked screen or a damaged selfie cam.

1. Shop Betches Banana Leaves Phone Case

The banana leaf print on this phone case will fit so nicely into your summer beach aesthetic that you probably would use it even if it didn’t protect your phone. In the same way that you don’t have to be really smart if you’re really pretty, it’s a known fact that phone cases don’t need to be really effective if they’re really cool. This case is basically the betch you hated in high school because she was like, gorg and valedictorian. Except, instead of a perfect score on the SATs, this case has a raised bezel to protect your screen and camera, which kind of feels more important in the grand scheme of life.

Shop Betches Banana Leaf Phone Case

2. Legsmarket Bubbly Case

This case is like all of your old phone cases in the sense that it’s covered in Champagne. Except this time, it’s not sticky and was totally on purpose. Perfect for when you’ve had a little too much bubbly and your phone takes a nosedive mid-Snapchat (you probably shouldn’t be sending that selfie to your ex, anyway), this case has shock and drop resistance. Plus, there’s even a little attached insert that protects your lightning port, which comes in so clutch for keeping sand out at the beach.

Legsmarket Bubbly Case

3. Lifeproof Nüüd

I’m not going to lie to you; Lifeproof cases are effing brutal. They’re like the phone case equivalent of carrying your student ID in a lanyard around your neck. With that being said, they are literal lifesavers when you’re drunk and near a pool. Plus, they’re pretty handy when you need to move off of dry land for a creative thirst trap Instagram. The Nüüd case is definitely the least ugly option they have, because it shows off the back of your phone with a clear design.

Lifeproof Nuud

4. Otterbox Symmetry Series Metallic Case

As far as hardo phone cases go, Otterbox does a pretty good job of making them decent. Of course, they have plenty of beefed up weather-proof options, but if you’re looking for a cute metallic rose gold case that can hang, the Symmetry Series is probably your best bet.

Otterbox Symmetry Series

5. Speck Presidio Clear + Glitter iPhone Case

There are like, a billion clear glitter phone cases in the world, but this Speck one is totally perfect for the summer because it’s built to resist UV yellowing. This basically means that when you fall asleep tanning and forget to stick your phone under the towel, your case won’t turn a nasty yellow color. It can also handle being dropped from up to eight feet, which is great news for your messy lifestyle. 

Presidio Clear Glitter Case

6 Pieces Of Summer Jewelry You Need To Replace Your Black Velvet Choker

If you haven’t stopped wearing your basic faux-velvet black choker yet, then I genuinely feel bad for you because that shit is so two months ago. Also, they get real weird when it’s hot outside. It’s time to stop wearing a shit ton of Alex & Ani’s your grandma got you and the Pandora rings you buy for yourself. Get ready to make room for simpler, *trendier* replacements like layered necklaces and midi rings. If you haven’t already, you’ll notice that all relevant stores have started carrying fake bling so you can pretend that you own Cartier bracelets and personalized chokers that cost thousands of dollars.

Delicate jewelry is all you’ll be wearing this summer because the more skin showing, the less you’ll want to have weighing it down and turning your skin green. You know, because unless you’re fucking Superwoman, you sweat. It’s bad enough that fake gold eventually makes you look diseased. I guess that’s the price you pay when you want to wear jewelry that looks like you paid half a million dollars, but you really spent like, $10 at Forever 21. Beauty is pain.

Once that direct deposit hits, start buying some of these summer essentials and take your first step at looking like a Kardashian.

Kim You're Doing Amazing Sweetie

1. Child Of Wild Legacy Dainty Lariat

You know all those times when you wore a plunging bodysuit or romper and you just felt like something was missing, besides your dignity? Well, meet your new BFF: the Y Necklace. This is the perfect addition to drawing more attention to your boobs, because the limit does not exist.

Child Of Wild Legacy Dainty Lariat

2. LUV AJ Moonstone Multi Charm Necklace

Add texture and boho-chic vibes to a V-neck T-shirt or high neck dress with the illusion of stacked necklaces. Layered necklaces provide body by using your own creativity. Stagger multiple delicate chains for a layered look, or if you’re incapable of doing such, buy one necklace that does the job for you like this one.

LUV AJ Moonstone Multi Charm Necklace

3. Shape And Twist Ring Pack By Freedom

Bring a sophisticated look to your outfit with stacked midi rings. Get them in a pack of geometric shapes and simple bands so you can mix and match, or just wear a couple at a time. These look trendy AF when you take a faux candid holding your drink, but only if you get them in rose gold. Obviously.

Shape And Twist Ring Pack By Freedom

4. Chan Luu Double Wrap Bracelet

I’m so obsessed with these, and you should be too. These are the most casual, comfortable, versatile bracelets I’ve ever owned. They don’t turn me green (thank god) and I can wear them wherever, anytime, without being called an outfit repeater. They go perfectly with your Michael Kors watch too. Get them in every color. Like, now.

Chan Luu Double Wrap Bracelet

5. Tai Sena Anklet

I guess anklets are becoming a thing again like everything else from the 90’s. I can’t tell you the last time I wore one, but if you just need to have one, find one that’s as simple as can be because you really don’t need a cuff hanging off of your foot. Let’s be real—house arrest chic is not a thing. This one isn’t too expensive so you won’t feel as guilty when you get drunk and lose it in the ocean.

Tai Sena Anklet

6. ASOS Sterling Silver 60mm Hoop Earrings

If you can’t find the pair of really expensive white gold hoops your parents got you for Hanukkah, these will do. The hoop earring is back (whether we like it or not) so if you can’t resist giving in, a simple pair of delicate hoop earrings will add an edgy flair when you’re headed out to the club without making you look like Lala Kent.

ASOS Hoops

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The Best Portable Phone Chargers So You Can Stop Bothering The Bartender

Much like blacking out at the pregame, having a dead phone is one of the fastest, most effective ways to ruin a night out. Between taking pictures of yourself, sending screenshots to the group chat and trying to figure out where TF your Uber driver is, you’re (literally) not getting anywhere with a dead phone. And for those of you who think you don’t need a phone to have fun, stop lying and acting like you’re not scrolling through Seamless on your way home from the bar trying to find a place that will deliver General Tso’s Chicken at 3am.

For most betches, solving the dying phone epidemic is much more complicated than simply bringing a phone charger with you. Sometimes, you can’t fit it into your clutch. Maybe you can’t find it because your roommate thinks you two have joint custody over it. Perhaps you can’t trust anyone at the pregame not to unplug your phone and charge theirs instead. (Literally get away from me with your “Well I’m only on 18% and you’re on 38%” argument. IT’S MY PHONE CHARGER.) Most likely, you just don’t want to be that betch who pulls her long-ass phone charger out of her bag and is searching for an outlet in a stranger’s apartment or worse, harassing the bartender to charge it behind the bar. It’s just not a good look. Here are a few genius products you can buy to charge your phone on the go/find an excuse to buy more shit.

1. Sonix Bisous Pick Me Up Charger

This portable charger is way easier to fit into a small wallet or clutch than a clunky Apple charging cube. Plus, it comes in a ton of actually cool prints, so you don’t have to deal with the typical “are you sure that’s not mine?” roommate scuffle. It gives your phone 16 hours of additional battery life, which is pretty great considering you’ll probably pass out well before that.

Sonix Bisous Portable Charger

2. Everpurse X Kate Spade New York Zana

This leather Kate Spade crossbody has a built-in charger so you can be a shady betch and charge your phone in your bag without anyone else seeing.

Kate Spade Everpurse

3. Mophie Juice Pack Air

Phone case selection is a sacred process to any betch because the way you dress your iPhone says a lot about you. For example, strapping a battery pack to your phone says “I am so busy and popular that my phone is literally always dying, you should feel honored that I’m even paying you any attention at all.”

MophieJuice Air Pack

4. Rebecca Minkoff M.A.B. Charging Wristlet

With a little charging port, this wristlet provides another way to charge your phone without having to stand next to a wall like an idiot. On the downside, you do have to hold the flaps of the wristlet open if you want to use your phone while it’s charging, which is kind of a bad look, but it’s Rebecca Minkoff so it’s okay this one time.  

Rebecca Minkoff MAB Wristlet

5. HButler Mighty Purse Fringe Phone Charging Crossbody Bag

HButler is a company that basically makes stuff for betches who can’t keep their shit together, which is the nicest thing anyone’s done for us since the invention of dry shampoo. In addition to vegan (aka fake) leather bags with chargers in them, HButler makes a tiny Bluetooth device that lets you track your keys or phone. It also works as a camera remote so you can take selfies. Hashtag blessed.

HButler Charging Wristler

6. Ban.Do Mobile Charger

This tiny iPhone charger eliminates the whole “lightning cable” mess. Although loving things just because they’re tiny and pink is pathetic, I’ll admit that this charger is weirdly adorable.  

Ban.Do Mobile Charger

7. Tory Tote Charger Key Fob

Since you’re probably already hoarding like, five different key cards for gyms you no longer attend on your keychain, you might as well add this Tory Burch key fob that also charges your phone.

Tory Burch Key Fob

8. HYPER Pearl Compact Mirror Battery Pack

Built perfectly for a narcissistic betch who appreciates a decent mirror with LED lighting that can double as a selfie enhancer, the HYPER Pearl compact mirror is also a portable charger so you never have to worry about having to interact with anyone after your phone dies. It comes in several chic colors so like, get more than one and you can choose which one to use based on the color of the purse you’re wearing that day.

HYPER Pearl Compact Mirror Battery Pack