JoJo And Jordan Stopped Following Each Other On Instagram

Scandal alert! The people who have too much time on their hands i.e. those who notice when celebrities follow and unfollow each other recently discovered that JoJo (of Bachelorette fame) and Jordan Rodgers (of being not Aaron Rodgers fame) probs had some weird lovers spat that caused them to stop following each other on Instagram.

This was weirdly and somewhat creepily discovered because they both appeared on the top of each other’s following lists—indicating they were both recently added/re-added to the other’s follows. I could continue explaining that, but you either get it or you don’t. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Anyway, can we assume JoJo and J. Rod are on the rocks? Well, they did meet on The Bachelorette, a show that doesn’t exactly have a winning record when it comes to long-lasting relationships. Then again, Jordan doesn’t have any sort of record when it comes to a lot of things *cough* NFL football *cough*.


The couple (or non-couple) has been battling rumors that they’re in a relationship for the Instas pretty much since the day Jojo chose Jordan over Robby. A “branding expert” told Life & Style magazine that the pair would be set to make up to $10 million by staying together this year. If that’s not motivation to make like Tim Gunn and “make it work” then I don’t know what is. I’m just saying, people have been able to grin and bear it to stay with someone they openly hated for a whole lot less. 

All that aside, I’m calling bullshit on the rumors that they’re breaking up. Let he who has never pettily unfollowed her boyfriend after a fight cast the first stone. The fact that Jojo and Jordan quickly followed each other right after proved they patched things up, swallowed their pride, and hit that follow button again. This is 2017; that’s how you show someone you care.

JoJo Fletcher

Call me naive, but I really want to pretend that meeting your soul mate on TV is possible. Ben and Lauren broke my heart when their contract ended they split up, and I really don’t want that to happen with JoJo and Jordan. Also because I fully plan on auditioning if and when Peter is chosen as the next Bachelor.

Worst case scenario, the two actually do hate each other and someone at ABC reminded them that they have to keep following each other to keep up appearances. Whatever, it’s not like we care. Oh wait, we totally do. 

One Of The Rodgers Brothers Is Single Now

At the end of last week, the mess that is 2017 so far continued when it was announced that hot actress Olivia Munn and hot football player Aaron Rodgers had broken up after more than three years together. Just recently it was rumored that they were engaged, but apparently that wasn’t in the cards. They remain “close friends and wish nothing but the best for each other moving forward,” which in non-publicist language probably means Aaron is glad to be rid of that bitch Olivia, and Olivia feels bad for the next girl who has to deal with Aaron’s weirdly shaped dick. Just speculating here as a completely objective third party with absolutely no personal interest in the matter…

In case you’re not sure exactly who we’re talking about right now, Aaron is Jordan Rodgers’s brother, as in the one who’s engaged to JoJo from The Bachelorette. The plot thickens. Actually, JoJo told Us Weekly about how supportive the Rodgers family was just a few hours before news of the split got out. So it’s unclear who she was talking about, but it seems obvious from that statement that despite how hard JoJo tried, she never got to be friends with Aaron and Olivia. Anyway, against all odds, JoJo and Jordan’s relationship has outlated Aaron and Olivia’s. I think I speak for all of us when I say:

What Is Happening

Apparently, most of Aaron’s family was not a fan of Olivia, so he’s basically been totally estranged from them recently. And look how well that went! Tbh we kind of understand his family’s concern, because Olivia is super hot but she always looks like she’s keeping a secret that would fuck up your whole life. Or maybe that’s just her face, idk. Their reasons were—get this—they “didn’t think she was dating him for the right reasons.” Honestly, the irony is so beautiful I could cry.

JoJo Fletcher

Either way, Aaron is back on the market now, and he can presumably start talking to his family again. Honestly, if Aaron’s up for it he should go on the next season of The Bachelorette. It obviously worked out super well for his brother, and sweet Rachel would probably a welcome change from probably-psycho Olivia. It might conflict with his football training schedule (we have no clue when that shit starts), but he could probably get a note excusing him or something. Chris Harrison, please make this happen, okay?

Jordan Rodgers’ More Famous & Talented Bro Hasn’t Talked To His Family In 2 Years

If you watched The Bachelorette and/or your bf makes you pretend to like football, you know who Aaron Rodgers is. If it’s the former, Aaron Rodgers is the older brother of Jordan Rodgers, the douchebag winner from Jojo’s season. If the latter, he’s like, a really really good professional football player. He was sketchily not involved in The Bachelorette when Jordan was on the show, but that could easily be because he’s actually talented and is embarrassed he’s related to a Bachelorette contestant (valid). But it turns out he has beef not just with Jordan, but with the entire Rodgers fam. Aaron hasn’t spoken to his whole family in two years, and his dad said it, so like, that’s shit is probs true because dads don’t lie.

Tell The Truth

The dad’s name is Ed—which is a classic dad name if I ever heard one—and he said the last time they talked to Aaron was in 2014, and he wouldn’t have chosen to air “public laundry” the way Jordan did. Lol, aka they wish he hadn’t blabbed about their family shit on national TV. How much does that suck for Mr. and Mrs. Rodgers? Aaron is clearly the favorite. I mean, when your two choices are an MVP/Super Bowl-winning quarterback and a dude who went on The Bachelorette one time, your decision is kinda made for you, amiright? And that’s the one who isn’t speaking to you. Bless their hearts.


Aaron’s response to this whole drama has more or less been, “I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative.”

Tbh, doesn’t seem like this is gonna get better anytime soon. Especially now that dad is talking to the press about it. But here’s hoping. Mainly so Jordan can go back to being the black/less-successful-in-every-way sheep of the family. 

Jordan Rodgers