Taco Bell Wants To Deliver Your Food

Taco Bell is trying to figure out how to deliver food, so you can get high and order 3,000 calories from your dealer's couch. Apparently, delivery service is the number one customer request at Taco Bell, which nobody is surprised about. I mean, the food really only tastes good when you're drunk or high, and then it tastes like a gift from God. You didn't really go to college if you didn't break your spring break diet for a drunk burrito.

The big issue right now is how to maintain the “quality” of the food during the delivery process, which is fucking hilarious. Somebody who is lazy enough to order glorified dog food, isn't going to give a shit if the shell of a hard taco is broken. Regardless, I can't fucking wait to order a Doritos Locos Tacos at 3 am crossfaded as fuck.




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