Swimsuits to make your boobs look bigger

Top 5 Swimsuit Styles That Make Your Boobs Look Bigger

By Betches Staff | May 7, 2018

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It’s pretty much summer, which means that it’s officially too late to do anything about your (lack of) summer body, short of getting plastic surgery. I am assuming since you are on this site that that isn’t an option for you. So, that means it’s time to enhance what you have since you can’t completely change your body shape in the next two weeks. (I have tried it; it is not possible.) We already graciously rounded up the best swimsuit bottoms to make your butt look like a Kardashian’s (sans injection), so now it’s time to talk about boobs. Namely, swimsuits to make your boobs look bigger. Look for these styles to hide the fact that you’re a member of the itty bitty titty committee.

1. Support

Tavik Sawyer Infinity Blue U Wire Bikini Top

You want a bikini top that is structured and either has push-up or underwire. Yes, I’m referring here to the bikini tops that kind of look like you’re just wearing a bra on the beach. Fortunately, this style has become trendy as of late, so the masses (read: stupid men) are starting to understand that it is in fact not a bra. But don’t push your luck and go wearing it around old folks. Grandma will still think you’re just in your bra. Or do, IDC. Live your life.

2. Ruffles & Fringe

Free People Emma Bralette

By adding extra material with either ruffles or fringe, you’re adding volume and movement, which create an illusion of depth. It’s helpful that ruffles are currently a huge trend, so finding these style tops should be as easy as finding one of Tristan Thompson’s thirsty side pieces. (The same philosophy applies to making your butt look bigger, btw.)

3. Super Low-Cut/Low-Scoop

Solid And Striped The Elle Top

This style will do just as the name promises and actually “scoop” up your boobs. The overall minimal coverage of this style allows for more cleavage, which ultimately leads to the appearance of bigger boobs.

4. Middle Tie

Free People Grace Bikini Top

Push your boobs to new heights with a bikini top that features a middle tie. You can use the adjustable tie to make your boobs look bigger by tightening it a little extra for an added lift.

5. Triangle

Vitamin A Moss Top

Ah, our middle school self’s bikini top of choice. Yes, our prepubescent selves were onto something here; triangle tops can make your boobs look bigger by providing minimal coverage and thus maximizing the illusion of boobs. #Science. You can ensure your triangle top makes your boobs look big by either buying your top legit a size smaller or by looking for a style with cups set far apart. Halter is also your friend here because it allows you to really pull the top tight and lift your girls.

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