Sweat-Proof Makeup You Need To Carry With You At All Times

Waterproof makeup is cool and all, but just because my mascara has less chances of running doesn’t mean it won’t stop me from sweating profusely—which no one can know I’m capable of doing, obviously. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I slayed the fuck out of my makeup but no one was able to tell because by the time I stepped outside, half of my face literally melted off. Here I am trying to look like an arguable model—whether that be at a nightclub, dinner date, or IDK, a meeting with my entire workforce—but instead, I’m trying to keep it together by awkwardly attempting to make oil blotting look normal while casually sweating bullets.

So, basically I look like this:


It’s July, damn it, so I know you can’t really keep this act up for much longer. Maintaining your Sephora addiction ain’t cheap, so here are some makeup products to keep that shit on lock and stay looking grease ball-free all summer long.

1. Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer

Before caking makeup on, you should (already) use this lightweight primer that drastically reduces any redness, wrinkles, and other shit you don’t want on your face. This smooths out any uneven texture by minimizing pores so your foundation looks and stays #flawless all day long. Plus, with an added SPF, your face is protected against lame sun damage.

2. Cover FX Mattifying Setting Spray

After you’re finaaally done putting your face on, you should be using a setting spray to ensure your artwork stays on long enough to be seen. This matte setting spray is honestly perf because it gives you smooth looking skin while absorbing any shine that’s totally not wanted. It’s alcohol-free and dries super quick so you’ll def have non-greasy skin all day long. Feel free to spritz away as you please if want a quick touch-up.

3. Supergoop! Invincible Setting Powder SPF 45

Prefer a setting powder over a spray? NBD, because this will replace whatever you use now and be your new lifesaver. Formulated to be sweat-resistant, this will set your makeup and help prevent gross oil from seeping out during the day. It even includes a high SPF so you can enjoy drunk brunch without that nagging feeling that you’re slowly getting melanoma. Since it leaves a matte finish, it’s great for reapplying if need be.

4. Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

For morning or before a booty call bed, use this balm to moisturize, oil-control, and tighten those bags under your eyes. It’s like coffee your face—it’s literally described as an “energy” mask that rids any signs of exhaustion and stress (does this come in pill form, too?). You can use it before putting on makeup to keep your contour looking fresh af, or before passing out to ensure your skin looks radiant and refreshed.

5. trèStiQue Magic Mattifying Balm & Blotting Sheet Duo

Okay, so decisions are always impossible to make when it comes to makeup. Well, this duo is about to make all of your dreams come true and then some. One side is a soft balm that literally erases grease and works as both a primer and setter. The second side comes with hidden customizable blotting sheets. I know, why haven’t you heard of this before? Ugh, thank god for me. Buy this and keep it in your purse because we both know you won’t be able to live without it from now on.