Shopbop's Surprise Sale Ends Today, So Shop These Looks Now

We are officially in the last month of fall today (seriously, where the hell does the time go?). Those of us on the East Coast will soon be bracing ourselves for tundra-like weather. With that, we have important things to worry about, such as how to stay warm and how to hide our winter bloat with sweaters and leggings—If you don’t agree that leggings can be worn as pants, you can kindly GTFO. Obviously, these cold weather essentials don’t always come with a pretty price tag, but that’s where Shopbop comes in. #Blessed. Ending TODAY Shopbop is hosting a surprise sale that has thousands of items for up to 40% off. You should know that they like, don’t do this very often. We all have one last chance to partake in these festivities and start loading up our carts, guilt-free. No one has the time to sort through dozens of pages, so I’ve selected some of the best splurge-worthy pieces from the surprise Shopbop sale, from bougie faux fur coats to Alexander Wang booties. ‘Tis the season, Y’all.

1. 360 SWEATER Virginia Cashmere Sweater

Sweaters may very well be the only things that fit me after Thanksgiving, so I obviously plan on stocking up this season. The softer, the better. So don’t mind me as I practically live in cashmere until next spring.

2. MKT Studio Marili Faux Fur Coat

Faux fur coats are still happening, so if you didn’t give in to the trend last year, you’ll probs want to cop one for winter. A bold hue makes you look fashionable and bougie AF. You’ll be feeling like a total Kris Jenner meme every time you throw it over your shoulders. And that’s a straight-up #mood. Trust me.

3. Free People Modern Femme Denim Skirt

I don’t lack common sense—I know there will be days when you can’t wear a skirt to prevent yourself from getting like, hypothermia. However, black tights are back and they help big time. Don’t look past getting a cute skirt on sale (!!) just because it’s not in season. Remember, it may be hoe, but then we make it fashion.

4. Alexander Wang Gabi Booties

I admit they’re a pricey version of a similar style you probs already own, but these are absolutely gorgeous with their rose gold detailing. And let’s be real, who can resist their inner basicness when it comes to anything in rose gold?

5. Madewell Oversized Jean Jacket

I think this one is pretty self-explanatory, so I’m not going to bullsh*t a blurb about it. Everyone in the world needs a denim jacket to get through life. That is all.

6. RE/DONE High Rise Ankle Crop Jeans

As much as we hate jeans with a burning passion, we, unfortunately, cannot wear leggings to every single social occasion. To survive the colder temperatures while still looking like a semi-functional and responsible adult, opt for denim in dark shades. These even come with a raw hem, which is also v trendy right now.

7. Black Halo Brooklyn Dress

This is probs the cutest effing dress I’ve ever seen, for the sole reason that you can wear it literally anywhere. A fall wedding? The office? A night of bar hopping? You’ll make it work.

8. BB Dakota Isaac Coat

Every year, I find myself needing a new winter coat. Not really sure what happens. All of mine end up getting worn out and ratchet-looking. For a major lewk, you’ll feel calm, cool, and collected (for once) in this cozy wraparound.

Photo: Lauren Fleischmann / Unsplash; Shopbop (8)
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