The Official Super Bowl Commercial Drinking Game

The Super Bowl is almost here, and now there exists a wonderful drinking game to encourage partying without paying attention to any football.

Introducing, the Super Bowl Commercial Drinking Game.

Take a hearty chug for the first commercial of the Super Bowl. After all, that company paid tens of millions of dollars to be there.

Drink for any Apple commercial shot on an entirely white background.

Sip for any commercial with a baby. Chug for any commercial with a talking baby (looking at you, E*Trade).

Sip for every Bud Light commercial. Two sips for every Bud Light commercial involving puppies. Three sips if the Bud Light commercial also involves a horse. Finish your drink if said commercial makes you cry.

Drink for every celebrity/athlete cameo in a commercial. Continue drinking and stare if celebrity/athlete starts to remove clothing.

Chug each time NBC self-promotes one of its shitty television shows.

Finish your drink during any trailer of a movie that will get below a 20% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Shot for any over-the-top explosion.

Roll your eyes at any commercial preaching community service or donating to charity.

Chug during any commercial for an insurance company.

Finish your drink each time any alcohol company says to “Drink Responsibly.”

And finally, pour one out for any commercial with Peyton Manning.


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