Sun-In: Throwback Thursday

Before we were able to ombre and baylayge our hair as adults, we wanted to play with our hair color as baby betches. As resourceful betches, we used what we could get our hands on, and that was Sun-in.

Sun-in was like the miracle bra of hair highlights. As a middle school betch who’s alma mater was the Spice Girls, having blonde highlights was everything we dreamed about. Sun-in made that dream a reality for only a few dollars a bottle.

Maybe it was the fact that the era we grew up in was post Baywatch and pre-Gossip Girl, but California streaked golden blonde hair was the rage. Nothing said “I’m popular” more than sun kissed hair and a tan to match.

For some betches who weren’t bold enough to buy their own without their parents’ permission, sharing a bottle was sufficient. At recess, one of the girls would bring hers and everyone in the group could share some spray magic.

Like flares and gaucho pants came and went, Sun-in received our praise but quickly faded into the background once we were able to visit the salon for real.  Then, all questions like “can you see a difference in my hair” and “is it working?” went away and were replaced by actual professionals tending to your hair. But for a brief moment, we had the power of the sun in our hands. And that power felt good.


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