Summer Just Got Better! Betches Beach Towels Have Arrived

Summer is officially heating up, which means the beach, the pool, and really anything near water is always on the agenda. During the summer, it’s best to live by my own personal mantra, “If it doesn’t require a bikini, it’s not happening today.” But summer and all its fun activities (read: day drinking on the beach) is about to get even better!

We JUST launched what are seriously the best summer beach towels to ever exist. Check out the new designs then grab one to lay out and tan on in style this summer.

The Tan Your Back Sunday

Tan Your Back Sunday is a day to unwind from a long week by lounging and raiding the snacks and alcohol in your bestie’s pool house. You’re probably hungover, so feel free to sleep on your stomach, ignore your texts, and hopefully wake up dark enough that your race is ambiguous.” -The Betches 

The Beach Don’t Kill My Vibe

The design from our best-selling “Leaf Me Alone” phone case is now on a towel. Lay out and dream of the tropics or all the hot bros that should be fanning you and feeding you grapes as you rest on this chic towel.

The Southhampton Ratchet Club

Balls will fly at the Southampton Ratchet Club. This punny towel is a one-of-a-kind from Truthampton New York, the snarky Hampton’s home decor and apparel store.

The Summer Goals 

Tanning is a full time job, we know. That’s why its important to set goals. Lay off the sunscreen and you could be calling yourself Beyoncé by the end of the summer. Featuring our fave hair flip emoji!

So what are you waiting for? The sun waits for no one. Go to to grab a towel and go get your tan on. 


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