Your Ultimate Summer 2017 Playlist

It’s almost the first weekend of summer (but really, hasn’t it been summer since Memorial Day?), and you know what that means: drinking. Lots of it. Drinking outside. Drinking inside. Drinking while you prepare to do more drinking at a bar. Basically the point is, you’re probably scheduled to have way more fun than you’ve been having all winter. And now, we’ve got the perfect playlist to serve as the soundtrack to your drinking summer. It comes straight from the mouth (uh, smile?) of Marshmello, the enigmatic producer who is taking the electronic world by storm. You’ve probably heard his music, even if you haven’t physically seen a face to put the music to—he’s known for his marshmallow helmet with two blacked-out eyes and a smile. But you’ve no doubt heard “Alone” and “Moving On”. As we wrote in our Governors Ball review, if we had to pick one word to describe Marshmello’s music (like, absolutely had to pick only one), we’d pick “fun.” So who better to create your summer 2017 playlist than Marshmello himself? Answer: nobody. Here’s Marshmello’s exclusive Betches playlist. You’ll notice that it’s not super long, and that’s because we know you all have music ADD anyway.

Check out the playlist below and be sure to get Marshmello’s album, JoytimeIt is exactly what the name implies.