Suja Juice Cleanse: An Apple A Day Would Be More Than Enough Guys

For our second cleanse review, we’re taking a look at Suja 3 Day Fresh Start cleanse. You can get Suja shipped to you or buy it at Whole Foods. There weren’t a ton of different cleanse options that Suja offers (I think there’s actually only one) so that was obviously the one I did. Overall I wasn’t the biggest fan of Suja but in their defense, I don’t really like my juices sweet or with a ton of fruits, and every juice besides the Vanilla cloud had fruit in it. On the bright side, I really liked their bottle design. Super chic. 

What’s Their Delivery Process Like?

Suja was slacking a bit in the delivery department. All juices were delivered at the same time with a bunch of ice packs and had about a three-week shelf life on them. The juices were late to arrive to Manhattan and didn’t get to my apartment until about 1 pm. Luckily I’m not a breakfast person. The company is also based out of San Diego so I cut them some slack. But really, get your shit together. 8 am or bust.

How Do You Know What Order To Take Them?

It’s on the piece of paper they include with the delivery and also can be found online. Order confusion wasn’t the issue here.

Can I Eat on This Cleanse?

Nope. No solids for three days.

Do The Juices Taste Like Shit?

I’m a strong believer that juice taste is a personal preference and you can’t really say that a set of juices taste ‘good’ or ‘like shit’ unless you know what someone prefers. That being said, I wasn’t into most of the juices. Most people bitch about the celery in them but that was actually my favorite part. The issue I had with them was the insane amount of apples they put in all the juices. I’ve literally never eaten so many apples in my life and since I don’t like apples, that should tell you a lot about what was lacking in my three days of apple juice peppered with other vegetables. And some lemon and the occasional orange… Also, Suja juices weren’t varied so you’re drinking the same six juices everyday.

How Do You Feel On Day 1?

Day 1 was totally fine again. Suja cleanses have about 1,200 calories a day so I wasn’t hungry at all.

How Do You Feel On Day 2?

Day 2 I was fine except I had to nap midday. Again this was probably just due to the lack of caffeine but I didn’t get a headache like I usually do on day 2 of a juice cleanse.

How Do You Feel on Day 3?

Day 3 I felt good, really energized and my skin was looking super smooth and healthy. I really, really, wanted to cheat on day 3 and was so fucking sick of the taste of apples that vowed to never eat them again after this. My anti-apple rally will be held very soon, you’re all invited.

Their Best Juice?

Although Vanilla Cloud is supposed to be the best juice, I thought it kind of tasted like watered down soy milk with cinnamon and I wasn’t really into it. It wasn’t creamy like other milks I’ve had on cleanses and highly overrated in my opinion. My favorite juice was Fiji because it had the least amount of fruits and was therefore the least sugary and sweet. Only 2 apples in this one, TG although 2 apples is more than 0 so I didn’t love it. The ingredients were 2 apples, 6 celery stalks, ½ of a cucumber, a handful of spinach, 3 collard greens, 3 kale leaves, a squeeze of lemon and some ginger.

I wouldn’t liked to have tried to Master Cleanse juice but it didn’t come in my cleanse. I’m sure you could switch one out for it though.

Their Worst Juice?

I totally despised the Green Supreme, mostly because it had six apples in it even though on their website it only says it has 2. In what world should anyone be eating like, 10 apples a day? Because that’s essentially what my Suja Cleanse was.

Lasting Benefits?

My skin looked amazing but that could also be due to the fact that I also got pretty tan during this period.

Would You Do It Again?

No. Too many fucking apples.


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