Subway-Pizza Rat Will Understand You On a Spiritual Level

For the first and only time ever, your new spirit animal is a subway rat trying desperately to get a piece of pizza home. It's kind of like a frat bro trying to get a freshmen home with him, except a lot lot more sympathetic.

Whether you're an NYC betch, did a summer internship in the city, or have watched every episode of NYC Prep, you fucking know the struggle of leaving a party and drunkenly roaming the streets of the Upper West Side for pizza. It's the Amazing Race of drunk food.

This subway rat is all of us trying to stumble home with our overpriced pizza, heels, and smudged eyeliner after a long night trying to justify responding to a “WYD” text. So while rats are the scum of the Earth, this one has a special place in my heart.




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