New Study Shows Which States Have The Most Psycho Bros

As hot Betches, it’s a constant struggle to make sure that bros aren’t psycho. Just because he acts nice, or buys you a couple of drinks does NOT mean he’s going to be the father of your children. This problem will never go away completely, but the good people at the Violence Policy Center are here to help. They’ve put together a new study to figure out where women are most likely to be murdered by men. Obviously murder is a pretty extreme example, but when you’re really hot it’s important to cover all your bases.

The state coming in with the highest rates was South Carolina, followed by Alaska and New Mexico. South Carolina is nice, but this just solidifies that you should never ever go to Alaska or New Mexico. We’re pretty sure the only attractive guy in New Mexico is Jesse from Breaking Bad, and last we checked he still doesn’t exist. Coming in at 4 and 5 on the list were Louisiana and Nevada, because New Orleans and Las Vegas, like duh. The state with the lowest numbers was Illinois, so your ideal husband is probably waiting in Chicago. Guns were the most common weapon used, so we urge you to spend your time with bros that believe in stricter gun control. Be smart ladies, and don’t get yourself killed.


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