Study Finds Young People Get Worse Hangovers Than Old People

A new study by Danish researchers finds that people over 60 have less intense hangovers than people ages 18-29.  21% of the young women had to vomit during their hangover compared to only 3% of the old people. The study also finds that 60% of young bros suffer exhaustion with a hangover while only 14% of men over 60 do. Well study finders maybe the old people are less exhausted because they have less shit to do? Like, the young people have to work and answer texts from their besties while the only thing on the old people's agenda is prob drinking again or like, waiting patiently to die. In my opinion, this may skew the results.

The best part about this study is that betches across the globe can look forward to blacking out in their 60s without feeling tired and nauseous. And hey, at that age we prob won't even care that much about the missed opportunity for lost calories that comes with a post rager hangover puke. 


Source: The Telegraph


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