Study Finds Bros with Big Balls make Shitty Dads

A study by researchers at Emory University found that guys with smaller balls are more likely to be more involved fathers. According to the article, researchers used an MRI to measure the testicles of 70 biological fathers and then correlated that with each dad's brain pattern as he viewed photos of his kid and others' kids. They were looking for activity in a part of the brain believed to be “involved in the motivation to approach and nurture offspring.” Long story short the study found that dads with small balls were more likely to like, go see their kids little league games and shit. 

What this means for betches everywhere? Pretty much fucking nothing as we all know that most of us don't really give a shit how big the balls are as long as we're not having sex with a guy with a baby dick. Still, it's something to consider if you're trying to pinpoint the reason why that douchebag club promoter you married won't come with you to Back to School Night.


Source: CNN


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