A Strongly Worded Letter to People Who Say SZN

Dear people who use the term SZN:

Allow me to begin by saying that I’m all about ridiculous abbreviations. Betches wouldn’t be who we are today without shortening every word in the English language. Obv. However, something about the way people have recently been using the term SZN on social media is making me cringe harder than watching Kanye call Kris Jenner “mom.”

For those of you who either live under a rock or haven’t checked Instagram in three months, SZN is short for the word season. No, don’t even try to say it out loud or attempt to explain how it’s easier to type out, because it’s just not.

Look, it’s really not the actual word SZN that we have a problem with. It’s just that no one has ever used the term without looking like a total tool. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, let me be more specific. If it’s your first game day back on campus and you post a photo of you and your friends decked out in your school apparel, you DON’T need to caption the photo “tis the SZN.” You may think it’s a trendy idea at the time, but after your entire sorority uses the same exact caption, you realize your blue and yellow face paint isn’t the only thing making you look like a complete idiot.

Also, there’s no need to combine the word SZN with other made up words. If you can’t type out a sentence with one real word, you’re trying too hard. For example, the summer has come and gone but you still insist on sporting your American flag bikini one more time for Labor Day weekend. You post a photo of you doing a keg stand with the caption “Darty SZN,” and suddenly the stack of red cups in the background isn’t the most cliche part of the photo.

You get the point. There are ways to celebrate different times of the year without calling them SZNs. Let’s put a stop to this terrible trend before nice girls everywhere start Snapchatting their lattes, calling it pumpkin spice SZN.


The Betches