Stranded Women Survive By Eating Nothing But Girl Scout Cookies For 2 Weeks

So these two women, for some god awful reason, were in rural, northern Michigan. Football season is over and there was no chance of a UMich game, so idk why they were there. Anyway, they got stranded in the snow because this is the winter that won't take the hint and fucking leave. The were stranded for almost two weeks before the rescue crews found them, but the real tragedy is that they didn't have cell service or wifi – real life American Horror Story.

These two women survived this social experiment by eating their body weight in Girl Scout Cookies. That was the only food they had, so they ate a shit ton of Thin Mints, Samoas, and Savannah Smiles. So not only do Girl Scout Cookies teach betches-in-training how to screw over their frenemies to win a competition, but they also legit save lives. Moral of the story: keep an emergency box of GSCs in your car at all times.



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